Cinderella: The Wicked Truth - Kelli Wolfe - ebook

Glass slippers. Who in the world wears glass slippers?For Cinderella, her wickedly delightful life at home is the magic formula for happily ever after. But when a sadistic prince sets his sights on her to be his next wife, and a meddlesome fairy godmother with a drinking problem appears to make matters even worse, Cinderella's whole life is turned upside down.Will Cinderella ever get back to having happy endings with her family?

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The Wicked Truth



Kelli Wolfe



Copyright 2012 Kelli Wolfe

Published by Pink Parts Press



All rights reserved. No part of this eBook may be reproduced in any form or by any means, except for the inclusion of brief quotations in a review, without permission in writing from the publisher.


All characters in this story are fictitious. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older.



Glass slippers. Who in the world wears glass slippers?

For Cinderella, her wickedly delightful life at home is the magic formula for happily ever after. But when a sadistic prince sets his sights on her to be his next wife, and a meddlesome fairy godmother with a drinking problem appears to make matters even worse, Cinderella's whole life is turned upside down.

Will Cinderella ever get back to having happy endings with her family?

* * *

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Cinderella – The Wicked Truth


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Cinderella – The Wicked Truth

The whole thing was that silly fairy godmother’s fault. If it hadn’t been for her meddling, none of this would have ever happened. And then she couldn’t get the story straight afterwards, so it ended up written down all wrong... Oh, dear, I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me tell it properly.

Once upon a time there was a girl named Cinderella—yours truly—but everyone called me Cindie. My mother died giving birth to me, and my father remarried while I was still a little girl. When I was twelve, he was killed in one of the endless wars that flare up every couple of years among the Petty Kingdoms, leaving me with my stepmother and three stepbrothers. We were a happy little family, and I grew up as spoiled as any girl with three doting older brothers could possibly dream of.

When I turned eighteen and was still living at home, there was some head-shaking among the neighbors, and whispers of “old maid” rose when I ventured beyond our fence, with murmurs of pity for my poor stepmother, Delise, who couldn’t be rid of me. Delise gave them short shrift, however, informing them that with the sad losses our family had suffered it was no wonder that we all clung more fiercely to one another, and that she should be just as pleased if I never left her home since I was all that remained to her of her beloved husband. My stepmother had a sharp tongue and little patience for gossipers, and few of the neighbors risked her ire more than once. So we lived happily for another year, until my nineteenth birthday came and went. That was when Sibyla made her first appearance in my life, and it was when things began to go wrong.

It was the night after my nineteenth birthday party, and I went into Lucian and Aleron’s room to gather their dirty clothes for the washerwoman to clean the next morning. As much as I love my stepbrothers, they do tend to be quite untidy, and the younger two had clothes scattered all over their room. I bent over to pick up a pile hidden behind Lucian’s bed when a pair of strong hands grasped my hips and prevented me from rising.

“Guess who?”

They loved that game. I had two chances to guess correctly or else pay the penalty. I played to lose.

“Aleron?” I knew better; the hands were too large and powerful for the youngest of the three.

“Nope. Try again.”

“Ramond?” The voice wasn’t deep enough to be the eldest.

“Sorry, sweet Cindie, but you lose again. And since a good sister should be able to recognize her brothers at any time, you must pay the penalty for your lack of regard for us.”

“Oh, please don’t punish me, Lucian.” I tried to keep the eagerness out of my voice. Lucian was twenty, darkly handsome, and of my three brothers the most creative in our love play.

“I am afraid I have no choice.”

His hands lifted my skirt to expose my legs and bare bottom, and I shivered as the cool night air touched my skin. Roughly he turned me, bent me over his bed, and pressed a hand into the small of my back to hold me there. I bit my lip and held my breath in anticipation of what was to come.

His other hand descended on my tender buttocks with a crack that sent a delicious surge of fire straight through me, and I writhed against the bed until I could get one hand beneath me. Desperately I fumbled past my skirt to reach my now-aching clitoris and touched it just as Lucian’s hand struck again. Pleasure and pain met and merged inside of me, my fingers frantic against my hard little nub.

“Please, no more,” I begged, even as I thrust myself back to meet the next blow.

I was on fire, inside and out, my pussy throbbing with need and getting wetter every second. Again and again his palm fell until my bottom was nothing but a tingling mass of nerves and I absolutely burned with the need to have his cock inside of me.

“Please,” I gasped. “Please.”

The coarse fabric of his trousers brushed rough against the inside of my thighs, his hands sliding hot over my stinging flesh as he repositioned himself between my legs. Fingers probed beneath me, gentle but insistent, until they found the source of the cream dripping slowly down my legs, and then pressed deep inside. I moaned at the touch; I ached to have him fill me, but this was just teasing. The fingers withdrew slowly, leaving me feeling emptier than before.

“You taste so sweet, Cindie,” he whispered behind me.

I felt him hard against me, then, sliding like satin up the skin of my thigh to nestle in the slippery groove of my nether lips. He leaned forward until the tip brushed up against my clitoris so that I could feel both of us pulsating against my fingertips. Again he drew back, until I whimpered and clawed the blankets in frustration.

“Take it and put it inside you.”


“Do it,” he ordered.

I reached back until I touched his cock, trembling with desire as I took the thick shaft in my fingers and guided him to my sopping little hole. I pushed myself back towards him, so wet that he slid easily through my entrance despite his girth, and slowly engulfed him with the liquid heat of my pussy. Lucien let out a little hiss of pleasure, and arched his hips forward until he had buried himself completely inside me. His fingers dug into the flesh of my hips as he held himself there for a long moment, savoring my feel around him, then he began to rock back and forth against me.

This, this was what I had been waiting for. Sweet, hot tingles built inside my lower body as he stretched me and filled me again and again with his thick cock, until the rest of the room faded out and there was nothing in the whole world but Lucian inside of me. I clutched the blankets with my free hand, my other still stroking my clit, and panted as the heat seemed to suck all the air from my lungs.