Cinderella's dirty pleasure - Sally Fornia - ebook

There's a lot to mess up before cleaning up! Ever since she reached adulthood, Cindy has been craving for some sweet, sexy punishment. She knows she's a naughty girl, and someone needs to spank her and make her behave! The women known as the stepmother and the stepsisters are always keeping tabs on her, making her feel their rigor whenever she strays from her duties... which happens alarmingly often! Now, the mysterious man known as the Prince, the head of a Palace designed to make you reach undescribable heights of pleasure, wants Cindy to become the star of the ball. She feels the adrenaline pumping inside her as she awaits for the Prince to appear and punish her like she's never been punished... in front of everyone! A story of true submission and transformation.Cinderella's dirty pleasure is the fist entry in Sally Fornia's series of STEAMY FAIRY TALES. You never imagined the old stories brought to life in such a vivid way and with such a naughty twist! A reminder: these are NOT the fairy tales you've always known and loved. These are stories of grown-up people getting hot and messy with each other. DON'T READ if you are offended by graphic depictions of wild, kinky sex!

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Steamy Fairy Tales #1

by Sally Fornia

There’s a lot to mess up before cleaning up!

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© Sally Fornia, 2017

First StreetLib edition Eros Shrugged Publishing, October 2017

All characters in this story are at least 18 years old in age. Any similarity with real persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. Don’t read this work if you feel offended by graphic descriptions of sexual acts.


I know what she wants.

And I want it, too.

“How many times have I told you to clean this up? This is disgusting. You’re disgusting.”

Her voice comes out hard and pungent. I can’t see her because I’m looking down at the ashes scattered all over the floor. I’m on all fours, and my hands are covered in grey. Half my naked body is, in fact. I’m usually half-covered in ashes, like right now. That’s why they call me Cinderella.

This is what happens every day, with variations. My evil “stepmother” orders me to do some unpleasant chore, I try to do it, but it’s never enough. She gives me too little time, or suddenly changes her orders, or just undoes what I did to have an excuse to punish me. Sometimes I fail on purpose.

Then comes the spanking. She loves that part.

And I love it too, even though it leaves me sore for the rest of the day, and I’m sure people notice there’s something wrong in the way I walk when I go to town for some errand.

Sometimes she spanks me for a while and leaves. Sometimes, the punishment includes other stuff.

It’s all a game. And I play it with body and soul, giving in to her stern punishment, bending over in submission in a feverish wait of what she has in store for me. I’m at her mercy, prey to her every whim.

I am a grown up woman. Why do I put myself in this situation? I should know better.

But ever since I’ve reached adulthood, I’ve been craving for this. This humiliation.

It’s just what I am. A plaything. A doll. An object for her...


The first slap comes as a surprise. She’s hit my firm buttock with her palm, without a warning. She hit me hard, and I feel the skin burning already.

“You’ve been so careless,” she says sternly. “You’ve brought shame to this house.”

“No, no, please!” I plead, feigning fear. Resistance is part of the thrill. Even though it’s a game, I actually feel the chill going all over my spine, making me shudder. I’m so, so dirty.

She smacks my other buttock. It hurts. It burns. It makes me horny.


“You’re lazy.” Smack. “You’re disgusting.” Smack. “You’re a dirty whore.” Smack!

“Please... please stop,” I whisper. My ass is sore and I’m sure it’s completely red by now. This will keep hurting for a good while.

She stops spanking me, but doesn’t leave. I feel her heavy breath as her own excitement keeps her engaged in this situation. My naked body starts tingling with anticipation of her touch.

When my stepmother finally touches me, I exhale suddenly, more a moan than a sigh. Her finger plays around my tiny butthole, roaming around the border, crossing from one side to the other, the tip caressing my skin softly.

Then, the insertion.

“You’re a dirty whore!” she exclaims. “Take this!”


But I take it. Her finger slides into my ass without asking for permission, like a boss in his office. I am propelled forward by the sheer force of arousal, as my asshole contracts around her finger, trying to keep it there.

“N-noo... uuh!”

“You’ve been lazy and messy,” the stepmother says, and withdraws her finger.

“Yes! I’ve been lazy and... and... ooh!”

I gasp as she inserts her finger again. Then she retracts it, then she puts it in my asshole once more.

“You’ll get what’s coming to you, dirty peasant whore,” she spits scornfully. And keeps fingering me, sliding her finger in and out of my ass, making me tremble and sigh.

“Oh, I– I must be p-punished for s-s-sure!” I concur. I’m losing control. Her punishment is pushing me over the edge, hard and fast. And there’s still more.

“Give me that little cunt of yours,” my stepmother commands, without interrupting her assault on my ass.

I open my legs a bit more so my pussy spreads open for her. My knees and feet make the ashes on the floor rise and float in the air ever so slightly. I bite my lip, knowing what is about to happen.

“You don’t even deserve this,” she says in a crisp tone. “Next time it will only be a spanking.”

“Oh, yesss... I mean no... no, please!” I whimper, and then she inserts two fingers in my pussy. Now it’s her thumb in my asshole, completing the double assault.