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Newlyweds Lainey and Polo never knew how Burano's beautiful lace was discovered until they arrived on the colourful Venetian island. Like all legends, the tale defies belief. A mermaid taught a local maiden to weave? A likely story! But the villagers are adamant la sirena is still out there in the waters around the island. Challenged to see for themselves, the newlyweds row to a tiny isola in hopes of spotting such a creature. There, they discover just how real a mythical being can become when sunshine and lust take over.

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First Edition 2016

Previously published by Xcite Books in the collection “Sex on the Beach.”

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Burano Lace

Mermaid Erotica


Giselle Renarde

From Milan toVenezia, Polo and I spent most of our honeymoon flitting about Northern Italy. It was a lovely time. Polo was born inItalia, so he was already familiar with the country’s conventions. Wonderful to have a husband who could serve as translator as well. My own attempt to learn the language seemed a success until we arrived in Italy. Everybody spoke a mile a minute. I was able to catch the odd word, but never keep up with a conversation. Thank God for my Polo!

As the final days of our perfect vacation approached, we decided to take a little excursion out to Burano. I’d seen a brief snippet about the island on a travel program, and I couldn’t believe it was as quaint as the travel guide claimed.

Burano eradicated my scepticism. The car-free island just North of Venice took me back in time. Without cars to contend with, the atmosphere seemed more human than in big cities. The houses were tremendous. Though tightly packed into narrow streets, all were painted in cheery shades of blue, green, yellow, red, and on and on. I’d never seen such brightly-coloured homes. The residents had a brightness about them, too. Their eyes sparkled with Old World knowledge. They exuded pride in their preserved culture.

As Polo and I walked hand-in-hand beside one of the island’s canals, I realized my husband’s gaze had fallen on a pretty young thing sitting with three older women outside a peach-coloured house. A surge of jealousy ran through my veins. How could my newlywed husband spend our honeymoon looking at other women?

I squeezed his hand.