Claudia Mitchell needed a man. Not just any man but a man that would give what she needed mentally as well as physically. The question was where you found those types of males? Claudia just find out there is a website that features all those types or men and more. She's about to leave all those lame men behind and get her a Brophy. But sometimes you need to read the fine print especially when looking for love. 

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Ashon Thadon


What every lady needs

To all those ladies looking for a Brophy, hope you find him. But remember always read the fine print.BookRix GmbH & Co. KG80331 Munich



 Dedicated to my Kaia...hope she finds a real Brophy

Chapter 1 

The name


Claudia Mitchell needed a man. Not just any man but a man that would give what she needed mentally as well as physically. The question was where do you found those types of males? All the men she ever encountered only wanted the physical part and only barely gave her enough conversation before they tried to pull their dick out. Claudia had a lot of bad luck dealing with those sorts of men and they were all over.

Claudia could understand why men wanted to get physical with her right away. Claudia was what you would call a chocolate bombshell. She was 5’5, thick thighs, hazel eyes, long black hair and yes it was all hers. To top it off, she had a massive chest. Those 36 Double Dees were no joke in an outfit and looked extra succulent when they were caught bouncing. Plus she had a nice sized waist with a 40 inch backside you could smack and see waves coming at you. But Claudia wanted to be more than a sex symbol for the lusty boys she attracted. She wanted her mind to be stimulated as well as her loins. She wanted someone that respected her thoughts not just craved her body. She needed a…

“Brophy,” her friend, Angie Waters, had suggested one night returning home from a night club and having to deal with a ton of horny men that couldn’t take a ‘no, I don’t want to dance’ for an answer.

Angie was in the midst of driving Claudia home and as usual, Claudia was complaining about her night having to put up with thirsty men when Angie brought up the term.

“Brophy?” Claudia asked puzzled.

“Yeah, it’s like the male version of a trophy girlfriend,” Angie replied like she was surprised Claudia didn’t know about the term.

“Why would we need a trophy boyfriend?” Claudia asked. “I can get a fine ass nigga any day of the week and he still would be stupid. Not only that, he would want to get in between my legs faster because he thinks he’s sexy and he deserves it.”

“You misunderstanding me,” Angie laughed. “Not a gigolo type dude that uses his looks but a guy that’s both smart and sexy. Like a dude you can take anywhere and show off but still stimulate you in the mind department.”

Claudia looked at her friend like she lost her mind.

“Uh huh,” Claudia laughed. “That’s what I need. I need a Brophy.”

“I’m serious,” Angie said. “There are really out there. My friend at work Tonya got with a brophy. He’s one of the finest brothers you ever seen and he smart like book smart. Like he’s a sexy ass, what’s a smart motherfucker I’ve heard of, Einstein.”

“Does he have bushy hair and glasses?”

“I’m really serious. She introduced me to him. Brother is bad.”

“And where she met him?”

“Glad you asked. Off a website called Brophy dot com.”

“Off a website?” Claudia laughed harder. “What is this, some Catfish shit?”

“No, bitch, it’s the real deal,” Angie let out a laugh too. “I wouldn’t believe if I didn’t see the brother with my own eyes.”

“I’ve seen your coworker Tonya,” Claudia said with a side eye. “I mean she’s not exactly the type of girl to…I’m just saying.”

“Exactly,” Angie replied like she was in total agreement. “The bitch ain’t exactly star material but she does have a man and the brother’s all that. I don’t know if he’s blind, crazy or just don’t judge but he’s with her. I mean if I saw them walking down the street I would be like ‘what the fuck is he doing?’ But to each its own. I’m not going to knock her.”

“So why you don’t try it?” Claudia asked curiously.

“The same reason you thinking,” Angie answered. “It’s sounds too good to be true. I mean I really didn’t even hear about this shit until a month ago but some have. They try to keep it a secret. I mean I would too if that website is producing niggas like Clyde Hendrix.”

“Hmmm,” was all Claudia said.

“How about this…” Angie was hesitant at first then finally said it. “Come to my house tomorrow and we’ll check it out. If it’s on the level, we’ll try it.”

“Cool, bitch, I’m with you,” Claudia said as Angie pulled up in front of Claudia’s apartment building. “Tomorrow, we’ll see if we can get a Brophy.”  



Claudia couldn’t believe she was so ecstatic about looking at a website but she was. She really was looking forward to seeing what it was about. Angie had sent a picture of the guy that Angie’s coworker was dating and Claudia’s jaw dropped. If there were brothers fine like that on the website, she had to check it out for sure.

Claudia was giddy all day waiting to get off work. She had a silly grin on her face all day and she thought the work day would never end. When it finally hit 5 0’ clock, she practically jetted out the office.

Angie had told her to come around 8 o’clock and Claudia agreed. She actually was getting dressed up like she was going on a real date when all she was doing was looking at a website but she didn’t care. She might find someone that night to hook up with. Claudia was a person that always thought ahead.

Angie answered her front door in flip flops and pajamas and was wondering why Claudia came to her door looking like they were going clubbing. Claudia saw the head scarf wrapped around Angie’s head and laughed.

“Sorry, Miss Superstar,” Angie laughed as Claudia walked in. “I thought we was viewing a website not debuting on Miss Twerk A Lot live video stream cam.”

“Hey, I dress for whatever I do,” Claudia said. “If I’m going shopping for gorgeous men with brains, I need to make sure I have the right equipment to reel them in.”

“Uh huh,” Angie said. “Well sit your fast ass down in the living room and I’ll bring out the laptop. I’ll admit that I took a sneak peek before you got here and I must say if those brothers that are on there are real, we’re going to have some fun.”

Claudia found her seat on the couch and Angie walked into her bedroom to get the laptop.

“I ordered some pizza if that’s alright?” Angie said walking out the bedroom with the laptop. “I mean you dressed like I should have taken you out so I can get some.”

“Shut up, stupid,” Claudia smiled. “And let’s see the goods.”

“Ok, impatient heifer,” Angie said then sat down on the couch beside her. She placed the laptop on the coffee table in front of them and loaded up the website.

“You ready?” Angie asked with a big smile on her face.

“Yeah, this is like the Date Olympics,” Claudia joked as the website came up.

The first thing that came on the screen was the website’s name and a picture of a tall, muscular, dark skinned man with a silk scarf covering his eyes. He was shirtless showing off his perfect abs and luscious physique. The show shopped just above waist level and the name of website BROPHY appeared right under. There was a subline that read ‘Every lady deserves a Brophy.” Then there was the disclaimer information below that which Angie and Claudia didn’t bother to read before clicking ‘Enter’.

The website rolled out with a list of men, broken up by age, profession, schooling, ethnicity, race, and spoken languages. Each name came with a profile and a picture of the man in question. The site credited itself on no false advertisement, what you see is what you get. No Photoshop, all authentic was the motto of the site. But that went for the ladies that were applying to the site as well. Four pictures had to be given in to register and each picture would be put in a scrambler to show it was an original not a touchup.

“Damn, they thorough,” Claudia expressed.

“Yeah, they don’t want no fat colossus bitch claiming she a bikini model trying to get one of these fine ass men,” Angie replied. “Their claim is that they give you truth, the same should be returned. The men are non-judgmental according to the site and they will agree to the date if you abide by the guidelines. But it’s up to the person and them to bond or connect or have that chemistry. All these men are looking for someone to be with and realize sometimes it’s best to put your luck out in the universe and watch and see if it comes back to you. A date is not an agreement to a relationship; it is just a meeting venture to determine a future outtake.”

“You sound like the damn website spokeswoman,” Claudia said.

“Okay, I did more than take a peek,” Angie admitted and laughed. “But you see they aren’t playing.”

“Shit, if bitches get a hold of this site, the sky is the limit,” Claudia said.

“We will have a sea of ugly bitches with fine ass men,” Angie added.

“Not to that extreme,” Claudia said. “But yeah, there would be an inquiry. I mean they even got some fine ass white men on this site.”

“Also if any of these guys hook up, they put a status up that says taken and are taken off the site the next day,” Angie beamed. “They have been like five brothers already taken since this morning.”

“This morning?” Claudia looked at her friend with a raised eyebrow.

“Alright, so I took more than a peek starting last night,” Angie finally admitted, truthfully.

“You bitch,” Claudia laughed. “You’re such a sneaky hoe.”

“Hey, had to really know if it was true,” Angie said. “So what do you think?”

“Sounds good enough but I don’t know,” Claudia was skeptical.

“Hey, you only live once,” Angie said.

“I mean yeah, but they all could be lunatics and rapists,” Claudia pondered.

“Yeah, but so could any losers you met off the street or in a club,” Angie reasoned. “I mean think about what do you really got to lose. The meeting will be in a public stature of your choosing. Damn I do sound like the website.”

Claudia laughed again.

“Okay, let’s see,” Claudia said. “Wait, I don’t have pictures on here to register.”

“Girl, you’re a selfie whore,” Angie joked again. “You got tons you downloaded from this computer alone. We can find four easily. I already did mines.”

Claudia shook her head.

“Sue me,” Angie smiled. “I’m fast. Shit, I’m trying to find me a good man. I’m tired of waiting and dating losers. My pussy needs conversation for it to get wet now.”

“You too much,” Claudia said. “Okay, let’s get my pictures and register me. Did you set up any dates yet?”

“No, I was waiting for you,” Angie said then opened the Picture folder on her laptop.




Chapter 2

Angie and David


“Alright, I lied,” Angie said over the phone with Claudia the next day. “I did set up a date before you came over.”

“You bitch,” Angie could picture Claudia shaking her head.

“I’m sorry,” Angie said still on her laptop at home. She had taken the day off work to prepare for her date.

“Ok so which one you choose because you had like three you were looking at,” Claudia remembered.

“Well, actually, I picked him before I even looked at those three with you,” Angie confessed.

“You, heifer,” Claudia proclaimed. “Shit, why you even invited me over? Shit, you practically was on there window shopping without me.”

“I’m sorry,” Angie apologized again. “I’m horny and lonely. And I’m too sexy to be either. Besides, I wanted you on the same boat as me. We some fine female specimens and deserve the best life has to offer. Like the slogan says ‘every lady deserves a Brophy’”.

Claudia laughed.

“I know you think you deserve twelve,” Claudia said.

“Shit, I do,” Angie agreed. “I’m Angie Waters. I was prom queen and voted runner-up for the Miss Brooklyn pageant. I run this shit. No more nominations, I’m going for my awards.”

Claudia shook her head.

“Stop shaking your head at me,” Angie said, knowing what her friend was doing at the time. “I’m just stating the obvious.”

“So who was it?” Claudia asked. She had remembered some of the names and faces.

“A guy by the name of David King,” Angie informed pulling up his profile as she spoke.

David king looked like an Ebony god. He had a muscular physique but all his shots showed him in casual clothes like polo shirts and shorts. His occupation read personal bouncer and bodybuilder. He looked like the type that liked the gym but wasn’t obsessed with it. He had one pic with his shirt off and Angie almost creamed on herself. She checked his date status and as she expected he been on quite a few and was well booked. However, his profile dictated that he was discreet and only set up dates that felt was worthy. Well, Angie’s profile and description must have met the requirements because he sent an email to her inbox requesting a date set-up. Angie wanted sooner than later so she asked for the following day. King agreed and the date was set. Angie was so excited.

Claudia had chosen a guy too, out of like five and her date was set for the weekend later on. She was confident with her pick too and was also excited about her date and the outcome.

Claudia remembered seeing the profile for David King briefly because once it said ‘bouncer’ that meant ‘player’ in her book. She had been with a few bouncers and they all were the same but Angie didn’t care that much. As long as he had a long shlong and could tear a back out, he was all right with Angie. King’s profile had mentioned some other stuff that proved he was more than just a handsome face and muscles but once Claudia thought ‘player’ in her mind, she dismissed him.

“So when the big date, you fast hoe?” Claudia giggled.

“Today,” Angie confessed again.

“I should have known you were bullshitting when you said that you were just waiting for me to see how it went,” Claudia confronted. “You knew all along you had snagged one. I can’t with you.”

“Listen, mami, it’s not that serious,” Angie said. “It’s just a test run. I mean I would love to hit it out the park the first time my big titties were at bat but we shall see.”

“Ok, I want to know everything,” Claudia said. “And don’t leave out shit, Miss Pretty Little Liar.”

“I got you, girl,” Angie replied. “Let me get ready. I got a mani-pedi appointment then a hair appointment.”

“Wait! How you have all this time?” Claudia asked.

“I took the day off,” Angie informed.

“You took the day off for dick?” Claudia laughed.

“Hey, what you won’t do…do for love,” Angie sung. “You tried everything but you won’t give up.”

“Shut up, stupid,” Claudia said. “Other people have to work unlike some penis chasers I know. So I will talk to you later.”

“Bye,” Angie said. “Keep your fingers crossed.”

“Just keep your legs crossed,” Claudia laughed.



Angie had to admit she was a little nervous about her date. She seen the pictures, even had a little conversation with him over the phone, but this was the real thing. She put on her Donna Karen halter dress that complimented her bosoms. She hoped she looked the part. King’s profile was all about women who were independent and had things going on for themselves. One type of female he didn’t date was baby mothers. It wasn’t out of disrespect, it was just he didn’t want the hassle. Baby mothers brought drama.

Angie knew how it was when you started dating someone that already had a premade family. It was all about time. Angie had done the man with the kid type of situation and it ended up bad. Angie wasn’t needy by nature but she did want to spend time with her man every now and then. But after hearing ‘oh, I have to do something for my daughter today, let’s reschedule’ for about a hundred times, Angie lost interest. The man was a good dude and he did love his child but Angie wanted her time and she wasn’t going to compete with anyone.

Angie and King had agreed to meet at Olive Garden since it was a nice place without the effort of being too classy. You could order wine and breadsticks and be in a nice atmosphere. King liked the idea and thought it would be perfect. Angie had her own car so she suggested they actually meet up at the restaurant. She arrived early hoping she get a glimpse of the dude before he came up to the restaurant but he beat her to the punch because he was already there. Angie was not disappointed.

David King looked just like his picture only better. He had a nice chiseled face with the body to match. He had on a nice blue shirt with black slacks and some brown shoes. He looked like a GQ model and Angie was very pleased. Now she hoped he was pleased with her appearance.

He was standing by the hostess desk getting gawked by a bunch of females that were looking at him like he was a steak dinner. Even the hostess was trying to flirt with him. He was looking at the doorway when Angie came in making the females roll their eyes and have hurt on their faces.

Angie walked right up to King like she putting claims on him already. He hooked his arm around hers and smiled and told the hostess his other party had arrived. The hostess didn’t look too happy, just ice grilled Angie as she escorted them to their seats and table.

“The waitress will be with you, shortly,” the hostess said icy looking at Angie.

“Thank you,” King said. His baritone voice alone made Angie’s panties wet. Angie knew it was doing something for the hostess because she still hadn’t moved yet.

“He said, thank you,” Angie said making the hostess realized he was not alone and she needed to move on.

“Yes, you welcome,” the hostess said breaking out of her trance.