Coed Vampire - George Boxlicker - ebook

Buffy Benson was an ordinary student at State University, better looking and more promiscuous than the majority of the women there, but mostly ordinary. That ended one evening when her boyfriend bit her neck and turned her into a vampire like himself. Her new life had some ups and downs, but was generally an enjoyable one, partly because her heightened vampire senses make sex so much better and partly because she could take revenge on her enemy.

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Coed Vampire

By George Boxlicker

~~ All characters in this book are 18 or over. ~~

They fly through the air and prey upon the young men and woman on the campus and college town.

Buffy Benson yawned and stretched and, when she was through waking up, went to the window and looked out. It was not completely dark yet, but the sun had set some time ago and, by the time she finished her evening ablutions, it would be dark enough for her to safely go to her night classes. The life still seemed rather new for Buffy, and she still missed the sun, but she also knew the direct rays would be fatal to her.

“New” is a relative matter, since it had been over a year since Buffy had gone from being a fresh-faced 19 year old sophomore at State University to being a vampire. While attending a class at night, she met a pale but pleasant young man named Conrad, and the attraction between them had been mutual. One night after class, while parked in a local lovers’ lane, their making out in the back seat had been hot and heavy, and she was sure it was a prelude to some great sex, until he suddenly bit her throat. Wanting to avoid having a hickey, she tried to push him away, but his strength was too much for her, and he pressed his mouth to her throat until she passed out. When Buffy came to, they were still in the back seat of his car, but everything else in her world had changed.

“You’re a vampire now,” Conrad had told her, “and you’re my mate. Together, we will fly through the night and prey upon the unsuspecting young women and men of this campus and the neighboring city.”

She knew he was a student of drama, so Buffy thought he was playing a part and expressed her total disbelief in what he said, until Conrad showed her a number of proofs. “Take your compact out of your purse,” he told her, “and see if you can see your image.”

She tried, and was unable to do so, even with the sedan’s interior lights on, but she still didn’t believe him. Next, he suggested she breathe against the glass of the compact and see if it fogged up from her breath. Buffy did that too, and her breath did not produce condensation against the cool glass, but the idea that she had become a vampire was still too preposterous for her to accept.

“Okay,” he said. “Let’s see what you think of this.”

He moved over to the opposite end of the car seat, spread his arms and began waving them up and down. Seconds later, there was a bat flapping its wings where a young man had just been sitting. Buffy screamed at the sight, and tried to guard her hair from him, because she had always heard bats like to make nests in girls’ hair. She thought that was just a superstition, but was not sure enough to take a chance on it happening to her.

When he reverted to his human form, Conrad laughed at her. “Don’t worry about me getting in your hair,” he admonished her. “Worry about crosses and silver and, especially, direct sunlight, but morning is a long way off. We still have time to get it on in the back seat here.”

However, Buffy was no longer interested. She still believed Conrad had given her a hickey even though she tried to push him away, and their time together had gotten even weirder after that. Maybe he even slipped her some kind of drug to make her pass out and see things that weren’t there, or not see real things that were. Whatever the case, she had no interest in him after that, certainly not for sex that night, but not even as a friend anymore.

“No!” she answered. “I don’t want to anymore. Now take me home.”

Still a gentleman, Conrad had driven her home, but he cautioned Buffy as he walked her to the door of her dorm building. “I meant it when I said you have become a vampire, just as I mean it when I tell you I’m one too. Whatever you do in the morning, don’t go outside, and keep the curtains or blinds on your windows closed. I’ll call you tomorrow.”

He tried to get a goodnight kiss, but Buffy pushed him away and, this time, he didn’t persist, but warned her again as she closed the door in his face. Buffy was still highly perturbed, and turned the collar of her jacket up so the hickey she was certain he had given her would not be visible. She met nobody she wanted to talk to in the hallway, and was glad when she closed the door to her private room. Most of the girls in the dorm shared their rooms with other students, but Buffy preferred to pay a little more for the additional privacy, largely because of the men she often entertained there.

When she woke up in the morning, she was still highly irked about what the jerk had done, or tried to do, and the load of bullshit he had told her after that. The effects of the drug she believed he had given her had kept her from seeing her image in the mirror the previous night, but she expected things to be back to normal after she got out of bed and went into her bathroom to get ready for her morning classes. Like most people, the first thing she usually did every day was urinate but, to her surprise, she had no need to do so that day, not even when she tried to force it. After giving up on that idea, she stepped up to the sink and mirror to begin her customary washing up.

To her shock, Buffy had been unable to see her face in the mirror then either, and the previous night’s events came rushing back to her. Even with the new evidence, she refused to believe what Conrad had told her, but she decided to play it safe and keep her window shades and curtains in place. She tried other experiments, lighting a match and trying to blow it out, but not even making the flame waver and wrapping a thin plastic sheet around her head and observing how it did not shape itself to her face when she tried to breathe in. At that point, Buffy became much less skeptical about the possibility.

She was even closer to believing it after she received a call from Conrad on her cellphone. “You rat!” she exclaimed when she recognized his voice. “What did you do to me last night?”

“Like I said last night, I turned you into a vampire. I’m a bat, not a rat,” he said while giggling at his play on words. “I thought you liked me, or I wouldn’t have done it.”

“Well, what am I supposed to do now?”

“The main thing to remember now is to stay away from the sunlight. I can’t go over there now, but I can meet you at the Student Union after sunset, and we can talk about it.”

“You mean I can’t go to any of my classes or out to eat or anywhere else.”

“You can go to classes at night like I’ve been doing, if you want to. You won’t have to worry about eating today either, but we can talk about all that this evening.”

Not knowing what else to do, Buffy reluctantly agreed. She returned to the bathroom and showered and shampooed her long, blonde hair and, when she tried to comb it, realized she didn’t really need to watch herself in the mirror. Being blessed with a fine, creamy complexion, she had no real need to use more than a minimum of makeup, so she also omitted that part of her usual morning preparations.

All she had to do after that was to sit and wait for sunset so she could go and meet the asshole who said he had gotten her into her predicament, although she still had some doubts there was anything wrong. It could still be the effects of some kind of hallucinatory drug, and she had heard there were plenty of them on the campus. Even so, she was reluctant to take any chances by going out into the sunshine. At least she had plenty of time to get caught up on her homework, but she wondered if there was any point in studying for classes she might have to drop. While she waited, Buffy thought about flapping her arms the way Conrad had, just to see what happened, but she couldn’t bring herself to doing something that looked so silly, even though there was nobody around to see her.

By late afternoon, Buffy puzzled over some other oddities. Although she hadn’t eaten anything that day, she didn’t feel at all hungry. There was no feeling of emptiness such as there usually would be when she had a long wait before dinner or cut down on food consumption while dieting. She also had no need to go to the bathroom. Buffy thought about what Conrad had said about her not having to worry about eating and decided that was something else she would have to ask him about when they got together after the sun went down.

After looking at the clock and risking a peek out the window, Buffy decided it was dark enough for her to go out safely. The Student Union was a ten minute walk and, when she got there, finding Conrad was easy enough. He was sitting at a table by himself on the verandah in front of the building, and he stood up and smiled at her when she approached. Thinking about what he had done the previous night, Buffy scowled at him, but accepted the invitation to join him.

“What’s going on, Conrad,” she demanded. “What kind of BS are you up to?”

“I’m not pulling anything. Like I told you, you’re a vampire now, as I am, and neither of us can change that.”

“I don’t really believe you, you know.”

He sighed in frustration. “Didn’t I prove it to you last night? Didn’t you prove it to yourself today? Could you see yourself in a mirror? Are you breathing? I’ll bet you didn’t eat or drink anything today, and yet you’re not hungry. Why do you think that is?”