Burning For The BBC Stud - Pornelope - ebook

Melanie has lusted after her sexy black counselor, Pierce, for years, but to him she's just another pretty teenage girl. Then she sees him gangbanging a lady at their religious retreat, and knows just how to get what she wants. She blackmails Pierce into popping her cherry, and realizes it's going to take practice before he can sink that huge bbc shaft deep and take her like they both really want! ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ "Come on, Melly," Pierce begged, awkwardly patting her shoulder. "You don't really want me. You just think you do because of what you saw. But any other guy would do it better than me, because he wouldn't tear you to pieces." "I don't want another guy." Angrily she dashed the tears off her cheeks. "A couple of them wanted to do it with me after watching you through the window...and I could have done it then, if that's all I'd wanted. But it's not! I want you!" God save him from the mysteries of the female mind! "Melly..." "Do I have to do what Miz Keegan did?" Furious now, she jumped back up, and tore her pretty little blouse off. She was naked underneath, and her small breasts gleamed like pearls beneath the rising moon. "Is this what it takes to make you want me?" Before he could make a grab for her abandoned shirt, she caught his hand and led it unerringly to her sensitive breasts. The intimate contact made both of them gasp. "Melly..." His voice rasped as he fought for control. "You don't know what you're asking!" "Yes, I do!" She pressed both her hands against his to hold it in place. Oh, God! Maybe if he just... No, he was insane for even considering it! "Melly, put your clothes back on," he ordered. But his voice shook as his rigid shaft began bucking wildly beneath his pants, straining for release. "What if someone sees you like this? It'd be all over town in an instant." "I don't care!" "I do." She stood there trembling for a long, long moment. Then she surprised him again by throwing herself against his broad chest and clinging to him like a burr. Harsh sobs racked her slender body as the tears fell unchecked. "Melly, Melly!" Helplessly he cradled her in his arms, and wished he could give in to the hot lust raking him with its razor-sharp claws. "Sweetheart, don't." "You don't want me!" Her voice rose in a miserable wail. "And it's not fair! It's not! I'd do anything to make you happy!" "I know it. I know." He stroked her slender back a little desperately, and rocked back and forth. Between his thighs, his shaft thrust upward with renewed vigor, screaming to impale itself inside her. "Don't cry now, baby. Please don't!" What he knew about weeping teenage girls could fit in a thimble. But what he knew about angry townspeople would overflow the vast Sahara Desert...and his blood ran cold when he heard several voices approaching from further down the beach. "Ah, hell!" There wasn't time to wrestle her blouse back on and stop her tears! In one quick move, he snatched it off the ground, and swept her into his arms. "Hush, now, before you get us both in trouble!" he hissed in her ear, then lurched into the thick underbrush. Her pale hair would stand out like a lantern, and the big lake would reflect back every sound she made. Panic filled him as he swiftly glanced back and forth. Under the big bandstand! No one would think to look for them there.

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Burning For The BBC Stud

By Pornelope

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

Copyright @ 2018 – Pornelope

~~ All characters in this book are 18 or older. ~~

Book 1 of “Burning For The BBC Stud”

Blackmailing the BBC Stud

By Pornelope

“I know what you did at the religious retreat last month.”

Melinda’s soft, mocking words seemed to echo through the big crowded room like a resonant gong. And Pierce Maxwell felt his blood run cold.

It took an effort to glance casually down at the pretty teenager who’d cornered him during the town’s annual potluck dinner, and shake his head in baffled confusion. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Melly.”

But he did. And he’d been afraid of this moment ever since it had happened.

How many times had he told himself it was just a temporary madness, and he’d never do it again? But he had. Already he’d broken his word three times by heading over to Chelsea Keegan’s house to fuck the living daylights out of her. And he’d been planning on heading there again later tonight, too!

The sexy wanton counselor had warmed his blood—and his bed—all through this year’s allegedly-religious spring retreat. He worried enough about the locals making a fuss, since he was six-foot-four and black as coal while she was a petite blonde with huge Dolly-Parton-class boobs, that he always went to her place because it was blessedly isolated and private. They could fuck anywhere, everywhere, inside her place or outside, and she could scream to the skies like a banshee when he rammed his massive baseball-bat cock deep inside her furnace-hot pussy or tight little ass. Man, she was a screamer—and never afraid to try something new!

But lately he’d started to wonder if some of the kids at the retreat hadn’t caught on to what was happening between Chelsea, him, and those other two counselors who’d loved to help him gangbang the hell out of her every night. And the notion that they might have spied through the window and seen the three of them lustily ramming their cocks into her made his guts twist.

It would only take one of them gossiping to the wrong person, and he’d be out of a job…not to mention run out of town with pitchforks.

It wouldn’t do for their popular youth leader to be involved in a huge scandal like that. No, it just wouldn’t do at all.

Melly inched so close that he felt absolutely sure everyone must be staring at them and pointing accusing fingers. But a quick glance around the room eased his mind just a little. No one was paying them any attention. They were all too busy eating, chatting, and having fun. His guilty conscience was just working overtime.

“I watched you,” she insisted, laying a hand on his big arm, and her big blue eyes were huge with excitement. “I saw you and those other two counselors banging the daylights out of Miz Keegan. It was really hot!”

Oh God! He wanted to groan with ripe terror, and his huge black cock that had started to swell as he’d pictured Chelsea naked began to shrivel. “We’ll talk about this later,” he muttered under his breath.

“But I…”

“Later!” The look he turned on her was fierce with silent warning. “You understand me?”

“Yessir.” Her polite response was automatic, because Melinda had always been a very polite young girl. But she didn’t look so young now as a slow knowing smile began to curve her lips, and her eager gaze flickered briefly down at his crotch. “I’ll be waiting.”

Pierce released a deep, shuddering breath after she tossed him a saucy wink and walked away. He was sweating, and his palms were damp. Good thing no one would look twice at that in this overcrowded assembly hall. Everyone was hot and sweaty because the weather had turned sultry just a few days ago, and the air conditioner was broken.

Melly headed outside for a cooler breath of air—and just before she stepped through the wide double-doors, she turned to wave coyly at him. He groaned in despair. She might as well have waved bright red flags!

He’d better find out what she wanted pretty fast, and figure out some kind of damage control. Because if she started talking about all the things she’d seen, there was gonna be hell to pay.

* * * * *

She was idly tossing rocks into the big lake—and when he walked up behind her, she turned just as if she’d expected him to follow. They stood there in silence for a few tense moments as he tried to decide what to say.

“I never saw anyone having sex before!” Her excited voice broke the silence first. “Not people, I mean. Horses and cattle don’t count. It was so hot!”

“You shouldn’t have been spying on us.” His deep rumble was low and cautious as he glanced around, then casually began to wander further away from the brightly-lit meeting hall. “It wasn’t right.”

“I know.” She flashed him a quick apologetic smile. “I didn’t mean to. But I heard Miz Keegan scream, and I thought maybe she was hurt. So I ran over to see, and…well…” Even in the dim starlight, the vivid blush that spread across her cheeks was clearly visible.

“So you peeked in the window.” He supposed that he’d have done the same, and could only thank his lucky stars that she hadn’t just burst right into the cabin.

“Uh huh, because it was right there, and the door was around on the other side. And I saw everything you were doing to her! I saw how you pushed it into her, and her eyes bugged real wide like you were splitting her apart, and then she started screaming again, and bouncing up and down on you, and begging you for more!” Melly’s words tumbled out in an excited rush as hot thrills shot through her petite body. “And those other two guys kept trying to push it in her other hole, but they couldn’t, so one shoved his thing in her mouth, and the other one juiced all over her big…” Her hands rose to cup her tingling breasts. “And then…”

Pierce sucked in a shaky breath as remembered ecstasy warred with his rising dread. “Why are you telling me this?” he demanded.

Fresh excitement chased across her eager face. “Because I want you to do it to me, too. Right now.”

“What?” Pierce gaped down at her in horrified shock. “Melly, you can’t just… My God!”

His instinctive refusal stung, and her lips tightened in a mutinous line. “Why not? I know I’m not sexy like Miz Keegan. But I’m not that bad looking.”

“What? No! No, it’s not that at all!” His brain was reeling, and he hardly even realized what he was saying as he tried to process her incredible request. “It’s just that…” He sucked in a deep breath, and tried not to imagine the incredible thrill of spreading this innocent girl’s legs wide and plunging his rapidly-swelling cock deep inside her. “It’s not proper for a pretty young girl to be asking that of a man. And especially not me!”

“Why, because you’re black?” She shook her head vigorously enough to set her long curls bouncing. “I don’t care about that.”

“The rest of the town would,” he replied with grim foreboding. “But it’s a lot more than that, Melly. Even if I was pure-driven-snow white, I’m old enough to be your daddy…and I’d hurt you real bad. You saw how I’m built. I don’t do virgins.” And he knew she was, from the way she hadn’t even been able to say basic words like cock or cum. “It’s too dangerous.”

“I’m not afraid.” Her small breasts rose and fell in quick little pants as she stared right at the bulge jutting up between his muscular thighs, and her tongue instinctively darted across her lips.

His lips twisted into a bitter scowl. “You should be. If I was foolish enough to do what you want, I’d put you in the hospital, no matter how careful I was. And there comes a point,” he added, curling his fingers around her chin so that she had to look back up at his troubled face, “where I’d be so horny that I just couldn’t be careful anymore.”

“I’ll tell everyone I know what I saw.” It was her trump card, but her voice shook as she made the bold threat. She didn’t want to get him in trouble…

…and he knew it.

“No, you won’t.”