Cherry and Jack - George Boxlicker - ebook

Jack has always wanted to watch his beautiful wife, Cherry, have sex with some other man so he is disappointed when he hears a rumor that she is having an affair with one of her co-workers. He follows the pair one night and learns the rumor is true. Annoyed at being left out and unable to watch them, he listens and becomes turned on by their joyful noises. At home later, he persuades Cherry to invite the man to join them and see what happens.

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Cherry and Jack

Part 1

by George Boxlicker

When he follows his wife after work, his suspicions are confirmed.

Jack Fletcher was badly disappointed. He had heard rumors that his beautiful wife, Cherry, was cheating on him, and made up his mind to find out. A few hours earlier, she had called him and told him she had to work a couple of additional hours at the department store where she was a sales clerk. This was a fairly common occurrence, although they never seemed to have any extra money to show for the overtime she described. He borrowed his brother’s nondescript car and waited where he could watch the employee exit.

Minutes after seven PM, her normal quitting time, he saw his wife leave the building arm-in-arm with Cliff Barber, a young co-worker of hers that Jack knew and distrusted. After kissing her, which wasn’t really much of a surprise, Cliff climbed into his pickup truck and headed for the parking lot exit, with Cherry following in her car. “So much for working late,” the disgruntled husband told himself, and followed, staying a safe distance behind.

When the truck turned onto a nearby road, followed closely by Cherry’s car, Jack knew where they had to be going. That particular road winds through a wooded area to a nearby lake, specifically to a boat landing that is used by fishermen. A popular place during the daytime, with well-shaded picnic tables and a good view of the lake, there were no lights so nobody would have anything but an ulterior reason for being there at that time of night. He slowed down, making no attempt to follow closely, since he no longer needed to and didn’t want to take any chances of being seen.

The lake is almost exactly a ten mile drive from Cherry’s job so, when Jack knew he was within a few hundred yards of his destination, he made a U-turn and parked facing back toward town, making sure his hazard lights were on. The night was warm and clear and the full moon and stars provided all the light necessary as he hiked the rest of the way on the grassy shoulder of the road. When he walked around the last curve, he saw the truck in the parking space closest to the boat ramp, with the car right next to it. Since he was so close, Jack left the road shoulder to take cover in the heavy shadows around the picnic tables. The tree nearest to the truck, about thirty feet away, was an oak with an unusually thick trunk and he stood behind it, looking through the V-shape where the first limb split off.

Jack wasn’t sure exactly what he was doing there. He might have called it curiosity but he was not curious about what they were there for; he was sure of their reason. He wasn’t really pissed off either, certainly not enough to challenge Cliff, who was twice his size, to a fight in this remote place. Knowing his wife was cheating on him made him feel disappointed more than angry. His disappointment stemmed from the fact that he had suggested to Cherry that it would be fun to do some swinging with other couples, or that he would like to watch her fucking some other guy. She had never rejected the idea and had even said she would do it sometime, but that time had never arrived. Now, here she was, getting fucked by some guy out in the boondocks and he wouldn’t be able to watch her doing it.

Suddenly, the passenger’s door of the pickup opened and Cherry stepped out. Jack smiled at the erotic sight of her beautiful nakedness and the disheveled state of her long blonde hair. Her sexy body, especially her lovely breasts, was clearly visible in the light that spilled out from the interior of the truck. She had told him her bust size is 36C but that statistic did not describe how saucy and perky they were. Cherry closed the door and walked around the end of the truck and out of sight, carrying her purse. Jack heard the click of the keyless entry of her car and wondered why his wife would be getting back into there.

Cliff, also naked, appeared, pulled down the tailgate and climbed into the truck bed. “Of course,” Jack told himself. “There’s a lot more room in the bed of the truck than anywhere else except on the ground. It’s a nice, warm night too, so that’s where they’re gonna get it on.”

His deduction was proven correct when Cherry reappeared, carrying the blankets that were normally kept in the trunk of her car. The two of them spread them on the floor of the truck bed; she climbed aboard and they lay down, out of sight behind the walls of the back of the pickup.

Jack’s cock was as hard as he could ever remember it being, at the thought of what Cherry and Cliff would be doing momentarily. He knew that what he really wanted was to watch their naked frolicking, but he also knew that would not be possible. Even if he dared get close enough to look inside the truck bed, it would be too dark and heavily shadowed for him to be able to see enough details to be worth doing. He decided that, even if he couldn’t watch, he would still be able to hear what was going on, but he would have to get closer to do that.

Knowing that, in a few minutes, the people in the truck bed would be so wrapped up in each other they wouldn’t be able to hear anything else, Jack bided his time. After waiting what he considered to be long enough, he strode, silently and as quickly as he could, across the rocky ground until he was crouched in shadow by the same door from which Cherry had exited. Except for intermittent noises from the woods and the gentle sound of the waves in the lake, the night was quiet. Jack was able to hear what was happening.

“Mmmmm, I really love that. Keep licking me there.”

Jack recognized Cherry’s voice but he wasn’t sure exactly what would be happening. He knew how much she loved having her breasts licked and sucked and he also assumed there would have been some of that while they were still inside the cab of the truck. Although it seemed too soon, they might have already gotten to the point where Cliff was eating her pussy. That was another of her favorite things and she liked to come first from that. Jack was quite certain Cherry wouldn’t fuck a man who didn’t eat her out first.

“Oh! Oh, yeah! Oh, god, eat my pussy.”