Captured And Ravaged In Public By The Knight - Elle London - ebook

Captured And Ravaged In Public By The KnightA raid on her village on the eve of her wedding provides the last opportunity for a young woman to get out of a marriage that has been forced on her. Desperate to get away from the man she hates, she begs the leader of the raiding knights to take her away with him. When it happens, she finds she has signed up for a lot more than she bargained for.That very evening when the alcohol flows as the knights celebrate, she is summoned by the man that took her. In full view of the rest of the raiding party she is stripped and has her virginty taken!This explicit historical story contains themes of deflowering, first time, rough sex, public sex, and group sex.

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Captured And Ravaged In Public By The Knight

Captured And Ravaged In Public By The Knight

Captured And Ravaged In Public By The Knight

Elle London


The linen undergarment was the only thing protecting her modesty now.

“Take it off,” the knight growled.

“Please...,” she begged him, but there was no compassion in his eyes.

He wanted her naked and Alice knew there was no denying him. She closed her eyes as she reached to the sides of the undergarment and pulled it down her legs. When it reached her ankles, she stepped out of it and dropped it to the floor. She used her hands to cover herself, but the knight was quick to get to his feet and dragged them away from her body. She was completely exposed to the men around her and could do nothing to stop what was happening.

The knight forced his hand between her thighs and his fingers roughly stoked on her pussy. It sent a shudder through her and his grunts got louder as he tried to slide his fingers inside. Alice squealed when he managed it and felt the power drain from her legs as the penetration of the fingers pushed deeper inside. The knight grunted as he worked a touch in and out and there was an excited murmur around the table as the others moved close to watch the finger fuck.

The humiliation was strong, but Alice could also sense the thrill of the touch as it roughly fucked in and out her cunt. There was no stopping the wetness that really began to take hold and the grin spread across the knight’s face.

“I think our little village girl likes being used,” he said as he pulled his fingers out to show the slippery slickness on them. “Let’s see what else she likes.”


Captured And Ravaged In Public By The Knight

Alice grimaced as she quickly turned her head and the kiss landed on her cheek. She cringed as she was pulled close and a hand clamped on her buttock to fondle it. The shiver of disgust rippled through her body as the stiffness of an erection pressed against her midriff and she desperately tried to pull away from the man she was to marry the very next day. Nicholas laughed as he held her tightly and pressed his mouth against her ear.

“There will be no pulling away tomorrow after the ceremony,” he said quietly.

The words sent another shiver of disgust through Alice, but try as she might she couldn’t free herself from the strong grip that held her in place.

“Then I’ll finally know the delights of that pretty body,” Nicholas went on and let out another laugh.