Broken In By My Black Boss - Daniella Fetish - ebook

Her jaw dropped as her boss stood up from his desk, revealing his massive...Amanda has already graduated, and still hasn't 'lost it.' She's given up a social life to focus on her career, but what happens when it's her own boss who's doing the pressuring?When Amanda makes an incredible mistake - costing the company over $200,000 - she's called into her muscular black boss's office for what she thinks will be her last day on the job, only to be bent over his knee and 'punished' in a way that she never expected, but finds herself enjoying.Mr. Davis is persuasive, dominating and big in the most important way.And he always gets what he wants.

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Deflowered By My Black Boss

Daniella Fetish

Table of Contents

Title Page

Broken In By My Black Boss

“It’s okay, you can tell us!” chortled Britney emphatically, taking her eyes of the road to gleam at Amanda. “Yeah everyone has embarrassing stories about their first time!” piped up Catherine from the back seat. Amanda looked nervously out the window, her dark black hair whistling free in the wind.

“I lost my virginity in the back of a pickup truck on prom night, how much worse can it get?” groaned Britney. She looked over to see Amanda still squirming in her seat. “I mean I thought I was in love, but I should have realized then true romance wasn’t being drunkenly mounted while hanging on to a spare tire,” laughed Britney, attempting to lighten the mood.

“I just don’t want to talk about it,” mumbled Amanda; her pale face was flush and her head was lowered in embarrassment.

“This is a girl’s night out!” exclaimed Catherine while throwing her arms above her head, “we are meant to talk and share embarrassing things and have some fun!” Amanda sat in silence still shaking, as if ignoring the request would make it go away. “You could use some fun once and a while,” said Catherine, shaking her head. “It seems all you do now is work.”

“Well my career is important!” Amanda replied angrily turning around to face Catherine. Catherine stared back absently at her, surprised by the sudden force. This caused Amanda to face back towards the front and cross her arms.

“Well...” said Britney trying to break the ice, “let’s all just calm down, drop the subject and try and have some fun tonight. If you don’t want to say how you lost your virginity you don’t have to.” Amanda shuddered when Britney mentioned virginity. She hated that word. They drove on in silence, arriving at the restaurant 10 minutes later.