Complete Chemistry for Cambridge Secondary 1 Workbook - Hulme Ohilippa Gardom - książka

Complete Chemistry for Cambridge Secondary 1 Workbook książka papierowa

Hulme Ohilippa Gardom


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Fully matched to the Cambridge Secondary 1 Chemistry syllabus, this stretching Workbook supports learners in preparing for the Cambridge Checkpoint test and in making the leap to IGCSE Science, providing opportunities for consolidation and practice.

Consolidate essential knowledge and skills, using activities mapped to the Cambridge Secondary 1 syllabus, and matched to materials in the Student Book
Reinforce learners' understanding and confidence with a wide range of revision materials and extra exercises, designed to stretch all abilities
Thoroughly prepare learners for progression tests and the Cambridge Checkpoint test, using Cambridge-style practice questions
Encourage top achievement via extension material, preparing students for the step up to Cambridge IGCSE
All answers are provided in the Teacher Pack

Liczba stron: 120

Format (wymiary): 21.0x30.0cm

ISBN: 9780198390190