Brothers Exploration - Tommy Mackson - ebook

Charles had always known that he was feeling something different for his brother. But his brother deep down felt the same way but couldn't express it in words. The only reason that they ended up where they ended up today was because of one awkward hug that led to some very physical notifications of attraction towards each other.When Charlie's brother got back from the military service things get a little heated…Join us for some Hot brotherly love, Right Now!

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Table of contents

Brothers Exploration

By: Tommy Mackson

"Well or you can about your credit card and pay for that salami sandwich or or you can just in there in space out some more sir? "

"Oh, sorry… It's been a long day… I have a lot on my mind, how much is it again?"

"It's 1350 miss, is it okay if I charge on this card that you're holding out in your hand?"

"Yes, yes that's fine." I handed him the card, but I still have a lot on my mind. The reason that I was spacing out was because I had been through a lot in the last 24 hours and I still had a big decision to make about what is going to do with these feelings that I was feeling towards my brother. It wasn't the first time I felt this way, and I don't think it will be the last time.

"Okay sir, have a nice day come back to Joey's deli anytime"