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Boys Will Be Boys, and when they get horny, many young men will reach for the nearest nubile woman they can find--even if she's immediate family. All twelve of these stories are straight male-oriented, and all but two are incest...sometimes with an extra helping of family orgy and a tiny bit of bi fun. If you want alpha male action, you'll find plenty here, too!~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~As a single mother, I'd had to be strong-willed to raise two children through their teen years to adulthood. It would have been easier with their father, but I'd had to kick him out when they were younger. I still loved him and missed his strong body and keen mind, but I'd caught him deliberately exposing himself to our daughter Camilla, ordering her to fellate him. I burst in just as she reached for him, open-mouthed... and he had to go. A few threats to call the police and take him for everything we had, and he was out the door and living in Colorado. We divorced soon after.I later learned he'd approached our son with the same offer first, but Cameron had smacked him in the crotch with his hockey stick. At least Collin was honorable enough to take a definite NO for an answer. Cameron told me, much later, "I was going to take a chunk out of him with my teeth, but I changed my mind. I wasn't that offended." We never spoke of it again, though I had to wonder what he meant by that.Camilla grew into a little doll, barely five feet tall, with skin like pink Dalton china and ink-black hair. When she wore skirts, she was a real head-turner. She was a free spirit who would happily have gone nude, I think, and I had to remind her about wearing underpants more than once. I also began to wonder just how willing she'd been back when her Dad had made his "offer."Cameron grew into a bookish version of his father: Tall, muscular without really trying, auburn-haired, and glasses. He was very much his father's son, though he was more interested in computers, science fiction, and gaming than women until his senior year. Then he started playing football and dating -- a lot. I even saw him eyeing his sister when she was home from college, and I'm pretty sure he was sneaking glances at me whenever he could. I was getting as much as I needed from my boyfriends, but it felt nice to be ogled by such a young guy, even if he was my boy.

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Boys Will Be Boys

By Silvergray

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

Copyright 2018 Silvergray

All characters in this book are over 18 years of age

Strong Mother, Dominant Son

Families can surprise you. Some psychologists say one reason why incest is taboo in almost all cultures is to avoid dominance games between fathers and sons. But what about when the father is no longer around? How does a mother handle a dominant son who wants to add her to his harem, which already includes his older sister? By standing up for herself... and by using a special sexual technique that keeps him in check.

As a single mother, I'd had to be strong-willed, and just plain strong, to raise two children through their teen years to adulthood. It would have been easier with their father, but I'd had to kick him out when they were in middle school. I still loved him and missed his strong body and keen mind, especially since we'd been the perfect couple, with me steering the family boat and him clearing the obstacles and making sure we stayed on course.

But then I'd caught him deliberately exposing himself to our young daughter Camilla, ordering her to fellate him in no uncertain terms. I burst in just as she reached for him, open-mouthed—and well, he had to go. A few threats to call the police and take him for everything we had, and he was out the door and living in Colorado. We divorced soon after.

I later learned he'd approached our son, Cameron, with the same offer first—but Cameron had smacked him in the crotch with his hockey stick. At least Collin was honorable enough to take a definite NO for an answer. Cameron told me, much later, "I was going to take a chunk out of his dick with my teeth, but I changed my mind at the last minute. I wasn't that offended." We never spoke of it again, though I had to wonder what he meant by that statement.

Camilla grew into a little doll, barely five feet tall, with skin like pink Dalton china and ink-black hair; a true-life Snow White. I wasn't into women, but even I could tell she had a nice figure, and her legs was long for her size. When she wore skirts, as she often did, she was a real head-turner. She was a free spirit who would happily have gone nude, I think, and I had to remind her about wearing underpants more than once when she was young. I also began to wonder just how willing she'd been back in middle school when her Dad had made his "offer."

Cameron grew into a bookish version of his father: Tall, muscular without really trying, auburn-haired, and glasses, though there was a difference he inherited from my side of the family that I found out about years later. He was very much his father's son, though he was more interested in computers, science fiction, and World of Warcraft than women until his senior year. Then he started playing football and dating—a lot. I even saw him eyeing up his sister when she was home from college, and I'm pretty sure he was sneaking glances at me whenever he could. I look a lot like an older Camilla, though I'm taller, and I felt... well, I don't know, pleased somehow that I was able to catch his young man's eye. I was getting as much as I needed from my boyfriends now that the kids were adults, but it felt nice to be ogled by such a young guy, even if he was my boy.

When he was a child, Cameron did everything I told him without question. That continued right up until he left for college. When he arrived home for summer vacation, though, he was a changed man. And he was very much a man, not the grown boy I'd sent away. The glasses were gone, replaced by contacts; he dressed and wore his hair differently, more attractively; and he had an air of confidence that was hard to pin down. And he was hardly ever home, out with girls almost every night. Apparently, school—or the women he found there—had matured him.

He reminded me more than ever of his father, especially when he started doing what he wanted instead of unquestioningly following my orders. Well, he was adult now. That was normal, wasn't it?

I'll admit that I was shocked, but not really surprised, when I came home from work one day and heard him having sex with one of his girlfriends in his room. If the moans, gasps, and cries she released as he made love to her were any indication, he had her over the moon with pleasure. His own vocalizations were limited to grunts, moans, what actually sounded like growling, and a kind of purring after she screamed his name and everything settled down. Wow! He was obviously very good, and I was a little turned on. But I we'd have to have a little talk later, because I didn't think bringing home girls was kosher, especially since we were expecting his sister home from school the next day.

But he never came out of the room with his girl that whole evening. I did hear them going at it a couple of times, but I didn't want to be that mom, so I drowned it out with music and a little buzz-buzz from my battery-operated boyfriend.

I got up early the next morning, before seven, and found a freshly-showered, mouth-watering Cameron sitting at the kitchen table wearing nothing but a pair of loose boxers, eating Lucky Charms. That wasn't unusual; what was was his sister, who was sitting in his lap, wearing a teddy and apparently nothing else, as I could see her pert breasts through the sheer material.

"Morning, Mom," they chorused, and Camilla giggled and gave his cheek a quick peck.

"What's going on?" I asked, a little confused.

"Breakfast," Cameron said. "Cammy already had hers." They looked at each other and burst into laughter. When that settled down, Cameron said, "Oh, by the way, Cammy got in a day early. She showed up yesterday afternoon."

"Really? Where were you, honey?" I asked, as I got out my bowl and the milk.

"Uuhhhh...." Cameron said, then blurted, "Hey, sorry about all the noise last night, but we couldn't exactly go back to her place, now could we?" They laughed again, and I turned to face them, suddenly suspicious.

Cameron was biting his sister's nipple through her nightie, and she was showing every evidence of liking it. "What the hell!" I screamed.

My son lifted his head. "What you heard last night was us, Mom," he said in a husky voice. "Camilla and me. Making love."

"Little big brother fucked me so good!" Camilla crowed.

"I've never had better," Cameron said in that odd voice, which sounded so much like his father's bedroom voice.

"Me neither!" Cammy squealed, and I could tell from the way her brother's hands were moving that he was reaching under her nightie now.

"I'm never going to date again," Cameron said, his eyes smoldering as he looked at me. "I've found my perfect women, and I'm going to give them everything I can, and I'm going to take care of them in every way possible for the rest of my life."

My eyes wide, I squeaked, "What does that mean?"

My son looked me up and down. "It means that Camilla's pussy belongs to me from now on. She's my woman, no one else's. We're going to be a couple. I'll make love to her every night. She'll have some of my children. She'll do everything I tell her to."

"How did this happen?" I gasped.

"When got home and went to take a shower, I followed her into the bathroom. Then I just showed her how big and strong her little brother was," he said, "and she couldn't say no. Well, not after the first minute or so." They grinned at each other.

"You-you're brother and sister! You can't do that!" I shouted.

"Hide and watch."

"You could have thousands of women, but you chose to abuse your sister? Worse, you forced yourself on her? Where did I go wrong?" I burst into tears; I couldn't help it.

"Don't cry, Mama, it wasn't abuse!" Camilla said quickly. "I loved every minute of it!" I looked up at her through my tears as she went on, "Although I'll admit I had to be... convinced a little at first. Cam wouldn't take no for an answer!" She giggled. "But he wouldn't actually hurt me. He loves me! He made me feel soooo goooood that I decided to let him be the boss of me and make all my decisions for me!"

"We'll show you. Hey, Mom, watch this!" He snapped his fingers and pointed down, and Camilla slid off the chair and onto the floor between his legs, which he opened wide. Then she reached into the flap of his boxers...

I couldn't watch my daughter fellate my son. This was the exact reason I had kicked their father out seven years ago. I fled.

"Toll road!" Cameron said brightly, as he stood in the middle of the hall and held out his arms to block the way. It was a game we'd played since the kids were little. Usually the toll was a tickle or a kiss.

It couldn't be that simple anymore.

It was the day after I'd learned about the kids being together, and for the last 24 hours, I'd had to listen to them fuck intermittently. The boy was a stud, I had to say that for them; when they weren't eating, sleeping, or in the bathroom, they were in bed together.

Cameron was wearing black silk boxers and nothing else. I had the opportunity to enjoy the sight of his muscular torso and strong legs, and he looked seriously cute with that tousled hair and sleepy-eyed look—just like a younger version of his father. I had been thinking about what he'd said about finding his "perfect women" and how Camilla would have "some" of his children, and I'd been dreading a confrontation like this.

"What's the toll today?" I asked, my voice level.

"A kiss!" he said. I could hear Camilla laugh farther down the hall as she came out of his bedroom, nude.

"A kiss," I replied. "On the cheek?"


"On the lips?"

"Better, but no."

"Where, then?"

"On him," he replied with a smirk, pointing at his crotch.

"Say yes, Mom! It's incredible!" Camilla called. "He comes so much, and it's sooo sweet!"

"I don't think so," I said coldly. "Now let me by, I need to get the laundry from my room."

"Not till you pay the toll, Mommy Dear," he said, and then shucked off his boxers to reveal the largest, thickest penis I had ever seen. Apparently, this came from my side of the family, because his father's was just large, not as big as I knew my brother's was from spying on him in the shower. As he stepped out of his boxers, I just stared. He penis was hard, so long and heavy that it pointed straight at me rather than pointing up. He stood in profile so I could appreciate it.

He had to be more than 11 inches long.

"And I know how to use him," he told me. "I learned a lot in school this year."

"He did!" said a delighted Camilla.

I swallowed, hard. "Well, your sister may be sexually submissive, but your mother isn't. I'm not your 'perfect woman', I'm your mother, and I'm not going to put my lips on that, that thing. I'm not going to submit to you. Shit like this is the reason I kicked your father out of the house when you were kids!"

"We're not kids anymore, Mom," he said in that sultry voice, taking a step toward me. Unexpectedly, he grabbed my shoulders and pulled me down to his monster cock, til it was in my face and my lips actually made contact. "See? Toll paid! Easy."

When he let go, I punched him in the face so hard he staggered back, his nose bleeding. He wiped the blood off on his hand, looked at it, and grinned suddenly, like a delighted kid on Christmas. "Feisty! I love it! Just wait, Mom, I'll get you for that!"

"I think she deserves a spanky," his sister said, giggling.

"No, she deserves even better!" He waggled his still-hard cock at me. "Just you wait, Mom. When I finally get a chance to get you naked, I'm going to give you a tongue-lashing you'll never forget!" He turned to Camilla. "Now c'mon, Hon, let's get you knocked up."

And they went back into his room, arm in arm, while I went about my business, shaken. I couldn't stop thinking about that monster cock. Later, I went in my room and masturbated for an hour, thinking of him driving that thing into his sister's pussy right that minute. Then I thought about him driving it into my pussy for a while.

He pulled the toll road thing on me again the next day. He was surprised when I said, "Okay, haul it out." There was something I wanted to check.

He pulled out his cock, and I noted that it was "only" about six inches long when flaccid. A grower rather than a shower, then. I got on my knees and kissed it.

My son smiled that delighted smile. "You know, Mom, while you're down there..."

"Say no more." I grabbed his half-hard cock in one hand and took it into my mouth—where I bit it, hard enough to leave toothmarks.

The response was what I'd half-expected. He jerked back against the wall, his cock suddenly at full length and rock-hard. "Ohmigod!" he gasped. "That was fucking awesome. Do it again!"

Heh. So he liked rough cock play as much as his father. I started nibbling up and down his cock, keeping it up for a few minutes, before I bit down a little harder than before just behind the head, scraping my bottom teeth on the sensitive spot on the underside.

That blew his mind! He shouted "ARGH!" and his cock exploded like a cum cannon I couldn't control. He gushed what must have been a cup of his semen all over my face and chest, and then slid down the wall until his ass was on the floor, his cock still dripping. His eyes were rolled back in his head. If he was like his dad, the chomping, as we'd called it, had made him see stars when he came. For now, he was only semi-conscious.

His sister-love existed their room when she heard him shout, and gaped at him as he sat there quivering, his cock slowly drooping and dripping. "I think I broke him," I told her. When she saw me covered with his spunk, her eyes got even wider. "Fix him, will you? I need to clean up."

They were snuggling five minutes later when I left the bathroom, and he was nuzzling her neck. He looked up quickly when he saw I was naked to the waist. "Stars?" I asked sardonically.

"Stars and galaxies," he said quietly.

"Good for you. Don't underestimate your mother again. I know all your secrets," I advised him. "You're more like your Dad than you realize." Then to Camilla I said, "Girl, get him some ice. He's going to need it for the bruising. No breeding for a while, that'll hurt him. He'll have to find other ways to make you happy."

A month passed, and I figured my son had given up on bagging me, because he hadn't said a word or accosted me with "toll road" for a while. I'd accosted him once, but just to see if he was healing all right. He was. He never said a word when I ordered him to haul it out and inspected it.

Damn, he was a sexy kid. I spent a lot of my nights masturbating to thoughts of that cock. And though he made no overt moves, he occasionally reminded me of it by wandering through the house nude and grinning, or sitting on the couch while we watched TV together, while he or his sister traced the outline of his hardness through his sweatpants. I had to admit, I was impressed by his size and virility.

But I was no one's submissive sex slut.

The slope was slippery, though, and I made some stumbles. Like deciding I was going to lay out by the pool in my bikini one day, when the kids were supposed to be out of town at a local ren faire. I fell asleep in the sun while reading, and before long I was having the most wonderful dream, not the first by any means, where Cameron's head was between my legs, working on my pussy with his talented tongue. He started with my clitty, then delved down along the divide between my inner and outer lips, before opening my flower and tongue-fucking me until I came.

That's when I opened my eyes and realized that someone had carefully untied the strings on both sides of my red bikini bottom, then lowered the flap to expose my pussy, which was still tingling. Cameron was on his knees, grinning at me. "Have a nice nap? Pleasant dreams, I hope?" My juices were glistening on his face.

"Wha...?" was all I could say.

"Toldya I'd give you a tongue-lashing to remember someday," he told me, as Camilla came outside with a class of ice tea for him. "Thanks, Hon." Camilla pulled up a lounge chair for him, and he sat down before me, pulling his sister on his lap. They were both nude, and his schlong was already lengthening. "Wanna show you something awesome, Mom."

"No, you can't...!"

"Of course I can. I own this pussy," he said, rubbing Camilla's cunt gently. She grabbed his cock, lifted herself up, and fit it into her. He slid in all the way to his egg-sized balls, causing a little shriek to escape her lips. "I'm all the way into her womb, Mom. This is what true love looks like." And he started fucking her vigorously as her own hands mauled her tits, sending her right to heaven as I, god forgive me, started fingering my exposed pussy.

"Yeah, true love..." he hissed sometime later, teeth clenched as she came all over him, obviously trying to hold back. "We make each other feel damn good. Like nothing we've felt before." After he started pumping again, he ground out, "Guess what... Mother... Camilla is... pregnant. With my... baby. Now she's mine. For sure. Forever."

As he said those words, I thumbed my clit and came, harder than I had in a while.

By then, he'd taken his cock out of her his big sister and pushed her back on the lounge chair, holding his cock over her face and stoking himself. He came suddenly, hosing down her face and pretty little tits with his copious juice. "True love," he groaned when he was finished, smiling at me.

I tied up my bikini and went inside for some true love from my BOB. I couldn't stop thinking how amazingly virile my son was.

I found some of their antics after that rather annoying, I admit. I hadn't raised my daughter to be a submissive little bitch, but I couldn't deny the fact that she seemed deliriously happy to be dominated by her big, strong brother. This bugged me somewhat.

One day, when I got off work, I came home to find them together on the couch in the living room, obviously waiting for me to arrive. Camilla was on her hands and knees, whimpering, while Cameron pounded into her from behind. As I stood there, breath stolen, it took me a moment to realize he was giving it to her anal, and all the way at that! She didn't look too happy about it, but it was only a few minutes before he pushed deep, groaned out his orgasm, and pulled his frosted cock from her rectum, giving me a good look. "Now that's true love," he grunted.

"You said you wouldn't hurt your sister!" I snapped.

"Oh, she wasn't hurt. She loved it, right, Sis?"

"No one can take 11 inches in their ass like that without hurting!"

Camilla murmured, "I came like a hundred times." She looked blissful.

I just tossed my hands up and went to my room to change clothes. True love indeed.

That night, I woke up as a slender girl slid into my bed, then proceeded to push my nightgown up over my chest. She kissed my right breast and started sucking the nipple, while twiddling the left with her fingers. It felt really good, so I let it go for a while before I said, "You seem pretty experienced with this."

She looked up at me in the dimness and said, "I was a lesbian until Brother showed me the error of my ways."

"Well then, daughter, why don't you show me what else you learned when you were a lesbian?"

She slid down, peeled my panties off, and went down on me. She was very good, better than her brother, and he was superb.

We cuddled later, and I was thinking, True love, when she said, "Can you help me with something?"

"Would you like me to eat your pussy? I can do that."

"Not right now, Mama. It's something for Brother. I want to make him happy."

"Hah! I don't think you can make him happier. He really loves you. Or at least, he loves loving you."

"But I can't swallow it all."

"Er, what?"

"His cock is too big! I can't deep-throat him!" she wailed.

I looked at her, brow furrowed. "I don't think any woman could. And does he really care?"

"No, but I can take him all the way in both my pussies! I want to take him all the way in my throat, too!"

That reminded me of something I'd seen in a couple of porno films, and I told her cautiously, "Well, I think I know something that might work." And I told her about it.

Two mornings later, as I was spreading cream cheese on a bagel, a pair of strong arms grabbed me around the waist and picked me up. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" my son cried out joyfully.

When he put me down, I turned to find him naked before me. I lifted an eyebrow. "True love?"

"The truest! Thank you for that thing you told her about! We figured it out, and she barely gagged at all—and I went down her throat all the way to the balls! She said it even made her come!"

"I doubt that," I told him. "Throat-fucking is great for the guy, but the girl doesn't get much out of it. I think you should give her a few extra tongue-lashings or something to make up for it."

"I already did!"


"She's asleep, because I wore her out. But I'm still horny."

"And?" I asked again.

He looked at me sheepishly, like he had when he'd wanted a really big favor as a kid, and I noticed his python raise its head. "Could you, uh, maybe, do the bite thing?"

My jaw dropped. "You couldn't fuck for days the last time!"

"I think I can handle it if it's a little less. I don't need to see the galaxies," he explained hopefully.

"Just the stars."


"I can't believe I'm seriously considering doing this to my son, of all people."

"It's because you looooove me," he crooned.

I looked at my boy-man seriously. "Yes. It is." As I reached out for his cock, he danced back. "What's wrong?"

"Two things," he said. "First, could you take your top off? That would be super-hot. Second, could you put down that knife?"

I did both, and decided to have a little fun before I got down to the serious business. Once they were bare, I put my hands under my tits and lifted them toward Cameron. "You like these?"

"Love 'em! Sister says they're really soft and tasty!"

"Maybe you could give them a good tongue-lashing soon," I told him as I pinched my nipples, sending sweet sensations straight to my pussy. As he reached for them, I said, "No, not now. I'm going to make you feel good today," and I went to my knees. I made sure there was a chair behind him before I started.

He put a hand on my head as I slipped my mouth around his hardness and started sucking. I liked giving a good blowjob, and chomping didn't really allow it, so I was going to begin this way. Soon he was moaning, and swaying enough that his cock was pumping in and out a little, gently fucking my face.

That was when I bit him first. He cried out softly and his cock jumped, but he didn't quite come. Then I got on with going down. That went on for a while, and he obviously enjoyed it, but he really started moaning when I started gently nibbling up one side of his long cock and down the other. Then I did my best to deep-throat it, which wasn't really possible; and just when I felt he was about to lose control, I bit down on the head of his cock to make sure he did.

This time, when he screamed and came, I dived down on his cock and just started to swallow as fast as I could. I even followed him down as he fell into the chair. Damn, his cum was pretty sweet! And there was so much volume that it was filling. I finally understood that "Cammy already had her breakfast" comment from the first morning they were together.

As he recovered, I crouched on the floor in front of him and thrust my hand down my shorts. Fuck, I was horny! I kind of drifted into a haze until I realized he was sitting there just looking at me, back to himself.

"Stars?" I asked.

"Big stars," he agreed.

I nodded toward his droopy dick. "That there a double-barrel?"

"Uh, what?"

"You know. Can you get hard enough fuck again right away?"

His body gave me the answer; the gun in question was already lifting its head. With a smirk, my son said, "Why do you ask, Mommy?"

That "mommy" thing made my cunt twitch, for some reason. I stood and stepped out of my shorts and panties. "Because I want to see what the big fucking deal is."

He grinned. "The big fucking deal is that it's a big fucking deal. You know what my nickname is at the sororities at school?"



"Yikes, that fits."

He lifted it in his hand, and said quietly, "Hop on, Mom."

"I expect you to play with my tits," I told him as I eased myself down, back to him.

"Never fear."

I experienced an intense shiver of desire as I felt the head of the monster cock that had heretofore only been in my mouth touch my vulva. He slid it back, searching for the entry to my vagina... and then it was there, and sliding in.

"I can go for an hour once I've come, Mommy," he breathed into my neck as it just kept going and going up into me. "I'm probably going to end up pretty sore tomorrow."

"Suck it up, sonny," I groaned. "I'm pretty sure your sister ends up sore every day."

When he finally bottomed out, we just sat there for a moment, me on his lap, with his bigness all up in me. Holeeee fuck. I was so full I could barely move, and I was about to come just from knowing this whole thing was so taboo! I had my own son's huge cock all the way up my twat, and I mean ALL the way! I could feel his cockhead at my cervix. It was an odd feeling, but not unpleasant.

"I think I'm starting to get the appeal," I groaned.

His hands come around to cup my breasts, and I felt his lips on that magic juncture of neck and shoulder that must be erogenous on his sister, too. "Mmmm," he hummed, as his hands kneaded my breasts. "They are soft, Mommy. Except for these little pointy parts." He tweaked my nipples simultaneous, and I jumped a bit, which made my overfilled pussy feel good enough for me to sigh deeply. "Oh, you like that? How about this?" He licked my earlobe.

"Fuck yes," I sighed. I put my hands on his, stopping him for a minute. "I want to make clear I'm not going to be submissive to you. This is a joining of equals. Your sister can do what she wants, but you're never going to dominate your mother. No matter how often you fuck her." I let go of his hands.

As he went back to that wonderful tit massage, he asked hopefully, "Does this mean you'll be my woman too?"

"If that's what you want."

"I want, Mommy!"

I said in a low voice, "I think I can safely have a couple more babies before I'm too old. Now, are you going to fuck me or what?"

"Oh boy!" he shouted as he started ramming into me.

I pushed myself up on my tip-toes to match his rhythm, and as the sensations started to flood into my core, I moaned while I still could, "Plant a baby in me, baby."

And that test fuck turned into a celebratory fuck that I'll never forget. At some point, his sister woke up and got involved, and we all screwed each other well into the afternoon. I remember my daughter asking me delightedly, "Doesn't Brother make you feel like a total slut, mom?"

I considered carefully before replying, "No, honey, he makes me feel like a woman."

Three Months Later

I rubbed my stomach, feeling the baby bump as I handed the keys to the new owners of my old house. We were starting over in the town Cameron's university was located in, two states over, where no one knew we were mother, daughter, and son. From here on, we were one true trio, and Cameron would be a father in five months, and again in six.

I'd had no problem transferring my job. Cam would finish his engineering degree, so he could provide for us all properly. But Camilla, whom we were mostly just calling Sister now, had quit school to take care of us all. She loved being pregnant, and we'd both gotten used to her enthusiastic sexuality. She continued to service us on a daily basis, and if anything, had gotten hungrier for her brother's cock and her mother's pussy as the pregnancy hormones invaded her body.

Currently, the two of them were on their way to our new home along with our belongings. I'd stayed behind to close on the house. I told the young couple as they entered their new home, "You'll love it her. I sure did. I raised a very loving family here, with the best boy and girl a mother could ever hope for."

"Oh? Why are you selling?" the young woman asked. She was pregnant, too, showing much more than I.

"Well, they grew up and moved away, and we lost their father some time ago. I've married again, and we're starting a new life in his home state."

"Good for you!" the husband said.

"Yes, it's been very good for me," I said, grinning broadly. "Well, I'll leave you lovebirds to it! I'm off for my new home!"

And with that, I got in my Lexus and dove away. My new job, new home, and new family were waiting, and I was impatient to get home. It was a long drive, but I had thoughts of sex with my eager son and daughter to accompany me on the way.

I just hoped that when I got there, I'd be able to restrain myself from attacking them until after we'd gotten to our new king-sized bed.