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DESCRIPTIONWhat happens when brotherly love turns into brotherly lust? Why would a brother’s affection for his brother become carnal desire? When one brother’s admiration for his brother grows into a longing to make love to him, how should that brother respond? Should he simply offer up his body to satisfy his brother’s debauched hunger, or become his brother’s lover? Read these stories and discover how fourteen brothers answered these questions.EXCERPTThe other day Mom had decided to make lasagna from scratch, and dinner was a little late. By the time the dishes were done it was ten o’clock and she had retired to her room for the night. Instead of going home I had settled down to watch a documentary on PBS. It wasn’t as interesting as I had hoped and so I was doing a crossword puzzle at the same time.Corbin was outside doing something to his pickup. I heard him come in and go to the bathroom. I thought I might ask him if he wanted to go have a beer. After a while I decided he must be taking a shower. Without realizing it I dozed off – one of those times when you’re half asleep and half awake. I let the pencil slip from my hand.“Anson!” I became aware I was hearing my name, not dreaming. “Anson, are you asleep?”I opened my eyes to see Corbin standing just inside the doorway. He was naked from head to toe. My first thought was not what you would think. He’d always had a nice body, but had stopped working out after his last divorce. My thought was he needed to start again – he was getting a little pudgy around the middle.As my senses returned I saw he was holding his cock in his hand – and it was probably about half hard. I’d never seen it before and I was amazed at how big it was – certainly bigger than mine.He looked down at it and back up to meet my gaze. “I was wondering if you…uh…would….uh…you know.”I reached my hand out and said, “Come here.”

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by Douglas Mayweather

(Seven Gay Brother’s Stories)

Published by Lot’s Cave

Seven Gay Brother’s Stories

Brother’s Lust, © 2016, by Douglas Mayweather

All Rights Reserved

Cover by Lot’s Cave

All Characters In This Book Are Age 18 Or Older

This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only and may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this ebook with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you’re reading this ebook and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for your use only, then please return to the Lot’s Cave website and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either a product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual people living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

A Lot’s Cave Novel


Story 1 :Axel

Story 2 :Lust and Kisses

Story 3 :At Last

Story 4 :Fun on the Futon

Story 5 :After the Discharge

Story 6 : Brother Beats Brother

Story 7 :The Bar None Ranch


Author’s Note

Family Exotica

Taboo Erotica

Other Novels

Story 1


I’m eighteen and have been seriously masturbating for about a year. I started, I don’t know, two, three years ago. But I really got into it last year. Well, one day not too long ago I was home alone, which is usual in the afternoons as both of my folks work and my brother Axel is usually somewhere goofing off with his jerky buddies. Axel is twenty, and we’ve always gotten along, but never hung out together. Anyway I went to the kitchen to get a snack and came back through the living room. I plopped down on the loveseat and clicked on the TV. I was watching Jerry Springer and eating chips when I decided to jack off. Now, the way I like to do it is naked.

When I had come in from school I changed out of my school clothes, which I had been trained to do, and put on a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. My skivvies were dirty, so I had taken them off too, but since I shower before bed I hadn’t put on clean ones. Anyway, it was easy to strip down butt naked and play with my dick. I had gotten hard and was jacking it, but easily, not near ready to cum yet. After about ten minutes of that I had gotten a little more into it, and had probably closed my eyes. I really don’t remember. Usually I feel my body all over and pinch my nipples and pull on my balls, so I’m sure I was doing all that.

Anyway, I was completely unaware Axel had come into the house, let alone the living room. The first thing I knew was I opened my eyes and he was standing right there, six inches from my knees. In one movement, before I could do or say anything, he dropped to his knees, grabbed my dick and stuck it in his mouth. I almost shit. At that moment I didn’t think about this was my brother sucking my dick. I just thought how great it felt having my dick sucked. I didn’t care who it was, just that he kept on doing it.

I watched my dick going in and out of his mouth, and the way he moved his head around sucking it from all angles. And then he let it slip out of his mouth and ran his tongue and lips up and down, like it was something delicious he couldn’t get enough of. He took his tongue and licked all over the head, trying to stick his tongue into my piss hole. I was in cock-sucking heaven. As was my way, I ran my hand over my stomach and chest and played with my erect nipples.

When Axel returned to sucking on my cock I grabbed a handful of his hair and began bouncing my hips up and down. He almost gagged, but quickly got in rhythm with my movements. It had been maybe ten minutes since he first put my dick in his mouth, and my balls were ready to burst. I held his head and jabbed my dick down his throat and exploded. I didn’t know I had that much cum in me. Man, it felt great.

When my balls were empty Axel let my dick escape, but licked it and kissed it. Then he sat back on his heels and said, “I’ve wanted to do that since I saw your big dick last month”.

I remembered one night I was showering and he had come into the bath room to take a piss. I didn’t know he was there and had turned off the shower, thrown the towel over my head and pulled back the shower curtain. When I had dried my hair and took the towel away, he was standing there looking at me.

He had simply said, “Sorry,” and walked out. I hadn’t thought anymore about it, but evidently he had.

Anyway, I didn’t say anything. I was in kind of a daze, looking at my dick and at Axel, trying to figure out what just happened.

Axel asked, “Did you like it?”

I said, “Duh! It was awesome.”

Axel got up and kind of slapped my leg and said, “Good,” and turned and left the room.

That was maybe five months ago. We’ve sort of fallen into a pattern. We always do it in the living room, on the love seat. We tried it in bed, but I like to watch and it was uncomfortable propped up in the bed. I like Axel on his knees between my legs. We’ve, or rather he’s, added a couple of things.

First he started sucking and licking my balls, which I like. Sometimes he’ll kiss and lick my stomach and suck on my tits, which I don’t like much. It’s sort of invading my territory. He also started pulling his dick out and jacking off. He didn’t do that the first half dozen times, but I’m cool with that. It doesn’t involve me.

And the last thing he added, which I love, is he’ll be licking my balls, and then he’ll keep on going down another couple of inches and lick my asshole. Who knew that would feel so good? As I said, I love it. Anyway, Axel loves sucking me off, and I love cumming that way, so as Dad would say, everything’s copasetic, right?

Story 2

Lust and Kisses

I want to ask you something, and I want your honest opinion. But first I have to completely fill you in on the situation.

This whole thing happened because I needed a goddamned pencil. I had to fill out an application and it had a page of those bubbles you have to fill in. All I could find in the kitchen drawers were ballpoints with blue ink – and I wanted a pencil anyway, in case I needed to erase something.

I was getting frustrated, but then I had a brilliant idea. Trevin probably had some pencils. He’s my eighteen-year-old brother, and as a high school student I figured he’d have at least one, and probably a lot of them.

I went to his bedroom. The door was open and I saw he was lying on his bed asleep. It was only five thirty, but he often takes naps. My mind was on the pencil and I only glanced at him. I went to the desk in his room and pulled open a drawer. I’d just started rummaging through the drawer when the telephone rang.

This is crazy, but our parents haven’t started using cell phones yet. I mean, Trevin and I both have cells, but our folks still use the old landline. There are three phones in this house – one in the kitchen, one in their bedroom and one there in Trevin’s room.

The reason for that is that it used to be the den, where the TV was, until they added the family room onto the kitchen. Trevin and I had always shared a room, but when the new flat panel TV was installed in the family room this room wasn’t used anymore, so he decided he wanted his own room. More privacy, you know.

Well, as I said, the phone rang, startling me, and I snatched it up so it wouldn’t wake Trevin. It was mom.

“Honey,” she started, “I just talked to your dad, and he’s got some sort of meeting at work. He said he’d be tied up late, probably to nine o’clock. So your Aunt Joan and I are going to do some more shopping, and then we’re going to have dinner here at the mall. Is Trevin home?”

“Yeah, Mom,” I answered. “He’s sleeping.”

“Well, don’t let him sleep too late, or he won’t want to go to bed tonight. And don’t let him go out when he wakes up. And make sure he does his homework. And don’t let him tell you he hasn’t got any.”

I sighed. I’m always the one that has to tell Trevin what to do and what he can’t do. Well, it seems that way.

Anyway, I said, “Okay Mom, I’ll tell him.”

“And honey, there’s leftover meatloaf in the refrigerator, with mashed potatoes and green beans. You boys can heat that up.”

Even though I’m twenty-three she still calls me “boy.”

“Okay, Mom. Don’t worry, we’ll survive. Tell Aunt Joan hello.”

“I will. Well, alright, bye honey.”

I hung up the phone and remembered Trevin. I turned around to see if my talking had awakened him. I had been so intent on finding a pencil when I came in I hadn’t really looked at Trevin until that moment.

I’ve always been envious of Trevin – envious, not jealous. He was so damned good looking. Mom said he was cute. That isn’t a word I’d use, but it was probably apt. What got me was his body. I’ve had to work my butt off to get this body I have, but Trevin has never done anything. He just has a naturally great body.

He’s always got some good-looking girl hanging on him, like some sort of fashion accessory. Lately he seems to have settled on one named Selene, I think.

I looked at him lying there, one arm covering his eyes, the other hand resting on his stomach. And for the first time I saw he had an erection, his cock pointing at an angle up toward the waistband of his white briefs. My god, it was much longer than I would have guessed. I licked my lips.

You see, I’m gay, but I’ve never announced it to the world. I’ve had a couple brief affairs, but I always kept them under wraps. I always thought, right or wrong, that Mom and Dad would be devastated if I told them, and I wondered how Trevin would feel if he knew his older brother that he looked up to was a queer.

But right now I was looking at my beautiful little brother with the nice body lying there with a big hard-on. I stood transfixed. He moved his hand down and felt his erection, adjusting it slightly, and returned his hand to where it had been on his stomach.

What happened next I can’t explain, or defend.

I took the few steps that separated me from paradise. I softly climbed on the bed and bent forward, opened my mouth and gently pressed my teeth against the fabric covering that cock. Lifting my head I looked up at Trevin, but he hadn’t moved. His eyes were still closed.

I pulled the elastic waistband down and exposed his cock. It was beautiful. I stuck out my tongue and barely touched it to the tip of his cock. I then ran my tongue down its length to his balls and back up to the top, taking it in my mouth and going back down until most of it was enclosed in my mouth.

I paused and moved my tongue and the muscles of my mouth, massaging his cock. I went up and down it half a dozen times. Trevin put his hands under my armpits and pulled me up.

I thought maybe he was angry or confused or perplexed or god knows what. I didn’t resist. He pulled me up until we were face to face – and then he kissed me. It was a full-on open mouth kiss. I responded by opening my mouth and accepting his tongue.

He swabbed the inside of my mouth with his tongue and I pushed back with mine, forcing his tongue back into his mouth so I could insert mine. We kept up the battle, neither winning the war of passionate kissing.

He grabbed my T-shirt and pulled it up. I broke the kiss and pulled my T over my head. Trevin jerked it off and tossed it to one side. I leaned in to kiss him again, but he started wrestling with my belt buckle. I took over and undid and frantically pulled my pants and briefs off. He kicked his briefs off.

I fell on top of him, rubbing my hard cock against his. He kissed my nose and eye and ear and neck. He moved down, kissing my chest. Suddenly my mind cleared and I thought, ‘My God, is my brother gay? Is he going to suck my cock?’

He licked one of my nipples and nibbled on it ever so gently. After a minute of doing that he licked his tongue across my chest to the other nipple and sucked and nibbled on it.