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In every Era, cosmic Laws regarding knowledge needs to be reviewed and revised.In this Era that has just begun, the need is even more urgent: useless and obsolete beliefs and certainties must be swept away.In these writings, all the aspects of the inner being of the human are treated with reference to the energetic part of the individual, his most profound and true part, and they are offered with simplicity to facilitate the realization of interior HarmonyIt is only by learning to manage these Forces that Life will flow smoothly, and assume the dignity of an authentic Life. To immerse oneself in the consciousness of these Forces makes us more responsible towards ourselves, and others. It allows us to face our earthly journey with complete awareness of being an active part of the entire universe.

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It is necessary now for each of you to forgive.

It is necessary to forgive, to give yourselves peace and serenity.

You must not hold within yourselves vibrations that are not suitable for the continuation of your Evolution.

Nothing, absolutely nothing must you keep within yourselves that could obscure your Energy.

Only through forgiveness will you be able to give yourselves the gift of peace, serenity and tranquility, a wonderful state to reach: the Harmony of your Energy.

It is your Energy that is asking all this from you.

Anxiety can have different meanings, it could mean that you are unable to control yourselves, that you cannot cope with the urges coming from within you, that are either upsetting, troublesome, overwhelming or unbearable to you, but it can also mean that your Energy is in a frenzy, it is trying to get your attention by giving out signals every time there is a situation that obscures it.

When your Energy's signal bothers you, it is because it is obscured, and you become anxious instead of being calm and tranquil.

Your Energy wants to be tranquil, so problems should be dealt with without getting caught up in anxiety arising from them.

You must not be anxious.

Now I want to go back to forgiveness.

In each one of you there are episodes in your lives, events that are still there, they don't hurt you any more, they don't cause you anxiety, but they still haven't been resolved, you have simply set them aside.

Having reached awareness, you realize that they aren't important, and you don't need to go back over them, that there is no point in making a problem out of events already behind you, but this doesn't mean that they have been assimilated or metabolized or understood. They have only been put on hold by the Energy, and it's this that causes the Energy's obscurity.

The vibration is obscure because it has absorbed this situation.

Why is it important to forgivenow? Precisely because this is the moment when you can give yourselves this gift of Harmony.

Nobody can give it to you, it's up to you to reach inside yourselves and demand Harmony from yourselves.

However, this won't happen while there are unresolved situations, only stability will bring Harmony.

With serenity that also means detachment, go back and review everything you have left suspended.

To be serene means not to allow yourselves to be bothered by the vibrations responsible for the event, but to observe, analyze and above all be detached.

This is extremely important. It is much less important to resolve the situation practically, that is, it is less important to ask forgiveness, or to go back to those situations to try and make up for what happened or, try actively in other ways.

What is important is to deal with them within your selves.

Events have two aspects: earthly, material and tangible ones, and those on a cosmic level, the Energy's level.

When you want your Evolution to be true, be authentic, be real, you must deal with situations on a cosmic level.

Then if your Energy asks you for confirmation of your desire to forgive and deal in other ways with deferred situations, then it will re-present them, it will allow you to meet those people again, and put you in the same situations, and then you must show that you have understood and forgiven.

Let me say again that it is not important to deal with all of this with your Mind, to go and look for the person or situation to actively carry out forgiveness, it is important to understand within yourselves that not to forgive is impossible, because you have nothing to forgive to anyone, it is only your Mind that has made you collect situations, grudges, and splinters that are nailed into your Energy and now must be removed.

No one has anything to forgive, only to give, therefore, give understanding, give love, and above all let your opinions be given with transparent serenity, so they are no longer judgments but merely an acknowledgment of events.

Acknowledge events and not arrive at conclusions, because these would be your conclusions, and therefore you would risk giving to situations and people, what you think, the connotations that YOU consider the most suitable for those people and those events, but you are not those people or those events and so you cannot claim the right to judge, only to forgive.




Relinquish the time that has gone, don't think of it as something hostile or threatening.

We really need to surrender ourselves just as the leaf floats on the river: it doesn't ask where it is going, it doesn't ask what it will encounter, if it is going to be stopped or deposited in a pleasant place, it just surrenders to what happens.

It is the same with a grain of sand in the dune, it doesn't ask to be in the front, on the top, at the bottom, the wind carries it……..and it surrenders to what happens.

When you surrender, something wonderful happens, fear disappears.

Unfortunately, at this moment, fear is the vibration that is gripping the Planet Earth, at more or less increasing levels, levels even of total desperation, unable to see a future, almost of terror, and then there are levels of a subtle uneasiness, of aggravation, of melancholy, of depression.

All this fear that circulates the Earth has only one aim, that of urging healthy people, those that wish to live well, the people who want to rebel against this Fear, and find within themselves the strength to banish It.

And it is precisely because it is so apparent that it cannot be ignored and we must think about it.

Thinking about it means deciding NOW, at once: I don't want this, I don't want fear.

The antidote for fear is surrender, letting yourself move on, living with awareness, with conviction and with great humility every second of your Life.

We are not wrong if we feel that we have absolute control over our Life, but where is the limit we should set ourselves? The limit is that our control should not be based on mental control of situations, other people and ourselves, but because we want to understand how Life works, how the cosmic forces function, and we want to let ourselves be surrounded by all these.

Having knowledge of the cosmic forces, we will get to know ourselves better, because we are cosmic force, and by knowing ourselves we banish fear.

NOW it is absolutely necessary that the human race must abandon fear.

Surrounding each one of you is a mass of fear and if it comes into contact with your internal fear, the combination becomes explosive. It is this contact that is the real cause of your indecision in everything.

Therefore, the advice I want to give you again is absolutely necessary, abandon fear, and let yourselves move on.

Everything will become extremely clear. Difficulties won't disappear, they are part of Life, but you will be able to cope with them in a way that is lucid, rational and also without being afraid.

We know that if Life presents us with a difficulty, it also gives us the means to overcome it.

The more we have awareness within us, the more our problems seem less forbidding and so it won't be the problem that either destroys or overwhelms us, it will be a problem that helps us understand how many resources we have internally, so let's use them and go forward.


I will begin with these lines taken from the “Third Reading”, my last book:

if you want to live well, now is not the time for in depth analysis, or revisiting the past, it is useless delving into ones self, to judge or absolve:


all you need to do is to surrender to Life without deviating and with total trust. In your daily life all you must do is live by the simple cosmic rule,” love yourself and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

The secret of Harmony is incorporated in the Love you have for yourself.

Love yourself with awareness

Love yourself with simplicity

Accept yourself knowing that you are a part of the Whole

Accept yourself with the sincere conviction that we have not made ourselves, but our task is only to understand ourselves, and to improve our characteristics, without trying to change our basic essence.

We are all different from each other, but we have within us the same energetic element, the divine codes.

To be aware of this means that we do not strive to affirm our own ideas over those of others, because the other person has the divine codes within him, just like us.

Even if externally we are different, our energetic essence is the same for everyone.

This brings us back to the microcosm that we are, and which is part of the Whole.

We have to go back and ask ourselves who we are, and what we want to do.

Living without the superfluous means removing everything that overloads our lives.

We are so weighed down with everything that our society expects from us that we have distorted our way of seeing things. We are not able to live adhering to our instinct, to the life we really want, simplicity and our true self.

We are always talking about enemies, we always feel ourselves surrounded by them without realizing that we are the enemies: we are One, and so there is no external enemy, if anything it is an internal enemy that we must try and face up to an understand.

The best thing that could happen to us now is to reach internal Harmony and thus feel ourselves to be microcosms in the macrocosm.

The moment we stop making war at ourselves we will not be at war any more with anyone because then everyone will be in the right.

Whatever the way of being, of living, whatever kind of petitions come from the human being, if they are expressed with truth and good will, they should be listened to, even if these petitions are beyond our understanding, and we could even consider them absurd, however, if they are presented with truth and sincerity, at least they are worthy of our respect.

Not being subject to the superfluous leads us to think in different ways and not be aware of hate any more.

When we receive a snub or there is a situation that profoundly moves us and causes us suffering, we do not live these moments with the desire for revenge, but we understand that we must for-give, we must give ourselves forgiveness, not to the other person, no, for ourselves, because everything that we hold within us that is negative, damages us, all those things that we are unable to deal with can make us ill, and our vision of Life becomes one of superfluous things that cage us, and obstruct the free flow of our lives which needs to listen to the Instinct.

The human body is profoundly linked to our psyche, our stress, our way of living and can become ill because of all this. But if it falls ill it must also be able to heal itself, to get back on track and remove all the superfluous that does not come from the deepest self, that is not a real petition from the self, therefore is not true, but is only all the superfluous, the excess imposed on us by society, education, convenience and personal interest etc.

To manage to go back and really be ourselves, completely loving ourselves and therefore trying to understand ourselves, makes us have great respect for others, and this respect leads us to accept people whose way of living and being we do not share on a practical level.

What unites all the Creatures: the divine codes within us.

We are made of Energy, what is this Energy made of? It is the same for everyone. Then there are different vibrations, and frequencies, and DNA characteristics that belong to us, but the base of all creation is this Energy which science has not as yet been able to explain, but is in the human being, in plants and rocks, and everything that surrounds us. Energy is something we have in common, but we must force ourselves to think of ourselves as one with everything. In the Whole there are diversities, and these are necessary for us, to understand ourselves better, but we must look within ourselves, not only at the external, and in this way we will find Harmony and peace, and a completely different vision of everything, compared to the vision that humanity has had up to now.

This point is not tragic, but we risk falling if we continue on this dangerous road. Therefore we must go back. We must search for the roots within us, and then it will happen that a great number of human beings will reason in a divine way, cosmic not only earthly, and they will give themselves rules and the correct way of living, and they will be in the right.


Today’s theme is surrender.

How you can surrender and how you can work towards making it the main aspiration of your Life.

To surrender yourself to the flow of events is natural, it should be natural for the human being not to hesitate in front of obstacles, not to prevaricate too much, and not to ask himself too many questions.

We have already spoken about surrender or to abandon oneself. We have spoken about the leaves on the river, and the many ways of visualising surrender.

Today we will go deeper into the surrender that comes from the awareness of truly being part of the Whole.

Being part of the Whole removes every kind of fear, removes all the doubts that could permeate how we manage our Lives.

Considering the Whole as Love, as a Vital Force that penetrates everything, including us, can only lead us to one conclusion: we are protected, we are loved and assisted by the Whole.

The fears that so often each of us feel in our daily living, really derive from our separation from the Whole, of being unaware that we are a perfect part, I say again perfect, of the Whole.

The Whole is perfect, and each one of you is perfect if you are able to vibrate in harmony with it.

It is only the human Mind and personality that deviates you from this vibration.It is only the vibration of appearance that doesn’t permit you to see the situations as they really are.Instead, search within yourselves for this adhesion to the Whole that can only lead you to one conclusion: there is nothing for me to be afraid of, nothing can happen to me because the Whole gives me a solution to every situation that happens.

The Whole gives me the situation and gives me the solution and the means to confront whatever type of event it is.

You can entrust the management of your Life to your Mind, and this isn’t wrong, because through your Mind you can demonstrate your worth, how capable you are, how intelligent, your realism, and how able you are to interact with others.

Or it can be entrusted to the Whole, to your superior sensitivity, and then you won’t need to demonstrate anything, because nothing can be demonstrated, you just need to Be.When you overcome the appearance vibration, the vibration of Being has no need for it and therefore nothing to demonstrate. So now there’s no reason to demonstrate intelligence, realism, or logic, there’s only the need to Be and in Being, try to give your very best.

However, this is a contradiction, because when you reach the state of Being, it is natural to give your best.

That part of your personality that makes you suffer must absolutely be abandoned.It will be abandoned, not because it doesn’t exist any more, but simply because it will be completely ignored.

Your Mind will always be ready with it’s own instructions to try and influence your decisions, it will always persuade you to turn a deaf ear to your Instinct and do what is socially acceptable in an Earthly way, to do what makes you feel more comfortable in society, and above all with other people, and even to making convenient choices in emotional, economical, and social fields.

So, establishing that the Mind can’t be eliminated, you just mustn’t listen to it.