Broken In By The Cowboys - Elle London - ebook

She was no match for an experienced outlaw...Sally, the 19 year old innocent virgin who sneaks out of her house to go to the tavern.Chris, the womanizing rugged outlaw who always takes what he wants.When these two meet in a tavern late at night Chris knows a good thing when he sees it, and after a few drinks he convinces Sally to hop on the back of his horse - will Sally resist his charm and keep her virginity or allow herself to be used like a whore by a man she just met? All Chris knows is that if he does get to take her virginity, he's doing it rough, without protection, and he's not going to pull out of his prize until she screams his name.

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Broken In By The Cowboys | Elle London

Broken In By The Cowboys

Elle London

Sally tightened her legs around Chester’s middle and held on to the reins. The horse raced through the woods towards the next town. The breeze whipped her long blonde hair around her face and blew comfortably through her clothes. It was a hot night in the middle of summer. Sally couldn’t believe she was free of her parent’s house. Even if it was just for a little while she was going to have some fun. Where should she go? A saloon would be dangerous, she’d never been to a saloon before, and with the sun going down some action would be happening somewhere. Ever since she turned eighteen she’d been feeling stir crazy in her plain little room in their plain little house. The next town over was only a twenty minute ride through the woods.

Each day she worked on the farm doing her chores like a good little girl. Rotating with her sisters she only had to cook dinner once a week for the family and she was in charge of making everyone’s bed. There were six of them plus two brothers and her parents. The house they lived in was really built for a family of seven and her mother was pregnant with another brother or sister. It was miserable some days especially when it was so hot in the summertime.

The monotony of her daily life was really starting to get to her. She yearned for something better. It was time to go out, have an experience, and kiss a boy. She was nineteen years old and had kissed one boy, which had been an awkward horrible experience. There had been a lot of slobber and some awkward groping. It was not at all what she had imagined her first kiss would be like.

She pulled the reigns to tell the horse to slow down. Pulling into a small town with a general store on her left and the post office on her right she strained her ears to see if she heard anything that resembled people having a good time. Sure enough, there was music coming from down the street and she had the horse trot towards it. There was a place to tie up her horse in front of the spot the music was coming from. The sign said High Times Saloon and the chatter inside told her there were a lot of people inside drinking and enjoying their life. Her stomach tightened with excitement and she prepared to jump right in the action. Tying her horse to the post she petted him and slipped an oats bag over his nose.