Brett(18) & His Dad's Girlfriend Do What The Monkeys In The Zoo Do - Kirstie Taylor - ebook

After watching a documentary about a primitive Amazonian tribe where the men casually walk around naked and aroused, 18-year-old Brett is feeling horny. And when he sees a documentary about monkeys in the zoo where they do what comes natural all the time, his animalistic tingles rush through his body and he simply has to get naked and aroused in public. He decides to start at home in front of his dad's girlfriend. All characters and terms including 'boy' 'lad' and 'girl' refer to people age 18 and over. This book contains explicit sexual material and is for adults only.  

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Kirstie Taylor

© 2016 Kirstie Taylor

First Edition

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All characters and terms including ‘boy’ ‘lad’ and ‘girl’ refer to people age 18 and over.

18-year-old Brett was flicking through the TV channels one evening when he came across a documentary about this primitive Amazonian tribe. They were all naked and it all seemed so natural. It got him thinking. It would be fantastic to be able to walk about naked in public like that. He thought to himself: why do we have to wear clothes? Why can’t we all be naked like that tribe? Why shouldn’t we be naked if we want to be? It’s natural. There’s nothing wrong with the naked body. Why shouldn’t we all show it off?

He wanted to do it. He wanted to get his kit off in public. He wanted to be naked in front of other people, just like that tribe. The more he thought about it, the more he wanted to do it.

He watched part two of the documentary the following week and this time some of the men were not only naked but they were in various stages of arousal.  Some of the cocks were fully hard. The guys were getting erections in public and nobody was saying anything about it, the women just going about their business as if it was perfectly natural for the men to get erections like that. One man had the biggest raging hard-on ever. Animals do it so why not people? It was all so natural, the men and women sitting with their legs spread, showing off everything and nobody making a big deal about it. A lot of those women had really fit bodies as well, great tits and great arses. If Brett belonged to that tribe he’d have a constant hard-on drooling over all those sexy women and nobody would bat an eyelid.

He got aroused watching the women walking around with their tits bobbing up and down like that. As he was alone in the house, he got his cock out and watched the rest of the documentary slowly tossing himself off. This documentary, it was better than watching porn.