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An expedition team explores a rainforest deep in South America. One member, Stefan, in awe of the glorious scenery, strays too far away from the designated area and falls into a valley. He manages to grab ahold of a few vines on his way down which breaks his fall. However, he’s stranded with no known way back to his team. As he puts forth his survival efforts, Tamela, a futanari of the magically hidden Futanari City, spots him and watches from a far.Aware of his being lost and stranded, Tamela decides to tend to Stefan’s injuries and guide him out of the valley and onto a path back to his expedition’s main camp. The more time they spend together, the more attracted to each other they become. However, Tamela initially hides the fact that she’s a futanari. As the erotic tension between them reach the point of no return, she’s forced to reveal to Stefan her central pillar of glory. He becomes a bit reluctant to consummate after this discovery, but her erotic pheromones have placed him in a state of insatiable desire. Magical secrets are shared, and he is protected by the privacy of being stranded and alone with his futanari savior.

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She’s Gotta Hide It

by MI Eros

MI Eros™

Copyright © 2017 MI Eros. All rights reserved.

Notice: This work is a work of fiction and is intended for mature audiences only as it contains explicit, graphic and sexual content. Names, places, characters and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are fictitiously utilized. Any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. Albeit being a work of fiction, all sexually active characters within this work are the legal age of (18) or older.

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Bursting: She’s Gotta Hide It

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(Excerpt) I Dream of a Futa Genie: Futanari Sex Magic

Bursting: She’s Gotta Hide It

Stefan, Bryan and Avery are currently waking up from spending the night at a camp site they set up the night before. Where are they? They found a cozy enough spot to pitch tent just outside of a South American rainforest. Each of them are excited as today is the day they’ll be exploring such as planned.

The three guys are old college buds having graduated the same year. However, neither of them have an archeology degree. Avery is the head manager of a major grocery store while Stefan and Bryan are investment associates at a very successful bank. They each share the same zip code back home in New Jersey. So, what are they doing way out here in the middle of nowhere?

Bryan is the most professional of the three, but is also the most adventurous as he’s known for his love of traveling the world. He has the idea of exploring a rainforest and what better place to do so than South America? A couple of weeks ago when he and Stefan were on a lunch break, he asked Stefan if he’d like to join him and Avery on this expedition.

Stefan is an easy-going guy who is really eager to break the monotony of his everyday life behind a desk. He jumps at Bryan’s invitation as this trip sounds like something that will add some much-needed excitement to what he considers a boring life. Avery was already on board with the plan as Bryan had spoken with him a few days prior.

Bryan, taking the lead for the success of this expedition, as he called it, managed to secure everyone’s plane ticket, the hotel rooms they’ll be checking into and an English-speaking tour guide to help them navigate the rainforest. Two weeks later, here they are and ready for adventure.

“You want one?”, Avery asks, handing Stefan a cold beer.

“Nah. It’s way too early for that, and we’re about to head out on an expedition, dude. What are you doing?”, Stefan slyly replies.

“That’s exactly the reason I’m packing a few brews. I’m ready for the jungle, whoo-haa!”, Avery shouts while wearing a big smile.

Although he’s a bit of a joker and always manages to have a cooler of brews nearby, Avery is for the most part a dependable guy who looks out for his friends. There is sure to be good times with him tagging along. He tosses back a cold one before they head out.

They’re about an hour into the rainforest and are still receiving a signal on their cell phones. It helps that they’ve decided to remain upon the higher grounds as there are a lot of ridges, nooks and crannies to get lost in. Unfortunately for Stefan, the poor guy, that’s exactly what’s about to happen to him.

As he’s trying to snap a cleaner picture of one of the distant mountains, he doesn’t realize that what looks like a flat ground of shrubbery and bushes is actually a very steep slope that has shrubbery and bushes growing along its edge. However, if he could just get around this last tree branch he can snap a winning shot.

“Hey, don’t stray too far off, Stefan! How about coming back to where we all are, bro!?”, Bryan calls out to Stefan.

“Yea!... Be right there! Just one last… Whoa! Heeyy! Noooo!”, Stefan yells as his foot went through one of the bushes and over the edge of the slope.