Bought And Knocked Up By The Sheikh - Yarah Isabell - ebook

Right here? So soon? No condom?When Aamilah gets a dream job offer and a first class ride to Dubai, she knows it's strange but is too caught up in the moment to question why she was chosen. Her question is answered as soon as she meets Sheikh Omar Aladem, who tells her the shocking truth.His wife is infertile.She looks just like his wife.He needs an heir.Aamilah will get the shock of her life as she's presented with an offer that renders her speechless - let the handsome billionaire take her rough, unprotected, and for the first time in exchange for unimaginable wealth. She has to make up her mind quick - the Sheikh doesn't like to be kept waiting.

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Knocked Up By The Sheikh | Yarah Isabell

Knocked Up By The Sheikh

Yarah Isabell

Aamilah woke suddenly, as she felt the man next to her fall asleep on her shoulder. He opened his mouth and snored loudly, drool falling onto her shoulder. She shuddered in disgust, and shook him off of her shoulder. He didn’t wake up, but simply continued snoring at an uncomfortable angle. She shook her head. People could be really rude, she thought to herself. Granted, they were on a thirteen-hour flight to Dubai. It was by far the longest flight that Aamilah had ever been on, and she beginning to go stir crazy.

She was on her way from New York City to Dubai, in order to cover the camel races. She had just graduated journalism school, and was working her first job for an online magazine. She was the only one of her colleagues who spoke Arabic, so she was given the thrilling assignment. She knew that nobody really wanted to cover the camel races. It wasn’t an exciting story, or one any Americans really cared much about. But it was an opportunity to travel. Before college, Aamilah had never been outside of her hometown. Her parents emigrated from Saudi Arabia with her and her older brother, moving them to a small town near Portland, Oregon. She had been seven when they had moved, and didn’t remember much about life in Saudi Arabia. She had never traveled far from home, never being much of an adventurer. But when she graduated high school, her parents wanted her to expand her horizons, and go away for college. They wanted to provide her with the ultimate American experience, including living on your own as soon as you turned eighteen.