Broken Lust: Alpha Billionaire Romance Series: Book 5 - Bridget Taylor - ebook

Book five of Bridget Taylor's Alpha Billionaire Series!Broken Lust will take you to the powerful world (full of BDSM fantasies) of Henry Lennox where he takes away the innocence of the cute Stacey. Stacy thought that Henry was turning away her submission. Now she finds that she is not the only one changing. As Henry learns to come to terms with his own emotions, Stacy processes the lessons of her submission. As she slowly gives over more power to this dark and mysterious man, more of him opens to her. What she sees is enticing; but with love and commitment come new fears. Can Stacy bear to see Henry Lennox change from the man she fell in love with into the man she can live with? Meanwhile, her conflict with Mistress Aevia still hangs over her and Michael waits, eager not to let her go so easily. Broken Lust s an erotica romance intended for mature audiences. This is Book Five of the Alpha Billionaire Romance Series by Bridget Taylor.

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Broken Lust (Alpha Billionaire Romance Series Book 5)

By Bridget Taylor 

Copyright @2015 by Bridget Taylor.

All Rights Reserved.

This book may not be used or reproduced in any form, in whole or in part, without permission from the author or publisher. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or persons whether living or dead is entirely coincidental. This book contains mature content of sexually explicit scenes, situations for adults 18+. Every character in this book is 18+ years of age.

All the characters in this book are fictional.

Note: If you haven’t read Book One, Book Two, Book Three and Book Four of the Alpha Billionaire Series “Broken Innocence”, “Broken Purity”, “Broken Chasity” and “Broken Desire” make sure you get a copy to enjoy this book even more . 

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“I cannot accept your submission.”

I looked at Henry, stunned by his words. After every up and down that we had been through, it was coming to this. My heart crushed in on itself in my chest. I could feel the tears stinging my eyes. I understood; I finally saw what it was that I was handing to him, and now I was going to lose it all.

Henry shook his head and ran his fingers through his hair. “Why can I never seem to say what I mean to you?” He let out a deep sigh and placed his hands on my shoulders. He fixed me with his eyes. I wanted to see his darkness there, but I could only see confusion and turmoil. “I cannot accept your submission tonight. I told you that I would not have a session with you if I were not in control of my emotions. Right now, I’m not. I just need to get my head together, that’s all.”

The tears rolled down my face, but the clenching in my chest eased. He was not turning me away. Henry wiped my tears from my cheeks and kissed me softly on the lips.

“I broke my word to you,” Henry said. “I said I wouldn’t act out in jealousy and I did last night. I am so sorry. I am sorry for everything you had to go through in that room. It was unfair to you, and I only made it worse.”

I kissed him now. I knew that what I saw was not jealousy, but I also knew that I could not tell him that. Henry would have to see it on his own. It would be the only way he would be able to distinguish the emotions and control himself.

“What do you need me to do?” I asked when I broke the kiss. I loved this man. With all my heart, I knew I did. I would let him do anything to me, but right now, I only wanted to help ease his confusion.

“I just need a few days. I promise I will get together with you once I have time to sort my head. I lose control of myself when I’m with you sometimes, and I need to come to terms with that in my own way.” Henry paused, his eyes becoming worried. “You’re not in trouble. You’ve done nothing wrong. I’m not punishing you or anything like that. Okay?”

I smiled, putting as much assurance as I could into it. “Okay. You’ll call me when you’re ready.”

“I will. I promise.”

Henry kissed me again. I buttoned my pants and put my shirt back on. With one last kiss, I headed back down to my car. I did not feel good. I would rather have been with Henry, but I understood his need for time and space to think about what was happening. For my own reasons, I had been in the same place. I drove home, unhappy, but at peace with what was taking place.

My worst fear, at least, had not happened. Henry was not turning me away.

I slept soundly, surprised the next morning to feel rested. I spent my weekend cleaning my apartment and letting my own nervous energy out. I wondered what would be different once Henry sorted out what he was feeling. I hoped that he would not try to hide from his emotions or mask them as being something else. I knew what I had seen in the judge’s chambers. The emotion was not jealousy, and if Henry could not understand it or face it –

It was a chance I had to take. I had to trust him to learn the things only he could learn, just as I learned the things only I could.

On Monday, I returned to a normal workday. No one mentioned the case. I realized that I had not heard much about it on the weekend news, though I did not pay much attention to the television. I spoke to Ana briefly, but she had no news about what was taking place. I considered telling her about my conversation with Michael, but decided against it. I did not want to get her hopes up; most especially given the amount of stress, she was under constantly because of this case. If Michael came through on his end, then all would be well. If he did not, then I would go from there.

That afternoon, I received an email from Henry. I was elated to see that he wanted to see me in his office. That was a good sign, I decided. When I finished my work, I made my way there, saying hello to his secretary as I did.

Henry stood at his window, looking out over the city. I stood with my back to his doors and waited for him to turn. I was not nervous. I wanted to enjoy the sight of him there. He looked like a prince looking down on his domain. In a way, I supposed that he was. Men like him were the equivalent of royalty in America. Their domain was the corporation rather than a tract of land.

He turned and smiled at me, walking around his desk. I stepped into the room and as I saw the darkness there in his eyes, I turned my own down. It was good to feel it there; I would show it respect.

Henry walked up to me and gently lifted my chin, giving me permission to look into those eyes. I wanted to get lost in them, but I knew that we had things to talk about. I searched his eyes to see what emotion was there, but it was still blocked behind the darkness. It would wait, then. He was here, which meant that he had come to some place of peace with what took place on Thursday.

I held onto that.

“How was your weekend?” Henry asked.

“Quiet. I did housework. You?” I searched his eyes to see if they held an answer.

“I did a lot of thinking. Thank you for being understanding with me. I know that this has been a challenging road for you. There is nothing that I can do to express to you how much it means that you’re here right now.”

I wanted to kiss Henry, but I also wanted to feel that darkness in him envelope me. It was the call of his darkness that won out, and I smiled at him, feeling suddenly shy and insecure.

“You could accept more power from me,” I said.

Henry smiled and the darkness in those eyes swirled. “I suppose that I can start there. What did you have in mind?”

I felt elated by his acceptance and suddenly very self-conscious. What I wanted was a very simple thing. What if he did not think it to be special, or important? I decided that I could only tell him, and go from there.

“I want to feel your dominance in a tangible way when we’re apart,” I said. “I was thinking that you could control what I wear, all the time. Give me wardrobe restrictions.”

To my surprise, Henry’s smile grew and the darkness seemed to cover his being. Clothing was not that big of a deal. It was just the covering we placed over our bodies to hide the shame of nakedness. I did not understand why it drew out of him so much, but I found that I loved it.

“That’s very good,” Henry said. “I accept.”

Now I did kiss him. I could not do anything else. He gave a surprised grunt and returned the kiss, wrapping his arms around me and pulling me tight to his body. I felt good there in his arms, whole and warm.

When we broke the kiss, I followed him down to his car. Rather than go to his condominium, we opted instead for my apartment. He wanted to go through my wardrobe and decide what he approved of and what he did not. My stomach tightened with excitement. It felt powerful and releasing to hand this control over to him. Yes, I would be limited by his decisions, and I would have to accept them. That I was willingly entering into that felt incredible to me.

That he was accepting it, was beyond my ability to describe.

When we arrived, I was glad that I had taken the time to do extra cleaning. Everything in my room was organized. All of my clothes were put away. I watched as he moved through my closet. He pulled out a few items, old shirts that even I never bothered to wear anymore; I had just never decided to give them away. He also pulled out all of my jeans, though he left me skirts and slacks. My work clothes remained untouched.

After he was finished with my closet, he went through my drawers, pulling out a few items. When he reached my underwear drawer, he pulled it out completely, dumping it onto my bed. He replaced it and sorted my bras out of the pile, placing them back into the drawer. He told me to get two bags for the clothes, and I did so.

He put the underwear into one bag and the rest of the clothes he sorted out into another. With the clothes sorted, he sat on the bed and looked up at me.

“Do you have any other clothes?” he asked.

“No. I washed everything this weekend. I only have the stuff I’m wearing.”

Henry nodded. “Take off all of your clothes.”

I took off my office clothes and laid them on the bed. He added my underwear to the bag of them and allowed me to put the rest of my clothes into my hamper. Thinking, I pulled the clothes from Sunday out of there and held them up for his inspection. He took yesterday’s underwear but let me put everything else – a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt – back into the hamper.

“You’re not allowed to wear underwear. Bras are fine, but panties are not allowed. You cannot wear them at the office, jogging, going to the grocery store, when we go out on dates, nowhere. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sir,” I said.

“Good. If I find that you have underwear in your apartment or if I catch you wearing them, I have a humiliating punishment for you.”

My torso tightened in anticipation. “What?”

“I’m going to make a collar of your underwear, with a ring and everything – made of underwear of course. If you wear them or if you own them, then the next lifestyle event or party that I take you to, I will make you wear that collar.”

I swallowed hard and blushed deeply at the idea of that. Somehow, that seemed worse to me than being naked around guests or him fondling me in front of others. This was the first punishment that Henry had threatened me with that I could think of. He preferred obedience out of the desire to serve, not out of fear of punishment. I was not sure what it meant then, that he was giving me a penalty for disobedience now. Was it that he was confident I would not disobey, or was it that he found a punishment he would enjoy levying? 

I nodded, my thoughts making me unable to speak. I poured through my mind to make sure I did not have any other pieces hidden anywhere. I would not enjoy the punishment, and I wanted to obey him.

“I don’t have anything against jeans,” Henry said. “I took them out because you won’t like wearing them without underwear. I’m going to buy you jeans you can wear, though. I will also buy you new clothes for the office. I want you to wear an outfit that I buy for you any day that we will be getting together that night. It can be an extra reminder.”

“Yes Sir.” I regained my voice.