But I'm Your Teen Sister, You Perv! - Part 2 - Elizabeth Thorn - ebook

Cynthia can't believe the things she is willing to do to have sex.Especially not when it turns out that they aren't alone in the forest.Under the watchful eyes of strangers, she further defrosts as Marty leads her into unknown territory.A territory of the teenager's psyche and biology that shows the bookworm is ready and willing to do things she never even dared to imagine, let alone do with Marty.Things that help forge a bond between the two that will ensure the horny teenager's life will never be quite the same again, a good hard banging tends to have that effect on a girl.Of course, only after Marty first lays her innocence to waste, stretching her out to the point of bursting.A hard, ruthless banging that leaves the horny and reluctant teen secretly wanting for more, but Cynthia will be damned to hell and back before she'll admit as much. Good thing then that Marty isn't one to be easily discouraged.After their coupling, Cynthia is eager to pretend nothing happened and demands Marty takes them home, unaware of what Marty has in mind.Something hard, rough, and with her home in plain view.Exhilarated, sizzling hot, and the start of a new era for the not only the horny teen but her mother as well.

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But I'm Your Teen Sister, You Perv!

Part 2

(Reluctant, Bareback, Fertile, Incest, Brother Sister, CIM CIA, Deepthroat, Facial Abuse, Teen Virgin)


Elizabeth Thorn

© 2016 Elizabeth Thorn All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express permission of the author except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.This book is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locations is purely coincidental. The characters are all products of the author’s imagination.Please note that this work is intended only for adults over the age of 18. All characters represented as 18 or older.

Note: This is the converted and expanded version of Lost and Bareback Part 1 Fantasy Avenue #2 so it can be enjoyed of lovers of the blood-relationships genre.

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I watch Sis' head shoot forward and stuff herself on my fuckpole. She literally gags herself on my cock with a hunger I would never have expected of her. There is no Ice Queen now, only a sex crazed teenager with an appetite for hard cock.

“That’s it, kid,” I say, not believing it is her tongue that slithers over the tip and down the underside. “Oh shit, yes! That’s the spot! ”

Sis looks up, her pupils dilated and her cheeks hollow as she sucks with surprising strength, and slowly moves her head up.

“That’s a good girl,” I say teasingly and wink, only to regret it when she lets my damn cock slide out of her mouth.

“Shut the fuck up, you… you freak,” Sis hisses through clenched teeth. Before I can reply, she has put my cock back in her mouth and forces her lips down the shaft.

She’ll probably hate herself for doing this later, maybe even hates herself right now for sinking so low, low enough to give her older brother head. But she isn’t stopping.

With my fingers tangled in her hair and the feel of her lips stretched tight around my member, I surrender to the sensation of the sucking notion, slowly bucking my hips. If only I had knows my kid sister could be this horny for cock, I'd have taken her for a hike much sooner!

I can tell her horniness increases when she picks up speed, her head bobbing faster and faster, moaning, and her fingers stroking me. Slender fingers that trail her lips as they slide up and down the shaft, jerking and sloppily sucking me off at the same time.

Her eyes locked with mine.

Bright and horny green eyes.

Narrowed green eyes that blaze fire at me as much as incestuous lust that is too strong for her to escape, all while she coats my fuckpole with a layer of saliva.

Beautiful green eyes that tell me how much she hates me as her perfect full lips slide up and down my hard organ.

A pity for the kid that she loves sucking me off more than that she hates her own brother's guts.

Poor girl.

Lucky me.

I curse and my cock tenses as Sis sucks me in deep as if she can never get enough in. Best of all, she is a noisy sucker, as if she wants the world to know she is sucking cock. And here, out in the open, you can probably hear her from miles off as she sucks cock like a cock-craving maniac.

Her flushed cheeks cave in each time she sucks hard and her soft lips slide all the way up to the top of my fuckpole. Then she flicks her tongue around my cock-knob, lapping up pre-cum like candy, before she drives her perfect face down again as far as she can, choking herself on hard cock.


Her eyes horny and locked with mine.

Flashing daggers.

That is how her lips slide up and down my fuckpole for long minutes that were more than worth all the effort I put into getting her here. And my own kid sister sucks me off, the louder her sighs and moans become.

It doesn't take long or the kid is loud like a diesel engine running at top capacity.

Her nostrils flare as she struggles for air, but she doesn't slow down any.

She probably isn't even aware of how her fat tits are on full display, shaking violently as she sucks cock, the nipples dark and tight.

The fat tits that I dreamed for. Shaking. The tits any girl would pay a fortune to possess. The kind you'd expect on a stripper, not a bookworm like Cynthia.

I curse when she grabs my nuts with one small hand, squeezing lightly as if trying to encourage me to give her a mouthful. Damn!

I curse again and grunt when my balls tighten and my cock swells, ready to unload.

“Oh fuck! Kid, I’m going to cum! You're making me cum, Sis!”

Horniness peaks in her green eyes and instead of pulling away, she ups her efforts. Sis sucks even harder and massages my scrotum with one slender hand, and her face turns an even deeper shade of red.

I curse when she takes me in all the way to the back of her mouth again and again, deeper than she has so far, looking more gorgeous than ever with her lips stretched tight around my slippery fuckpole.

Saliva dangles from her chin and I reach down to pinch a stiff nipple. Sis's body shocks and she makes a primitive sound that I'll chalk up to the babe having sensitive nipples. I'm certain that piece of intel will come in handy in the near future.

Her model face is sweaty and so is the rest of her, a collection of sweat beads stand out on her smooth skin. If only the friends of her Book Club could see her now, desperate to suck a load from my nuts.

“Kid, here it comes,” I grunt and buck my hips, cum blasting from my cock-head.

I buck my hips hard enough to push the cum-gushing cock-head straight past the entrance of her throat, and down.