Cindy Lou In The City - George Boxlicker - ebook

This is a short novel, written by a master of erotic literature and, in great detail, describes the life of a beautiful and totally uninhibited swinger. In her ten years of marriage, Cindy Lou Wilson went from 18 year old virgin to a swinger who loves all kinds of sex with men, sometimes two or three at the same time. She has now been divorced by her husband and forced to move from Alabama to New York, where she finds an even wider variety of sex partners.

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Cindy Lou in the City

By George Boxlicker

Table of Contents

Cindy Lou Moves to New York

Cindy Lou Finds a Roommate

Cindy Lou Makes Her Debut

Cindy Lou Gets a Delivery

Cindy Lou Seduces the New Stock Boy

Cindy Lou Meets the Vampire

Cindy Lou Goes Nudist

Cindy Lou Gets a Happy Surprise

Cindy Lou and the New Toy

Cindy Lou Takes a Shower

Cindy Lou Moves to New York

The horny divorcee finds pleasure on the bus to the big city.

“Darn,” Cindy Lou Wilson groused to herself. “This bus is taking forever to get to New York.” She had known the trip from Birmingham to the big city would be a long, boring one, but disliked flying and airports too much to travel on an airplane. She also preferred the greater room and privacy the bus seats would provide. A train would have taken almost as long and would have been less comfortable because, in the bus, she could snuggle into the soft cocoon of a seat and lose herself in her thoughts and memories of the life she was leaving behind, probably forever.

The first of those memories was centered on Bobby, her husband of ten years, who had just divorced her. As a girl, Cindy Lou had always been regarded by her parents and her large extended family as a “good girl,” meaning she did what she was told, just said “No” to drugs of any kind and avoided skirts or dresses that were too short or tight, loud music and any other thing on which her conservative family frowned. Of course, as befits a “good girl,” she was a true virgin when, at 18 and just graduated from high school, she married a handsome and successful businessman who was ten years her senior.

As expected, her virginity came to an end on her wedding night. Bobby was such an accomplished and considerate lover that it ended in a series of wild explosions, as Cindy Lou enjoyed four orgasms, each more satisfying than the one before. Even a “good girl” can sometimes explore her pussy with her fingers but the results of those explorations paled in comparison to what Bobby did that night with his mouth and his cock. Whatever his failings and however negative some of her feelings about him might have become in the months preceding her long bus ride, she would have to admit he had always been an outstanding lover.

But now, in the darkened bus, she lay by herself on the back seat, her sexy body covered with a blanket supplied by the bus company. As Cindy Lou thought about her wedding night with Bobby, she smiled at the drastic change in her life it started. Reaching under the blanket, she opened her jeans and unzipped the fly to let her hand slip through the waistband of her panties and fondle her clit, which had become swollen from the erotic desires her thoughts were evoking. She had chosen to ride in the back of the bus so she would have more room to stretch out, either to sleep or for what she was just then starting to do. The somewhat rougher ride and swaying of the bus was an annoyance but one she was willing to endure for the benefits she was starting to enjoy.

The four orgasms on Cindy Lou’s wedding night had been the first of many thousands she had shared with Bobby and, after the honeymoon ended, with other men because he was a swinger and insisted his wife join him, newlywed and recently deflowered virgin or not. Reluctant at first, but obedient, Cindy Lou did so and, after her first foursome, she became a willing, even eager participant.

The second cock of her young life belonged to a business acquaintance of her husband’s, was just as long and thick and hard as Bobby’s, and gave her every bit as much of a thrill in her mouth and her pussy. His semen tasted as good too. She had such a great time that evening she was eager to join the fun at every swinging party she could and, with her blonde good looks, sexy figure and total lack of inhibitions, she and Bobby were always welcome. Cindy Lou quickly lost count of the number of times men drove her to ecstatic orgasms as their cocks and their tongues pleasured her pussy, her mouth and, after a few months of the swinging life, her ass.

She smiled even more and her fingers became more active on her pussy, wet by then from her own lubrication, as she recalled the first cock to drive her to an orgasm going in and out of that particular tight and sensitive place.

She remembered how, a little tipsy with wine, she had been lying on a mattress right after a rather disappointing coupling and wishing for something better. A tall, good-looking man named Ben approached and Cindy Lou invited him to join her. He answered her invitation with great alacrity but, even though her pussy was wet and ready, Ben was more enamored of her round, sexy ass and wanted to fuck her there. Not one to say “No” to a new carnal experience, Cindy Lou got onto her hands and knees and, following his instructions, piled some pillows under her waist and reached back to spread the succulent cheeks of her enticing ass.

His fingers applying lubricant around and inside that virginal place sent waves of pleasure rippling through her body, but they were nothing compared to what immediately followed. While she continued holding her cheeks apart, Ben used his fingers to pry open the hole he wanted to fuck and placed the tip of his cock at the tiny opening. With one strong push, he wedged the head into that orifice, sending a tremendous current of utter joy coursing through Cindy Lou’s body. For the first few seconds, there was a very small amount of dull pain from the initial stretching, but that almost immediately evolved into exquisite pleasure, which grew in magnitude as Ben continued to enlarge the small opening and drive his cock more and more deeply into her ass with every thrust.

“Does that hurt?” he asked when he heard her moaning.

“No! No, it feels wonderful. I’ve never felt anything like it, but I love it. Keep going.”

He was more than happy to keep going but, once he became aware of Cindy Lou’s lack of experience in his favorite kind of sex, Ben was gentler and stroked into her more slowly so she could become accustomed to it and to increase her pleasure. He succeeded admirably and, by the time the entire length of his cock was buried inside her ass and his dark pubic hair was tickling the soft, creamy skin of the insides of her cheeks, her body was writhing in front of him while fucking back to meet every thrust.

As Ben’s cock plunged over and over into Cindy Lou’s ass, her pleasure mounted, reaching heights she had never before achieved. Her whole body thrashed on the mattress and her loud moans and other sounds of bliss let everybody at the party know what ecstasy she was in from the cock plowing in and out of her ass. Another man, and Cindy Lou never did see his face or know who he was, crawled under her and started to eat her pussy, inundating her body with delight from two sources.

The two men brought Cindy Lou to a screaming, fist-pounding orgasm as Ben rammed his cock all the way in and out of her no-longer virginal ass while the other man’s tongue laved her clit. After that, she was ready for anything and especially relished being sandwiched between two men, coming repeatedly as their cocks pistoned into her ass and pussy. If the sex party was a large one, with enough men available, the blonde hotsy even liked to suck off a third guy while getting those two holes pleasured.

But that happened years earlier and, on that night, Cindy Lou lay on the seat in the back of the bus, remembering that fabulous orgasm from Ben and the unknown man. Her thumb and all the fingers of her right hand were active on her pussy, the middle two thrusting in and out of where she wished there were a big, hard cock. It felt alright, but it really wasn’t as much as she wanted and needed.

After ten years, those days of carnal frolicking had come to an abrupt end. Bobby, seeing a golden business opportunity, wanted a divorce so he could marry Charity Higgins, the spinster daughter of the richest man in the small suburban city where they lived. Cindy Lou was fond of her husband and enjoyed their life together, not just the sexual part but all of it, and didn’t want to split up. She told her ambitious husband she was having too much fun to want a divorce. However, his offer of a big cash settlement and regular alimony, paid mostly by his father-in-law to be, changed her mind.

He also told her the alternative would be their going through the courts for the divorce, with the likelihood that everybody in town would learn all about their lifestyle. Bowing to pressure from her family, who had already heard all the gossip about everything, Cindy Lou decided against contesting the quickie divorce. While going through the legal formalities of the dissolution, she lived with her parents, who established house rules that were every bit as strict as the ones they had placed on her as a teenager.

Once the proceedings reached the point where it was just a matter of time before the divorce became final, her parents and other members of her family started trying to persuade Cindy Lou to leave town. They had learned all the rumors about the wild lifestyle she had been leading were true and they wanted to avoid any more embarrassment. A position was arranged in New York City in the office of a successful furniture store owned by a distant relative. She would be doing work similar to what she did in her current job and her salary, when combined with her alimony payments, was expected be more than enough to allow her to live comfortably. She was to stay with the relative and his family until she could establish her own living arrangements.

Cindy Lou didn’t want to leave town. She had lived there all her life and all her friends and family were there. It would mean missing her high school reunion for the first time, and she enjoyed her job and the people at work. She also had a circle of close friends, some of them women she had known for twenty years or more.

“Why can’t I just stay here and start over?” she complained.

Asking for neither confirmation nor denial, some of the older members of her family described the stories they had been hearing and pointed out that the salacious gossip would continue as long as she stayed in town. Because of the divorce, her straight-laced boss would probably fire her, especially if he heard those same rumors. Most of her classmates no longer attended the reunions and Cindy Lou hadn’t seen some of those friends in over a year. Besides that, most of her so-called friends, because of her divorce, good looks and her now scandalous reputation, would dump her in a minute, fearing for the safety and sanctity of their own marriages.

Mainly though, as her parents constantly emphasized during discussions with her, their daughter’s scarlet reputation would reflect badly on the whole family if she continued to live in the same town as they did. If she moved far away, that gossip would eventually fade away.

Cindy Lou had to admit that her parents were at least partly right. She had noticed considerable cooling in some of her friendships and her coworkers seemed to be shunning her lately too. The reputation of her parents was also a strong consideration; she was concerned with what people thought about them and her. Another big factor, one that she didn’t share with anybody, was that there would be millions of men in New York City, and she was sure that many of them would be interested in some hot sex with a pretty, unattached blonde with a southern accent. She gave in and agreed to leave.

For over a month, during the divorce proceedings, her family had kept a close watch on her and insisted she adhere to the early curfew they had established. They didn’t want to add to the rumors already circulating and, if she expected to stay in their house, she would have to obey their rules. Having nowhere else to live until after the divorce, Cindy Lou reluctantly agreed. Her parents’ rigid rules, which they vigilantly enforced, kept her away from any and all men, meaning that neither her pussy, nor her ass nor her mouth had experienced a tongue or a cock for that long a time, and those carnal pleasures were sorely missed.

In a reversion to her days as a teenaged virgin, she used her fingers but, even supported by one or two dildos, they were a poor substitute for the pleasures she would have gotten from sex with real men. Even on those occasions when she was able to come, she couldn’t help knowing how much more satisfying her orgasms would have been with a man or men instead of her fingers and the plastic toys.

“When I get to New York,” she quietly vowed to herself, once the decision to leave had been made, “the first things I’m going to do are suck off someone and get my ass and my pussy good and thoroughly eaten and fucked.”

Cindy Lou packed two suitcases, which would go into the bus’s cargo hold, and a trunk that would be shipped after she had gotten settled into an apartment of her own. After a quiet sendoff, with well-wishing by her relatives, most of them more relieved than saddened to see her go, an uncle drove her in his pickup to the bus station in Birmingham. There she boarded the bus to New York City, carrying a small bag with her makeup and a clean bra and panties.

Four hours later, while making a meal stop, Cindy Lou had covertly looked over the limited number of male passengers. Being men, they were all aware of the attractive young woman with the long, honey-blonde hair and the peaches-and-cream complexion even though, for warmth and comfort on the trip, she was wearing a bulky jacket and loose fitting jeans, effectively concealing her lush figure. At least three of them, she thought, would make reasonably welcome sex buddies, one at a time or all at once. One man in particular, a young southerner, was quite handsome and she liked the smell of his cologne.

Except for those three, all the male passengers were too old or unattractive or both. She briefly thought of inviting the young man or one of the other two to join her on the back seat but never seriously considered it. The fun that might have been had with him or them would not be worth the risk; she had already waited a long time and she could wait a few more hours. It would be better, she decided, to delay resuming her sex life until she reached New York and got settled into a place of her own.

But that was still in the future and all she had just then were her fingers, and they were not even close to being enough, especially since, because of hurried packing, her dildos were in one of the suitcases and unavailable to her. Cindy Lou’s entire right hand was wet with her juices by that time, with her two middle fingers going in and out of her pussy trying, unsuccessfully, to emulate a cock while her thumb massaged her clit. It felt good, but she knew she would not reach a decent orgasm from it.

Until then she had been lying back with her eyes closed, but suddenly Cindy Lou had the clear sensation of being watched. Her eyes opened and she was aware that a man, just across the aisle and only few feet away, was staring at her. Her blanket had slipped to the floor and, by the small light on the corner of the seat in front of her, he could see the wide open front of her blue jeans and watch her hand moving frantically inside her panties.

Before embarrassment could overcome the horny blonde, the man spoke. “It seems a shame that a pretty girl like you should have to play with herself. I’d love to eat your pussy and we’d both have a lot more fun.”

Although taken by surprise, Cindy Lou knew immediately what she wanted to do. There weren’t many other passengers on the bus and they all seemed to be asleep. The man who had been watching her was the young southerner she had earlier placed at the top of her short list of desirable sex partners and the provocative aroma of his cologne still lingered. Besides that, he was 100% right. Her fingers weren’t getting the job done and his mouth and, hopefully, his cock could.

Without speaking, she rose up slightly from her seat to pull her jeans down and around her ass. She pushed the pants the rest of the way down her legs and lifted her feet to remove them and her sneakers, leaving them in a heap on the floor. She rose up again and her panties made the same trip, ending up in the same pile. Naked below the waist except for her socks, Cindy Lou leaned back with her legs raised and spread, hoping the man would live up to his offer and even do a lot more.

Seconds later, the young southerner was kneeling on her castoff clothing with his face buried right where Cindy Lou wanted it while her legs were draped over his strong shoulders. The first sensations she had were the soft lapping noise and the feel of his tongue sluicing up the juices that had trickled from her avid pussy and down her legs. The soft, sensitive skin of her inner thighs reveled in the feel of a man’s tongue after the long wait, and the thrills became even better when his tongue started licking below and beside her pussy.

Back and forth and left and right on her bare ass she rocked, with her head tossing from side to side against the back of the seat. Cindy Lou moaned in pleasure and her hands were clenching and opening as the young man slowly licked his way up one of her engorged pussy lips. Several times while still with her parents, she had tried stroking herself there with fingertips dipped in baby oil but nothing felt as good as a real tongue slowly and wetly working its way up along that very sensitive place.

The young southern man was immensely enjoying himself too. As soon as his mouth started its labor of love, he knew this was the greatest pussy he had ever known. The pretty young blonde, who was so willing, had a sexy ass and legs too, with soft, creamy skin, and her plentiful juices were easily the most delicious he had ever smelled or tasted. Besides her nectar, the spongy texture of the blonde hotsy’s swollen pussy lips was better than anything his tongue had ever stroked.

However much fun the man was having, Cindy Lou was having more as she felt him slowly licking her inner lips. “Oh, my god, how I’ve missed this!” she told herself.

She had missed having a man’s tongue caressing her pussy and the feel of his breathing on her wetness. Pleasure gushed from wherever his mouth roamed, cascading throughout her entire body and rapidly bringing her closer to what she knew would be by far her best orgasm since she had to move away from Bobby’s house. She was writhing against the seat and moaning in pleasure while her pussy unashamedly fucked up against the man’s face.

“My god, that’s good,” she whispered. “I really need this. Now suck my clit. I wanna come.”

Cindy Lou felt the man’s fingers peeling her protective hood the rest of the way off the swollen morsel and his tongue lightly stroking her clit. “Ooooh. Ooooh,” she whimpered. “Right there! Yes! That’s it!”

For almost a minute his tongue swirled around on the sweetest of her many sweet spots, sending waves of excruciating pleasure crashing through her body, while her pussy fucked even more strongly into the man’s face. For just a second his tongue was withdrawn before her clit was engulfed by a pair of lips that clamped on to its engorged base. The pleasuring wet organ resumed its caressing of the swollen sides and top of her clit while the man sucked gently. Cindy Lou was flexing her leg muscles and fucking against his face so hard her ass was almost bouncing off the seat.

“Yes! Yes!” she whispered. “Suck my clit!”

After less than a minute of what she had been yearning for, Cindy Lou started coming. Her arms flailed against the seat and her legs clamped onto the man’s head, holding his face tightly against her pussy. From side to side and back and forth she rocked on her ass, yanking his head around while his mouth kept sucking and licking her clit. Cindy Lou thoroughly reveled in every second of her coming until she climaxed, her first truly delightful orgasm in far too long a time, digging her fingernails into the seat cushion, arching her back and jamming her pussy one last time into the face of the man whose mouth had given her such immense pleasure.

Her upper body relaxed and she breathed a relieved sigh but Cindy Lou hoped they weren’t through yet. Her thighs still held the man’s head and he seemed to like being a prisoner. “That was wonderful,” she panted. “Can you do it some more?”

“Uh huh,” he answered, unable to speak clearly with his mouth pressed snugly against her wet pussy.

Taking the young man’s answer as a “yes”, she loosened the grip of her legs so they rested loosely on his shoulders again. She was correct; he had no wish to leave and started to lap up the fresh juices from her thighs and all around her pussy. Cindy Lou smiled happily and leaned back to enjoy the fabulous things that were once again happening to her and wanting to come again.

After licking off all the nectar the young man’s tongue started caressing the other pussy lip, the one he hadn’t licked before. He thought of himself as being incredibly lucky, to have a chance to eat out this sexy and extremely hot young blonde and he hoped she would squeeze his head again, and come, and then want to do more. Although he didn’t even know her name, he didn’t need to; all he wanted to do was eat her pussy to another orgasm, lick up more of her fresh juices and, if she wanted, join her in the seat where they would have enough room to fuck.

After her first orgasm, the swelling of her labia and clit had decreased slightly but, as the young man’s tongue caressed her pussy lips, Cindy Lou could feel them once more becoming engorged with her lust. She loved the exquisite feeling of her pleasure mounting again and her body showed it, writhing on her seat and already starting to fuck up into the man’s face. Her voice showed it too, moaning as his tongue stroked repeatedly across the top of her clit hood, sending jolts of pleasure through her body, before starting down her other pussy lip. In the back of her mind was the fear that she might wake up the other passengers with her moans and sobs and whimpers but she was too enraptured with the wonderful things the stranger’s tongue was doing to her pussy to care very much.

She looked between her legs and, by the light on the corner of the seat, she could see his eyes and the bridge of his nose, bobbing up and down as his mouth stayed with her erotic movements. “You are so wonderful,” she whispered. “I love the way you’re eating my pussy.”

The young man didn’t say anything. He just looked up at her adoringly, detached his mouth briefly and smiled. After that, he returned to what was giving him so much pleasure, eating the pussy of the incredibly sexy woman on the bus.

Cindy Lou smelled the fresh juices from her pussy and reveled in the way the man’s tongue licked them up almost as soon as they were produced. His mouth seemed to be everywhere except on her clit, which was the way she liked it. Although wanting to come, and do it monumentally, she knew the longer it took, the more time his tongue spent caressing her pussy, the greater would be her ecstasy when she finally did climax. Her first orgasm had taken the edge off her horniness, meaning she would enjoy the second one even more.

After licking all the way down her second pussy lip and devouring the juices, Cindy Lou could feel the man’s tongue probing the lower edge of her pink slit and slowly moving upward. There he burrowed under the inside edges of her inner pussy lips, first one then the other, slowly moving upward toward her clit. As he moved back and forth from one lip to the other, crossing over the bubbling cauldron in between, he dipped his tongue in to taste her fresh juices.

“Put your tongue in me,” she told the young southerner. “I need your tongue in me right there.”

He pressed his face even more tightly against her pussy and squirmed the tip of his tongue in where it was wanted, wiggling it inside her. The motion against the top of her wet pink hole indirectly caressed her clit and brought Cindy Lou even closer to her goal. She knew, from feeling the same way so many times, that she was on the verge of coming. Her thighs had rotated slightly outward, presenting her pussy fully to the man as she fucked harder than ever into his face.

“Suck my clit! Suck my clit; wanna come!”

This time there was no need to move her hood out of the way because Cindy Lou’s clit was so swollen it had already done so. Her plea to the man was answered and she felt him licking the lower slope, then all around where she wanted his mouth. As Cindy Lou’s thrashing on her seat became even more frantic, the agile tongue swirled all around the swollen morsel, stroking the sides and top, until the man drew it inside his mouth and started to suck gently on it while his tongue continued its erotic caresses.

Cindy Lou felt her clit being enveloped by the man’s mouth, and laved by his tongue. “Yes! Yes!” she whispered. “Suck me there!”

Knowing she would start coming soon, he continued sucking and licking while bracing for the upheaval that he was expecting. This time, with her pussy ramming into the man’s face, it took slightly more than a minute of having her clit directly pleasured for Cindy Lou to start coming.

“Oh! Oh!” she gasped, and her legs again squeezed his head.

While holding him captive, her ass bounced up and down and rocked to and fro and all over the seat. Once again, the young man clung tightly to her thighs and enjoyed her coming, his mouth firmly holding her clit while his tongue continued stroking.

When she climaxed, Cindy Lou was ecstatic. Her back arched again and she rammed her pussy into her partner’s face even more strongly than before. This time, when she slumped back into her seat, her legs also relaxed and, after the man had licked up the fresh juices he had elicited from her pussy, he stood partly up, allowing her legs to drop from his shoulders and fall to where they encircled his hips.

“That was even more wonderful,” she whispered, her legs squeezing him and pulling him toward her pussy, sending an unmistakable message. “But I still need something more.”

As she spoke, she leaned forward and reached out her hands to unfasten the man’s belt and pants. “This is what I need,” she added, pulling down the zipper on his fly and reaching in to unsnap the waistband of his boxer shorts.

When she reached in and gently squeezed his cock, Cindy Lou was not at all surprised that it was erect but she was elated at the way it felt. To her hands it seemed to be a good size, one her pussy would really enjoy. When she spread his pants and underwear, the object of her desire sprang free and she stared at it, admiring the way the tapered head expanded into a long, thick cylinder. This would be the first cock to pleasure her in a long time and she knew it would give her at least as great an orgasm as the man’s mouth already had.

“You’ve got a great cock here,” she said, leaning forward and kissing the object she admired so much. “And I really need it in my pussy.”

He needed the same thing so he reached into his pocket, took out a condom and opened the foil packet before letting her pull his pants down past his knees. Cindy Lou was glad he was prepared. She had condoms in her jacket pocket and would have insisted he use one if he had not had his own but she preferred that it not be necessary. She didn’t want the young man, who was still a stranger, to think she was such a slut as to be carrying contraceptives around in her coat pocket.

When his cock was safely covered with latex, she slung her right foot up onto the cushion. Holding his pants to keep from tripping, the man mounted the seat on his knees and Cindy Lou’s left leg followed so he was kneeling between her legs with his clothes around his ankles. Cindy Lou’s pussy was already wet and ready for him. With one hand on the back of her seat and the other holding to the back of the seat in front, the young man leaned slowly forward. She took his cock in her hand, once again admiring its size and hardness, and guided the tip to her waiting pussy. Once the first insertion was made, he started slowly thrusting into the wet place that was so badly in need of a good fucking.

Cindy Lou sighed happily when the hard, young cock started to burrow its way into her pussy. She sighed again when she felt it withdraw and surge back in even deeper. With the third stroke, however, there was something wrong. His cock was imbedded almost all the way inside her pussy but he had lowered his body to lie on top of her, and his weight was pinning her to the seat, keeping her from moving freely and preventing her from getting all the pleasure she wanted. The fourth plunge of his cock into her pussy felt good too, but she knew how it could be much better. She has never had any interest in Women’s Liberation but Cindy Lou had no trouble at all talking about something as important to her as a good fucking.

She also knows that flattery, combined with instructions, works much better than instructions alone. Hugging him around his shoulders, she murmured into his ear “Oooo, your big cock feels so good. I really love it in my pussy.” A second later she added “But I know how it can be even better for both of us.”


“Curl your arms under mine so your weight is all on your elbows. I’ll be able to move under you and you can shove your wonderful big, hot cock all the way into my pussy even better.”

The young man had a certain amount of masculine pride but he was no fool. He was well aware he had lucked into an encounter with a super-hot and sexually skilled woman, and he had no problem ignoring that pride and following her instructions. The flattery, although he recognized it as such, was quite enjoyable also. With no hesitation, he raised himself so all his weight was supported by his knees and forearms.

They were both immediately glad he had. Freed of the weight that had been pressing her into the bus seat, Cindy Lou started moving under the man, fucking back to meet his cock as it surged into her pussy. In addition to matching his strokes, she rocked from side to side on her ass and swiveled her hips. Every time his cock plowed into her, Cindy Lou reveled in the way its thickness massaged her whole pink hole slightly differently, multiplying the already intense pleasure that was radiating out from her pussy.

Besides the movements of her body, she kept her arms around the man’s shoulders, whispering into his ear the most graphic words about what a great cock he had and what a terrific job he was doing of fucking her. The flattery continued to work and he concentrated on giving her as much pleasure as he could, thereby getting more himself.

Earlier, the swaying and the extra bouncing of the back of the bus had been mildly annoying but now it was increasing the pleasure they were both feeling. With every abrupt bounce, his cock seemed to plunge even more deeply into Cindy Lou’s pussy. When the bus swayed and yawed, it was even better than the way her hips were swiveling, and they were both pleasured even more. Her whispers of encouragement and flattery were punctuated by completely sincere moans and whimpers of joy as the man’s cock drove in and out of her.

Cindy Lou’s body was writhing under him and she could feel herself getting close to coming so she whispered into the man’s ear “Your cock feels so great and you’re so hot you’re gonna make me come again. I really love the way you’re fucking me. But slide up a little farther on me so I’ll get all of your wonderful cock on my clit. And fuck me faster.”

The man could feel his own climax approaching so he did what she said. As his cock plunged faster into her, Cindy Lou matched his pace and the movements of her hips and legs became even more frantic. With the different angle, his cock was pressing harder against the top edge of her love hole with every stroke, indirectly massaging her clit. Although her body was thrashing on the bus seat under him, she kept her arms around his shoulders and her lips at his ear, telling him how fabulously he was fucking her. The faster pace and the way his cock and her clit were massaging each other were driving both Cindy Lou and her partner of the evening closer to their ultimate goals.

“Yes! Yes! I’m coming!” She whispered hoarsely into his ear. Gripping him even more tightly with her legs and her arms, she plastered herself against the man and the slamming of her ass into the seat every time he rammed his cock into her drove her to new heights of ecstasy. Although she had come twice already, she knew that the big cock in her pussy would make this time the best of all.

The man felt relieved that the sexy blonde was coming because he would not have been able to hold back any more. She was so hot and eating her pussy and the fucking were so great