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Three guys and one girl camping alone in the middle of the woods: what could go wrong? Or in this case, how sex, dirty, and slutty can they get?Stephanie moves between each one of her friends until she's had them all, and then she goes in for the kill: she wants them all at the same time. A sweet, funny, and incredibly hot story of mmmf menage between four college students on the lake. Camping With The Guys is a light and super sexy story of young summer-love.

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An MMMF Foursome by the Lake

Guy New York


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Camping With The Guys

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“What do you mean you can’t make it?”

“I’m so sorry; it’s just that my mom isn’t feeling well, and she needs me at home this weekend. You’ll have so much fun, though! You should go; take pictures and tell me all about it when you get home.”

Fuck. Sarah was the second girl to call and cancel, which meant that if I was going camping it was going to be three boys and me. They were all friends, so it wasn’t the biggest deal in the world, but I had been looking forward to hanging out with the girls as well.

We were all on our way to college in the fall, and this was going to be our first big summer weekend away. We had more plans than we knew what to do with, but getting drunk, swimming in the lake, and hanging out by the campfire was first on our list. Well, clearly not everyone’s list.

“Sarah and Jess r out. Reschedule?” I texted them all at once. This was totally lame.

“We’re still in if u r,” Jason wrote back. The two others said the same thing, and suddenly I had a choice: camping with three boys or spending the weekend picking up the back yard and pretending I was looking for a summer job. Huh. I guess it wasn’t as hard as I expected.

“Fine, I’m in. Pick me up at 4.”

It was Friday afternoon, and there was no way I was going to tell my parents that half the people just canceled. They were already nervous about me being up on the lake all weekend, but if they knew I was the only girl, they would shit. Literally.

But here’s the thing. When it came to most guys, I’m just one of them, especially my old friends. And it was starting to drive me crazy. I have a sex drive I would tell them, and they’d laugh at me like it was a funny joke. But I was probably just as horny as they all were if not more so, and I could be a total slut when I tried. At least with boys who hadn’t known me since I was in eighth grade.

So, maybe nothing would come of it, and maybe it would be an innocent trip. But I also didn’t plan on bringing a bathing suit, and I definitely planned on swimming. In fact, the more I thought about it as I waited for the car, I was pretty damn determined to get them to look at me as something more than one of the guys. A girl would be a good place to start, but a hot piece of ass would be even better.


It was nearly dark by the time we parked the car by the water, but the spot was so familiar that it didn’t much matter. Mark and Jason got to work on the tents while Toby helped me find logs for the fire. The campsite was right on the water, and there was a small dock that had been there forever. It was my favorite spot to swim, and between that and the clean air, I was finally excited. The weekend was going to be perfect.

“Oh, poop!” Mark screamed behind us.

We jumped up from the fire pit and ran over to where they were standing. Jason was shaking his head laughing.

“What’s going on over here? Do I need to call your parents?”

“Shut up Toby. We forgot the poles to one of the tents. Do you want to go back and get them?”

“Well, how many tents to do we have?” I asked.

“One. It’s a four person tent, but still. Those guys fucking snore and…”

I cut Mark off before he could finish.

“And if you have to sleep in the same tent as a girl, you might get cooties?”

“More like he’s worried you’ll see his morning wood or catch him jerking it…”

“Shut up Jason. I’m just saying, I don’t want Steph to be uncomfortable. The deal was she was going to have her own tent since the other two couldn’t come. Now she’s stuck with us.”

The four of us stood staring at the one tent they had already set up, and I peeked my head in for a look. It was a decent size, but once we had all our sleeping bags and pillows stuffed into it, it was going to be cozy.

“I don’t mind, guys. Seriously. I mean, I feel worse for all of you, now that you have to sleep outside with the bugs. I can fit in here by myself.”

“That’s it, she gets the middle,” one of them shouted.

Since there was nothing to do, we opened the beer, started the fire, and sat down to watch the sunset over the lake. I had known these guys forever, so what the fuck? We were going to have fun, and nothing was going to stop us. We drank, ate the sandwiches I brought, and laughed our asses off for most of the night.

Toby refused to drink anything but whiskey from the bottle, while Mark and Jason did some severe damage to a case of Genny Cream Ales. The three boys knew each other so well that they finished each other’s sentences, and I felt more like I was in the Goonies than a cheesy summer camp movie.

“Do you guys things we should hang the food in a tree?” Mark asked in the middle of the evening.

“Why would we do that?” Toby said, with the bottle still in his hand.