Coming Home to the Man Of The House - Patience Lee - ebook

After four years of college, I still had not forgotten the drunken night I made out with Jack, the man of the house. We’d barely spoken about it, but it had fueled countless nights of pleasure.Now that I’m finally coming home, will he have forgotten me? Or will I find he’s been thinking of me too? Could this be the moment I’ve waited for; him taking my innocence?~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~I spent four years trying to forget that night. I also made excuses why I couldn't come home for the holidays, I took classes during the summer, anything to keep from coming back home. And now, degree in hand, there I was on the steps of the house's front porch, fixing to knock. Fixing to see if Jack had thought about me a fraction of the time I'd thought of him, or if he was going to pretend like it never happened.I didn't quite know which I was hoping for.

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