Claimed By The Alpha: BWWM Paranormal Billionaire Werewolf Romance - Angelina White - ebook

She stood up on the platform, heart beating fast, as her rich white boss raised his paddle to win the charity date auction...When Alexis, a successful black lawyer, agrees to a charity auction with her as the prize she thinks it's going to be a boring time and a boring date... that is, until her own boss is the one to claim her with an incredible amount of money. What she doesn't know is that her boss isn't just a billionaire, he's a werewolf, and when he changes he becomes insatiable. With her white boss in an animalistic werewolf state can she resist his advances or give in to his uncontrollable lust?

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Claimed By The Alpha | Angelina White

Claimed By The Alpha

Angelina White

“Alexis! Can you come to my office for a moment?” called her boss, Willa Richards. Alexis had been with Richards & Gerber Law Firm for over seven years, and had worked her way to being one of their top lawyers, but Willa still had the power to strike fear in her heart. Not many people had the power to unnerve Alexis, but Willa was definitely one of them.

“Hey Willa, what do you need?” Alexis answered when she got into the doorway. As she walked in she tried to read the look on Willa’s face. She was a tall, skinny, Hispanic woman with dark chocolate brown eyes and short-cropped brown hair that accentuated her striking jaw line. She had the look of a woman who had clawed her way to the top, and was willing to strike out at anyone who dared challenge her.

“Are you all set for the charity date auction tonight? Is that what you are wearing?” Willa replied, giving her outfit a look up and down.

Alexis believed she was a good-looking woman. Her ebony skin shone flawlessly, and her eyes were a light hazel brown, in contrast to her jet-black hair that hung in ringlets around her shoulders. She didn’t flatter herself to be a fashionista, but she didn’t think she was hopeless. Today she wore a fitted navy blue pantsuit paired with a crisp white button-down shirt and shiny black heels. She looked professional, while at the same time showing off her womanly curves. Her generous breasts could not be contained, as cleavage overflowed out of her shirt. She enjoyed showing men what they would never have. She knew she had impossibly high standards, and she liked it that way. She knew her worth, and wouldn’t settle for anything less than what she thought she deserved.

She had completely forgotten about the charity date auction. Probably because she didn’t want to go. Not only was the idea of a man buying her infuriating to her, but date auctions were always incredibly boring. She prided herself on her self-reliant and independent nature. She had grown up in a poor neighborhood in the Bronx, and she had worked hard to pay her way through college and law school. She eventually made her way to Richards & Gerber, one of the top divorce firms in New York City. She had done all of this on her own, without help from anyone, especially not from any man.