Bullied Into My Wife's Bed: Cuckold Husband Humiliation - Isabella Tropez - ebook

He couldn't believe it as he watched the men who used to bully him in school grabbing his wife and spreading her...It's Mark's high school re-union, and he's there to show all the people who used to bully him his beautiful wife. His wife Ruth promised to behave, but to his shock and horror he finds her in an extremely compromising position, being manhandled and degraded by the same men who used to bully him as a kid. The worst part is, he can't see a single condom being used...

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Bullied Into My Wife’s Bed | Isabella Tropez

Bullied Into My Wife’s Bed

Isabella Tropez


She felt the other men also grabbing for her head and trying to bring her mouth to their cock and the dirty delight of having them fight over her was a huge turn on. She shoved them back and dropped to her knees at the side of the car.

The men crowded around her and she worked her mouth from cock to cock, licking and sucking at the sticky pre-cum that wet the slick heads. Brad wanted more and stepped forward to fuck his erection in her mouth. The red of her lipstick smeared around her lips as she worked them up and down a solid, erect length. She grabbed hold of the other two cocks and stroked her fingers along them. It was the kinkiest experience of her life and she couldn’t get enough of it.

Brad grabbed her head and thrust his hips at her to fuck deeper in her mouth. The fact that they were in a public place and could potentially be caught at any moment was lost on them and they concentrated only on the fun that they were having Ruth gasped when she moved back, but her mouth was quickly filled again and she was given little respite as each of the men took a turn sliding their cock between her soft lipstick-red lips. The oral sex became rougher as their lust came out and she began to gag as they rammed their cocks down her throat. Her top and bra were yanked down to expose her naked breasts and the men fondled and groped her curves as they fucked her mouth.

Ruth’s head was knocked back as she was made to take two cocks in her mouth at the same time. It stretched her lips wide and she struggled for breath as the men continued to fight over her. It was Brad that finally moved things on.

“Get her fucking panties off,” he said as he stepped back.

Full Story:

“You really didn’t need to come with me,” Mark said to his wife. “It’s not like there will be anyone at this event you’ll know.”

“I’m well aware of that,” Ruth said as she looked at him. “It’s your school reunion after all.”

She reached out to run a fingertip along the back of his shirt collar and a smile spread across her face when he jerked his head forward.

“Come on Ruth,” Mark complained. “Don’t distract me when I’m driving.”

“OK, OK,” she said and faced the front again.

Mark heard the note of teasing in her voice and caught the smile on her face when he shot her a glance. They’d been married for almost five years and he still couldn’t believe that he’d struck so lucky. Ruth could almost be a trophy wife, with her beautiful face and stunning figure being something to behold. Not that their marriage ran smoothly at all times.