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Bound And Gagged For CashClaire is an innocent young woman experiencing some hard times and it makes her agree to a one time escorting deal from a close friend. It seems like a simple enough deal... one night, no rules, $10,000. However when she gets there and is tied up to be at the complete mercy of her friend, she realises just how far he'll go to use and degrade her while she's under his control.He's strong, muscular and has years of built of desire... she finds herself having to work for every last dollar as she is made to do things she never in a million years thought she would!

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Bound And Gagged For Cash | Daniella Fetish

Bound And Gagged For Cash


Daniella Fetish

John saw Claire sitting at a table in the coffee shop the minute he walked inside and the familiar stirring in his pants was unstoppable. She was staring down at the table, but her long blonde hair was tucked behind her ear and didn’t obscure her face. The clear skin, wide eyes, and cupids bow mouth gave her an almost innocent look that was incredibly sexy.

The fact that he knew Claire was relatively shy and innocent only added to the attraction and the idea of corrupting her was a fantasy he often enjoyed. It was what was running through his head at that moment and he closed his jacket and zipped it up to cover his crotch. He shifted uncomfortably as his erection grew and could barely believe that the sight of her pretty face could bring it on.

In truth, it wasn’t just her face that caused it. If he was asked to describe Claire’s body the word that came to mind was voluptuous. Her curves were something to behold although she genuinely seemed unaware of their effect on men. Her favored choice of clothing was simple jeans and t-shirt, but they were usually tight enough to cling to her curves and put them on show. John saw it was what she was wearing as he headed in the direction of the counter, but finally looked away.

There was no one else waiting to be served and he ordered a coffee and sandwich straight away. When they were handed over he walked to the table Claire was sitting at. She seemed unaware of his presence at first as she continued to stare down at the table and he saw the expression on her face.

“It can’t be that bad,” he joked.

Claire almost jumped at the sound of the voice and looked up with wide open eyes. It made her look even more gorgeous and she gave a half smile when she saw who it was.

“It is that bad,” she complained.

John sat down without asking and Claire didn’t protest. He took a sip of his coffee before going on.

“What’s the problem,” he asked.

A rueful expression spread over Claire’s face and she lifted a hand in front of her face and rubbed her fingertips together.

“Money is the problem,” she said to back up the gesture and let out a sigh. “It’s been more than three months since my last job ended and I am starting to think I am unemployable.”

“You are not,” John cut in.

Claire looked at him and the half smile played on her lips again.

“Then why won’t anyone hire me then,” she went on. “I’ve lost count of the number of job interviews I’ve been to in the last three months and it has got me precisely nowhere.”

“Something will turn up,” John encouraged her.