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When I walked in on my girlfriend’s eighteen-year-old daughter and her boyfriend, I knew one thing for sure: I had to have them both. It wasn’t hard to convince them to play my little game, and within minutes I had them both in the palm of my hand while I watched. They were willing to do anything at all as long as I didn’t tell on them, but they didn’t know just how dirty my mind was. Luckily for all three of us, I wasn’t in the mood to wait or hold back.This is a short, highly erotic story of bi sex between consenting adults. Like much of my writing, it's boundary pushing, intense, and turns morality on its head.

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Sleeping with my Girlfriend’s Daughter and her Boyfriend

Guy New York


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Caught in the Act

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THERE’S NOTHING LIKE A SURPRISE visit, I thought as I walked up the steps to my girlfriend’s apartment. My plans were still forming in my head, but they were growing more and more detailed with each step I took. I could picture her smile and her look of shock when she saw me, and I could imagine exactly how everything would play out. It was a warm sunny day, I was in a fantastic mood, and my sweet and gorgeous girlfriend would never know what hit her.

I walked into the empty apartment and grabbed a beer from the fridge. She wasn’t home, but none of that mattered. I was used to being there without her, and while we hadn’t made plans to move in together it still felt like it was inevitable. Of course, today might change everything, but that was just how it went. Sometimes you have to push if you want to get what you want. And sometimes you have to make difficult choices if you want to get what you need.

I had only been sitting for a moment when I heard the noise from the bedroom. My ears perked up as I opened the beer and took two long sips. I wasn’t sure what I had expected, hell, I didn’t know if I had expected anything, but there it was. There were moans mixed in with sighs, and I was fairly certain the slapping of skin against skin. I took a deep breath and brought my beer with me as I walked down the hall. I stopped outside the door to my girlfriend’s bedroom, wondering what I was going to do when I opened it.

What I did not expect to find was her eighteen-year-old daughter, naked on her bed, with a hard cock in her mouth. Her boyfriend was exactly her age, and they were both very caught up in their after school activities. He had his head back and his eyes closed as she sucked his dick. She was kneeling on the bed with her ass in the air as she bobbed up and down, and neither of them showed any sign that they realized I was there. I took another sip of my beer and leaned against the doorframe like an asshole. I knew I should pretend I had never seen a thing, but the sight of her cunt and the sounds coming out of his mouth held me pretty still.