Cheating With The Nurse - Daniella Fetish - ebook

Cheating With The NurseBrian doesn't like the idea of going to a fertility clinic, but he'll do anything for his wife. Although he can't take his eyes off the nurse helping him, he tries to stay faithful and not cheat for his wifes sake... that is, until she turns up the heat and watches him melt in her hands like putty. After all, there's nothing wrong with a medical procedure, is there?

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Cheating With The Nurse

Daniella Fetish

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Cheating With The Nurse

Brian was almost relieved when the clinic told him he could only come in between the hours of 8am and 4pm. In his job as a quarry and mining safety officer he needed to be onsite everyday by at least 5am and the drive out to each location was usually more than an hour's drive. Nowhere near enough time to wank off into a plastic cup under the best circumstances and still turn up for work.

Christ, just the thought of it had him clenching the phone in mortification, even though the receptionist on the other end had long since hung up. He had hoped that he simply wouldn't be able to do it, or that he could put it off for a bit longer until he could find the time or perhaps another clinic. He knew it was important but at the same time it was just one of those things that if you pretended nothing was wrong then you didn't have to worry about it.

Of course, the absence of a swollen pregnant belly on his wife was more than enough reminder.

They had been married two years now and finally decided that they were ready to start expanding their family. Brian was in a good job and making plenty of money, they had a lovely home they had purchased just prior to their wedding and they lived in a quaint little town that was just perfect to raise children in. Everything was perfect. Except the most important part.

They couldn't seem to get pregnant.

They shouldn't worry too much, the doctor had told them when his wife had made an appointment for them one afternoon when he got home from work. They had only been trying for six months. Sometimes these things just take time. But Brian's wife wanted to rule out any possible difficulties, and when the doctor mentioned that they could always check their fertility situation she had practically snatched the fertility clinic's card out of his hand. She had made an appointment for herself the very next day. Brian wasn't so eager and he put it off as long as he could until his wife's results came back with nothing to worry about whatsoever. Rather than making him feel better that at least one of them was capable of conceiving it just made him feel worse. It was all up to him now. He knew he should do this but it was just so hard.

There was something about suspecting you might be firing blanks and actually knowing for certain.

His wife had done her best to reassure him that no matter what she loved him, that it didn't make him any less of a man, that they would find a way to have a family regardless. In the end it was this endless devotion that made him realise he should be treating her with the same sense of commitment and love that she was for him.

It didn't stop the sense of relief he felt when the receptionist at the clinic told him their limited operating hours. He thanked her and was about to hang up when she cut him off quickly, happily informing him that in his instance it could be arranged for someone to come out to his house and take a sperm sample there.