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DESCRIPTION: Paul caught his mom stripping in the guest bedroom! He couldn't believe his eyes! He never imagined his mom to do much of anything much less strip. His mom usually just laid around and did nothing. So, to do know for sure, Paul went to the local strip club to see for himself. He sure got a treat at the strip club and more at his mom's home! Come join in on the fun! EXCERPT: Paula wiggled back down, only to feel a hard cock go partly into her wet pussy as her thin material moved over and let that cock get into her body. She gasped loudly. “Paul!” She hissed into her son’s ear. Paul just smiled and kept his hands on her hips. Her hips bounced up and down over his crotch. He played with her right tit with his free hand. His hard shaft moved in and out of the tight pussy. In and out. Slow and steady. “Keep going, old lady,” Paul instructed as he hid a soft moan. Paula sighed heavily, but she let the cock slid in deeper into the wet slit. In and out. Slow and steady. In and out. It felt really hot for Paul and it felt good to feel a pussy on his cock again. It felt like ages since he got laid. He assumes that’s why he got so cocky and bold suddenly and wanted to fuck his mom. Plus, it’s wrong, so that makes it hotter as well. Best part ever about it would be public sex! Paula didn’t want to cause a scene, so she continued to bounce up and down over her son’s cock. In and out. She bounced her tits in his face and allowed him to touch her tits while she danced against him like she did any other normal day to regular customers. But after a few seconds, Paula thought she could feel eyes on her. “Paul! What are we doing? We can’t do this!” Paula squealed softly into her son’s ear. “Too late. Now keep going, old woman. Better make it a good, full-on, lap dance.” Paul demanded. He kept his hands on his mom’s hips and made his mom continue to grind against him. Back and forth. In and out. Faster, harder, and steady with each movement. “This isn’t what I’m supposed to be doing, son,” Paula whispered into her son’s ear, as she continued to dance/ grind against her son’s crotch. In and out. Deep, hard, and fast. In and out. “Do you really think I care? I can tell your boss how horrible you are and you will get fired.” Paul said in a whispered cocky voice. With more force, Paul made his mom’s hips and ass move faster and harder on his cock. Up and down. In and out. Harder and faster. The vagina continued to slide up and down on his hard shaft, causing him to moan in excitement. “Now call me master, mom!” Paul instructed. “Again?” Paula asked as she continued to bounce up and down. In and out. Fast, hard and steady. “Do it!” Paul hissed inside his mom’s ear. “Yes, master,” Paula answered. She moved her hips around and up and down. The cock moved in and back out all the way, causing her to let out a small squeal. Paul quickly covered his mom’s mouth and continued to thrust into her. His cock moved in and out. Fast, hard and steady. In and out.

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by Angel Scott

Published by Lot’s Cave

Call Me Master!, © 2018, by Angel Scott

All Rights Reserved

Cover by Morgaine Wrightman

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3


Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Taboo Erotica

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Chapter 1

The black digital clock beeped loudly, in the small, quiet bedroom, that looked very dark inside. The black shade covered the entire white painted window and a heavy black blanket covering the shade. With it so damn dark, Paula wasn’t quite sure what time of day or night, until her blurry vision cleared and she saw the time of 12:00 p.m., which meant she needed to get up and practice her routine for her job.

With groggy vision and tired eyes, Paula dragged her slim figure out of the comfortable bed and dragged her feet to the stereo that stood in the other bedroom. She turned on some stripper/dancer music and then walked slowly to the stripper pole. She started out with a few stretches of her arms and legs first, and then crotched down to stretch her entire body. After her body could feel a little less tense, Paula swung around on the pole. She did a few tricks on the pole and swung her hips around to the good music.

“What the fuck, mom?” Paul asked loudly. His brown eyes widened as he watched his mom’s naked body dance around a sliver pole in the guest bedroom.

“Paul!” Paula shrieked loudly. Her face turned beet red as she stood stark naked in front of her son!

“What the fuck are you doing?” Paul asked again as he walked closer and pointed to the pole.

“I-I-I’m dancing. What does it look like?” Paula stuttered.

“Why?” Paul cringed.

“None of your business, Paul. Now get out.”

“Nope. I think you need an audience.” Paul blurted out, as he grabbed the cushioned chair from the corner of the room.

“I don’t need an audience, Paul. Now get out!” Paula yelled.

“Oh, I think you do, mom. If you do this for a job, then you always need an audience.” Paul smirked.

“I do this as a job, and I’m great at it. Just fuck off and get out of my house!” Paula yelled. She pointed at the door.

Paul shook his head and then walked up to his mom. He pulled her off the pole and then sat down on the chair. Paul pulled his mom onto his lap and then held her with his muscled arms.

“At the local strip club? No way!” Paul smirked as he shook his head. He couldn’t believe it. His old mom doing a strip club job. Wow! Ewww! Paul thought to himself.

“Now, do your thing old lady. Let’s see what you got.”

Paula rolled her brown eyes. She knew her son did what he wanted, when he wanted, and he wouldn’t leave until he got his fucking way. Just like a little kid. Her son did that his entire life, and no one could get him to stop being a demanding little fucker.

“Fine. Let go of my arms and let me do my lap dance on you. It will be a little bit more difficult because I don’t have anything behind me to support myself though.” Paul pointed out.

“Fine, we will move closer to the bed. No need for excuses, mom.” Paul said.

Paula smirked and gawked at her son in dismay. “Excuse me?”

“You heard me old woman. You’re not that old. I know you can hear me. You do not need to make excuses for not doing a damn thing. Like you used to.” Paul smirked.

“I’m not making excuses. I always get support somehow when I dance. So, fuck off, Paul. If you just want to criticize me, get out.” Paula hissed in anger. She pointed to the door as she stomped around her son and moved closer to the doorway. Her son always could make her angry with his hurtful words. But she needed to stay strong. Like she did before.

“Oh, don’t get butt hurt ma. Just get over here and dance. Prove it to me, that you can do more than lay around and be lazy.”

“I don’t need to prove anything to you. Get out!” Paula yelled.

Paul rolled his eyes. He rushed over to his mom and grabbed her naked body. He could smell the perfume from last night, and that Obsession perfume could always make Paul feel weak in the knees. He loved perfume on women. Damn it, mom. You smell good and your perky tits bounced in front of me, just now. I’m feeling a little hard now. Thanks, old fucker. Paul thought to himself.

“Let go of me, Paul.” Paula squealed. She tried to move her son away from her, but his strong arms wouldn’t budge off her slender arms. Paula did gain some muscle from doing the dancing for the last year, but it didn’t feel enough to hold off strong men. She could feel her small feet start to drag across the white carpet while her son dragged her towards the bed.

“Don’t think so oldie. Now dance!” Paul yelled. He threw his mom onto the bed and then grabbed the chair. He moved the chair to the edge of the bed and sat down in front of his mother. Paul waited for his mom to get up off the bed and do her thing on him. He couldn’t wait!

“For the love of god, Paul. I’m not your girlfriend, so don’t command me to do a damn thing for you! I’m your mother for crying out loud!” Paula shrieked.

“I don’t give a shit! Now dance!” Paula demanded, once again.

“Can’t make me, son.” Paula sat up and growled at her son.

Paul laughed loudly. He got up from the chair and got on top of the bed. He climbed onto his mom and grabbed her neck. He wasn’t sure what came over him, but he wanted to do dirty things to his mom. Paul wanted to make his mom want him. This kind of love Paul felt for his mom seemed strange to him. Sometimes it could feel like hate one minute and love the next. A love, hate, relationship. It’s been heard of, but not with his own mother!

“What the fuck, Paul!” Paula exclaimed.