Cate: A Caregiver Providing Real Care - Part 2 - Elizabeth Thorn - ebook

Cate, a caregiver, learns a very new definition of taking care of a patient. One that she has to balance with the moral obligations that she has as a married woman.Slowly but steadily she reaches the point of no return. How will her husband respond once he finds out what she's been doing on the job?The conclusion of a tale where romance and lust are intertwined.~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~Suddenly her heart started pounding in her chest, a wave of shame flooded her just as only moments ago her orgasm had, and she hurriedly left the bathroom. Leaving Abel behind as he called out to her, ignoring him completely as she fled to the safety of the privacy of his bedroom. Alone! I have to be alone, a little voice inside her head screamed.Slamming the door of the bedroom shut with a bang, she rested her back against it for a moment as she tried to calm herself down, tears of shame running down her cheeks. After a few minutes, she finally found the strength to open her eyes. Still crying, she moved in front of the mirror. God, how could I have been so stupid, she thought as she observed her appearance in the mirror. Like a bitch in heat she had allowed her hormones to take the lead, and look where it had got her! Dressed like a whore, her still hard nipples barely covered by a small piece of fabric that no one in their right mind would wear! The same could be said for the ridiculous piece of fabric that barely covered her pussy! What had she been thinking when she thought it was a good idea to put on that thong and parade it in front of a client!! A client!Exhausted and ashamed, Cate sat down at the end of the bed and covered her face with her hands. No one could ever know and she would have to stop working for Abel. Pull yourself together woman, she sternly told herself as she forced herself to sit up straight. Taking several deep breaths, she harnessed herself emotionally to face Abel, tell him of her decision, and offer him her sincere apology for her wanton behavior!With a fair degree of self-disgust she stripped herself with her back to the mirror, and put on her clothes; she much preferred to get them wet as she helped Abel out of the shower than to show herself off in that outfit for another moment. Just before opening the bedroom door, she took another deep breath to summon her courage and then opened the door. Her head hung low in shame, she went straight to the bathroom, even though her heart would have preferred to make a run for the front door.

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A Caregiver Providing Real Care

Part 2


Elizabeth Thorn

All rights belong to Elizabeth Thorn

Copyright 2013

~~ All characters in this book are 18 or older. ~~

Chapter 1

“Do you like chess?” Abel asked her as she emerged from the bedroom. He had noticed her radiant look and suspected she had taken the time to quench her own desires. Good for her.He was amused by the way she avoided making eye contact. She was like a shy woman trying to act casually when, in fact, there was nothing casual about anything that had happened today. No, today had been magical and a threshold that had been reached many days ago had finally been breached. From now on, Abel was certain, things would be different and better for it. Better for both of them.

“I played some in high school.”

“Good! Then you know how to play and that’s good enough for me!”

They’d played several games and only during the last one had she been able to give him a hard time. Fact was, she was good at chess and loved playing it, but hadn’t played in years and was too rusty to offer decent play. She was grateful though, even as she was defeated time after time, for the fact that Abel offered her a chance to avoid saying or doing anything personal. If she wanted to keep rationalizing what took place in the bathroom, then she needed something outside of it that allowed her to distance herself enough to make her rationalization stand.

The chess offered just that; the bathing, she argued, was just a care giver offering her client some much needed release, that was all. There was nothing really going on between them. Nothing! Just a clinical taking care of his primary needs, no different than any other primary needs. While trying hard to convince herself of this, her pussy throbbed again with red hot desire, but she told herself that it would only benefit the man she loved. Her husband would benefit from her rekindled sexual longings and be saved from the sexual deprivation that she had enforced on him for too long.

“See you tomorrow, Abel,” she cheerfully said before closing the front door behind her.

That evening, her husband found himself at the receiving end of sexual attentions from his wife that made him wonder what had happened to turn his beautiful and gentle wife turn into a sex fiend, after having rejected his sexual advances for so long. The previous night had been good, he knew, but tonight was so much better.

She kissed him with a hunger that he hadn’t seen since the early years of their marriage and in bed she evoked in him a desire that once again made him determined to give the woman he loved his best effort. With her beautiful body beneath him, moaning and grinding her hips, he felt that whatever had brought about this change was a good thing, but still felt compelled to find out what it was. That, however, could wait until a more appropriate time.

The following days and weeks followed the pattern of the first time she had given Abel his release. Cate had excitedly put on her provocative outfit, feeling desirable, sexy enough to make the dream cock stand on end before she even had taken Abel’s clothes off, and as a direct result make her wet on the spot. Abel, as she knew only too well, would pretend all that took place in the bathroom fit perfectly within the boundaries of a client-carer relationship, and would act casually and enjoy the handjob she provided.

He’d discreetly close his eyes as she lapped up the cum that landed on her face and breasts, and even pretended ignorance when she licked the cum that had landed on his stomach; her tongue sliding over his soft skin, lapping up the precious substance and working it eagerly down her throat.

He pretended ignorance and so did she. No questions were asked concerning her longer stays in his bedroom after the washing sessions. Time she spent pleasuring herself time and time again; her body shocking under the electric currents of her orgasms, her breathing hoarse and her mind filled with images of the cock that she thought about throughout the day. All the while, she mentally pushed away the realization of the madness of it all.

There she was, the carer, getting off on a daily basis, like a cheap bitch in heat, on the magnificent cock of her client. She lacked the inner strength to resist her own desires. Desires that only seemed to increase as the days slipped by. Every night, at home, she’d surrender herself to her husband’s attentions with an eagerness that started to intimidate him. He strongly welcomed her newfound passion, but was concerned by the intensity of the way she threw herself at him. It wasn’t, he thought, that she once again enjoyed the sex they had but that she actually craved it in a way that she never had before. A craving that he knew he couldn’t answer to in the long term; he’d have to fuck himself to death to do that.