Colt the Centaur and Hazel the Mermaid - Todd Hicks - ebook

How did Colt Steed and Hazel Maidens become who they were and meet? After undergoing a radical transformation through freak accidents, they join a circus to entertain others through their special powers. Outside trouble makes them step out to battle danger.

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Todd Hicks

Colt the Centaur and Hazel the Mermaid

Enter a delightful fantasy world with this mythology mini novel about the centaur and mermaid who do stunts and save their city from villains. They use their great powers to entertain people and battle crime. This book is for all ages.BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich

Chapter One


Who was Hazel Maidens? She was a 14–year old girl growing up in Durham, North Carolina. Agog about swimming, she kept up with it as a spectator as much as possible – this included attending plenty of local swimming races and watching professional swimmers compete on television. While watching the summer Olympics on this particular day, she was impressed with the tremendous speed the swimmers who swam the 100-meter and 200-meter races possessed.


In her excitement she burst, “Wow! Look at those swimmers go! I wish I could swim like them.”


Her mom replied, “You can do it if you put your mind to it and apply yourself toward reaching that goal.”


Her dad inputted, “You must learn swimming techniques and practice a lot besides strengthening your entire body. It would be a good idea for you to take swimming lessons this summer and try out for your school’s swim team as you start high school in September.”


“Good idea. I’ll do that,” returned Hazel.


Hazel enrolled for Saturday swimming lessons and quickly advanced. As she became a 9th grade freshman that September, she made it onto the high school girls swim team. She was so good that she helped steer her team to the state championships which her family attended.


As she was considerably ahead of the other seven finalists in the last 50 meters, her little sister Vanessa cheered on, “Come on, Hazel, you can do it!”


As Hazel reached the end of the swimming pool about one and a fourth seconds ahead of the runner-up, her big brother Laniel beamed, “You did it! You go, girl!”


After Hazel climbed out of the pool, she went into the locker room to shower and put her street clothes back on. Once she finished, she joined her parents, brother and sister in the bleachers where she was hugged and congratulated by them.


“We knew you could do it,” Hazel’s mom told her.


“We’re proud of you,” added Hazel’s dad.