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Mindy is a simple villager, desperate to make an escape. Growing up in a tiny village never felt right, and she knows in her heart she's destined for greater things. So when she hears a Knight is passing through town she does the unthinkable - cuts her hair, wears boys clothes, and tries to pass herself off as a young lad to offer "his" services for free as the Knight's pageboy.However a beautiful woman like Mindy can't hide herself for too long, and when the muscular Knight finds her bathing in a local river and discovers her true identity, he's not mad - he's driven by another emotion entirely. Soon Mindy finds herself pressed to the ground with the bold Knight on top of her, muscles rippling as he ravages her body. Will Mindy resist or give in completely to the forbidden feeling of lust coursing through her body?

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Caught Out And Penetrated By The Knight | Elle London

Caught Out And Penetrated By The Knight

Elle London

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Shudders wracked her body as he dropped to his knees and dragged her legs apart. He stared at her pussy before dropping his head and she cried out as he roughly kissed between her thighs. The touch of his beard prickled on her naked thighs, but it was his tongue opening her up that made her groan.

The taste of her seemed to bring out his hunger for a woman even more and he ravished her cunt with rough licks that made his tongue slide deeper inside. Mindy arched up from the grass as her body was set alight like never before. Being licked out was another new experience for her and one that she couldn’t get enough of. She pushed towards the touches ravaging her body and her moans got louder as an eager tongue played on her slippery inner skin.

She whimpered as kisses then slid higher up her body and touched on the naked skin of her breasts. Her nipples were already stiff and having them taken in the knight’s mouth to be sucked was so good. She writhed under him as her body became his. To have a powerful, dominating man take control of her was a huge turn on and the arousal swept through her in response to the touches. The bite on her breast made her arch up as a slight pain flared, but this only worked to turn her on even more.

The bites turned to more kisses that slid up her chest to the sensitive skin of her throat and she then took in the taste of her own pussy as the knight’s lips pressed on hers. She gasped as his tongue slid in her mouth and shivered at the touch of his erection rubbing on her inner thigh. The passionate kiss took her breath and she looked up when it ended.

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“There has to be something better than this,” Mindy complained in a loud voice.

She stared out the window opening of the small building at the surrounding village where she’d lived since birth. Even as a young girl she thought it was the most boring place on earth and that idea only intensified in her teen years. Having just celebrated her twentieth birthday, she felt as if life was passing her by and hated it.

“Something like what?” Sarah asked.

Mindy grimaced as she continued to stare out at the village, but she finally turned to look at her friend. The trouble was she didn’t have an answer to the question.

“I don’t know,” she said. “Just..., something better.”

“You need to find yourself a man,” Sarah told her.

Mindy rolled her eyes and let out a sigh.