Cheating With My BIG Boss: A Hotwife Cuckold Story - Isabella Tropez - ebook

Cheating With My BIG BossMark Thompson, Sarah's cocky, rich, and handsome boss, is always hitting on her. That would be any girls fantasy, but there's one problem - she's been married for seven years. Her clueless husband isn't giving her the attention she craves, and when Mr. Thomspson calls her into his office she can't help but let him push the limit further and further, until even she can't lie to herself about her feelings. What she doesn't expect is just how far she'll go to be degraded by him and humiliate her husband - including setting up a webcam in his office for her husband to see!

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Cheating With My BIG Boss: | A Cuckold Story | Isabella Tropez

Cheating With My BIG Boss:

A Cuckold Story


Isabella Tropez

“Have you met the new boss yet?” Leaning into Sarah’s tiny office, Emily, eyes wid

e behind her trendy glasses, clapped one hand to her mouth dramatically, the other unconsciously smoothing her brunette up-do.

Sarah sighed, tucking a tendril of her flat-ironed blonde hair behind one ear. “Just trying to get this last e-mail answered before the meeting. You never know how long these things will go. Why?” Her vision was 20/20, but she found herself squinting anyway, trying to focus around her friend’s interruption.

“Oh, trust me, girlfriend. You won’t care how long the meeting runs. I could watch Mark Thompson do nothing but chew gum for 3 hours.”

Clicking “send”, Sarah rolled her eyes, standing and stretching out her fit 5’7” frame. She grabbed some tinted lip-gloss out of her center drawer and used her vague reflection in the computer monitor to apply it over the faded rose lipstick from this morning to freshen it. If Emily were in middle school, she’d be “boy crazy”. What was it in a grown woman, besides annoying?

Sarah’s phone sounded her text tone. Speaking of annoying, she thought as she checked her phone’s display. Her husband’s big, brown eyes, and goofy grin appeared beside his message.

Jake: Hi, hunny! Luv U!

She wondered if it was possible for her eyes just to roll right on out of her head. She typed a brusque reply.

Sarah: Meeting. Later.

She shrugged into her navy pinstriped jacket as she herded Emily out of her door. Her friend’s gaze slid to her phone abandoned on her desk, then to her as they headed for the conference room.

“That cute husband of yours?”


At her flat tone, Emily’s brown eyes narrowed.

“What’s wrong? Did you have a fight?”

“Nothing’s wrong.” Sarah’s irritated tone belied her answer.

Emily was silent, still probing with a look as they reached the meeting.

“There isn’t!” Sarah insisted. “It’s probably just the seven year itch.”

“You’ve only been together five years.”

“So, I’m an overachiever.”

Various members of the marketing team, intent on the door, stared as they passed, a greed for gossip on several faces. By unspoken agreement, the friends dropped it and grabbed seats.

Jake had done absolutely nothing to warrant her aggravation. Sarah was just...bored.

“Hi, gang! For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Mark Thompson.”

A presence in a charcoal suit swept into the room, the subtle plaid emphasizing the broadest set of shoulders Sarah had ever seen. It’s a wonder they fit through the door!