Brutal Trade in a Flash - Gavin Rockhard - ebook

Frank loves the most brutal str8 alpha males around, and he always gets his man! He's dealing drugs to a traveling Kuwaiti with a bodyguard and a willingness to show off how dominant he can be! That means Frankie gets to watch this bodyguard service the sheikh, not to mention Frankie himself, in this, his hottest episode of Brutal Trade yet!

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Brutal Trade in a Flash: The Bodyguard Bottoms

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Brutal Trade in a Flash: The Bodyguard Bottoms

Gavin Rockhard

Copyright 2018

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Frankie had never been paid with gold before. He sold a hundred ecstasy pills to someone introduced to him -- by a friend named Dino -- as "Sheikh Al-Manazz". He looked too young to be a sheikh, Frankie thought, but then he wasn't entirely sure what a "sheikh" even was. Was there an age requirement for that? Was it hereditary? He had no idea.

"Thank you for accepting my watch, it is only a trifle for me, and I have little American cash," Sheikh Al-Manazz said as he handed over the watch. The white linen fabric surrounded his face, framing it, making him seem even harsher, his angular jawline and thin nose jutting from his face. "It is worth at least the cost of these pills."