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Breaking in is easy, but you never know exactly how it will go. She's good, and usually things work out, but when home invaders arrive, looking for the real home owner, she has to play along. Thinking she's the owner's girlfriend, they use her for a hot gangbang. She’s broken in, and now she's being entered in every hole.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~There wasn't a fortune in the safe, but the handful of gold coins and a few thousand in cash she found made a nice addition to her stash. More important was a document tucked in a pocket of the door. It was in a sealed envelope and she put it in her pile of goodies without opening it. She didn't care what it was. She was paid to retrieve it. The robbery, all three, for that matter, were just cover.She relocked the safe and left it looking untouched. Then she took the items to her car, picking up an expensive looking statue as well. She'd drop that off with a friend who would fence it in a couple of weeks along with other things she would give him. He made some money and confused the trail. Even if he got caught all he could say was that some woman gave them to him to sell. He didn't know her real name or where she lived or any of it. In her line of work that was considered a good friendship.With so much time to kill she'd decided to spend the night in the house. It was comfortable and well equipped. A small steak in the freezer looked good, and she put it in the sink to thaw. There were some frozen potatoes that would go well with it. They wouldn't take long to fix in the microwave. She opened a bottle of red wine and left it to breathe and went to the bedroom to take a well-earned shower.Everything about the house was top quality and custom. The bedroom was huge, with plush carpets. Sparsely furnished, the big room held only a dresser, a straight-backed chair, and a large four-poster bed. The walls were dark and covered with erotic pictures, some photographs, some paintings. The pictures seem to have been taken in that bedroom and showed women in bondage, some being banged, some just posed erotically. If you were into bondage, as she was, they were all rather hot.Her professionalism forced her to look more closely, and she found a second safe hidden behind a garish oil painting (not one of the nicest) of a bound woman being double penetrated by two lusty satyrs. Wishing the painting was better, she moved it and opened the safe. This was a better safe and opening it took some effort. Inside she found a large coin collection. Most of it was silver and only worth the weight of the metal. On top were several gold coins, old ones, in plastic. Maybe twenty or so. Those she could handle easily and figure out their value later. She locked the safe, replaced the painting and took the coins down to her car and spread them flat under the floor mats. You never knew who might peek in. Then she went back to the bedroom.The bathroom had a fantastic shower. She took a long and relaxing hot shower and got out feeling refreshed. As she toweled off she examined herself in the huge mirror. Overall, she liked what she saw. Her short black hair was just right for her face and emphasized her lean white body. Soon enough she'd layer an overdue tan on that skin lying on a Brazilian beach…or at least she'd be lying under a man who had a nice tan in a soft Brazilian bed.She sighed, pleased with her plan. She tossed the towel on the floor and walked naked into the bedroom where she found a man sitting in the chair, facing the bathroom door and waiting.

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Nicola Nichols

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This is a work of fiction intended for adults; the people are not actual people but they act like them and a reader would be forgiven for thinking that they were real people. The places are fictional but the author has been in places quite similar. Finally, the story contains graphic depictions of sexual acts and is not suitable for children or those who find sex offensive.

Being a thief, breaking into people's homes for a living, you never know exactly how the job will go, what you'll find. Even if you are careful and thorough there can be surprises. When she's caught by home invaders who think she's the homeowner's girlfriend, when they decide to use her as entertainment, all she can do is play along. Fortunately she likes her entertainment rough.

A Smooth Entry

She came in through the front door, shutting it behind her and entering the code she'd brought into the security system that was beeping to remind her it needed to be placated. After the ninth digit she hit the ENTER key and watched the system give an electronic sigh of relief and go into standby. Buying the codes from the programmer at the security company had been a great investment. For a little cash and sloppy blowjob she'd gotten codes for three houses in the area that she'd targeted. Hitting one a night, starting with the one that would vacant the longest, had already netted a nice haul. This was the third night, the third house. She smiled, enjoying the knowledge that when it came to breaking and entering she was good at what she did.

A quick look around located the door that led into the garage. From inside the garage she easily activated the manual door opener and brought her old station wagon inside and closed it again. She found it so much nicer loading her new possessions in private when that was possible. Then she went into the house, found the safe and opened it. It wasn't much of a safe as such things go, but as good as she was with safes it wouldn't have mattered what kind he had. She had the skills and the time. If it took all night, that didn't matter. Sam Paulson, the owner of this upmarket house had gotten on a plane for Panama City two hours ago. The airline confirmed it. Even if he caught the next plane back, he couldn't be home until tomorrow afternoon, late. By then she'd be aloft in seat 4A (first class) enroute to Brazil.