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Cheating With The Hung Ranch HandWhen her husband goes on another trip to the ranch down south, where his attractive ex-wife just happens to live, Mindy is furious and rightfully so. She’s always been a good girl and a faithful wife, but that seems to mean nothing to her neglectful and angry husband.There's only so much a woman can take, so when her muscular Mexican stud of a ranch hand, Hunter, offers to take her for a ride and wastes no time trying to seduce her she can't help but let the bold, confident and wild man use her like a whore no matter how wrong it is.

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Cheating With The Hung Ranch Hand | Elle London

Cheating With The Hung Ranch Hand

Elle London

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Mindy pulled the thick cock to her mouth and kissed on the very tip. The thrill of what she was about to do played on her mind and when she finally parted her lips, she let them slowly slide over the thick head until it was completely engulfed in her mouth. She clamped her lips around the hardness and worked her tongue over it. The grip on her hair pulled her forward even more and she let out a muffled groan as her mouth filled.

She tried to stop as she began to gag, but there was only one person in control of what was happening and she was made to take more until the tip of Hunter’s erection was almost sliding down her throat. She was being used by a powerfully built man and couldn’t believe the excitement it was bringing out in her. When his fingers slid from her hair, she thought he was freeing her to give him a blowjob.

Mindy quickly realized she was wrong as both his hands went to the back of her head. The slight panic made her struggle, but that only seemed to turn on Hunter even more and his hips began to power forward. She choked on his cock as it was fucked down her throat, but she wanted what was happening like she could not believe. It was slightly degrading to be used like a whore, but it only added to the enjoyment she was taking from the mouth fuck.


“You’re cheating on me with her,” Mindy screamed and her face contorted in anger.

The fear had been at the back of her mind for a while although it was the first time she’d brought her thoughts out in the open. She knew her husband’s trips to a ranch down south were about work, but the fact that it was where his beautiful ex-wife happened to live made her wonder if there was more to it. That the trips now seemed to take place on an almost weekly occurrence added to her suspicions and being so regularly left alone at home was also making her feel neglected.

“I love you,” Roy replied in a soothing tone. “I promise that you are the only woman I want.”

He put his hand on Mindy’s arm, but she slapped it away petulantly and walked out of his reach.

“I don’t believe you,” she spat out. “You want to spend more time down there these days than you do here. If you love me so much, why don’t you want to be at home?”

“It’s just work,” Roy tried to convince her. “The owner is interested in buying our cattle, so I need to keep him sweet. It’s more difficult than I thought trying to get his signature on the dotted line though.”