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"The Boston Terrier has a huge personality- and this book truly captures that to a tee!” Sheridan Simpson, Atlanta, GA. "Boston Terriers are my life – great guide- fun book!" Jackson Pullman, Seattle, WA. “One of the really well done Boston Terrier books out there- especially the life stages, training, and other info and the photographs are top notch." P. Simpson, Portland, OR. Boston Terrier and Boston Terriers is your definitive Boston Terrier Guide! Everything is covered: from Boston Terrier Puppies, Boston Terrier Breeders, Boston Terrier Grooming, Boston Terrier Training, bringing your Boston Terrier home, Boston Terrier Dogs as Adults, Boston Terrier Health & Nutrition, Boston Terrier Temperament, and all the proven INSIDER TIPS you’ll need to have the very best experience with your Boston Terrier! This one-stop resource will help you to care for, train, & build a successful partnership with your Boston Terrier, & makes a great gift for new owners. Canine author Susanne Saben has produced the most in-depth & up-to-date book yet on the Boston Terrier. The 128 pages are easy to read & packed full of practical info & breeders' tips on everything you need to know about getting to know, caring for & living with the magnificent Boston Terrier! Everything is Covered – including: Boston Terrier Puppies – You’ll Learn: How to prepare Your Home & yard What to do when Your puppy first arrives Boston Terrier Sleeping Arrangements Getting through the first week Exercise – how much and what type Crate training for your Boston Terrier Housetraining Socialization – what does it mean and how to do it right Training & Obedience How to avoid the missteps which could make Your Boston Terrier’s personality not turn out right. Boston Terrier and Boston Terriers is full of tried-and-tested personalized advice on what to expect & all aspects of life with your Boston Terrier, from bringing home your puppy through adolescence and into a thriving adulthood. For anyone who hasn’t chosen their Boston Terrier yet there is: Boston Terrier variations and color patterns. Boston Terrier hybrids and how to tell purebred from mixes The Personality of the Boston Terrier vs Other Competing Breeds Boston Terrier Breeders- What to look for (and to AVOID!). Where NOT to Buy a Boston Terrier How to Pick a Healthy Boston Terrier Puppy or Boston Terrier Adult Boston Terrier Socialization Preventing Anti-Social Behavior Learn about Boston Terrier Food-What breeders recommend, Feeding Puppies, Raw Diets, Avoiding Food Allergies, Understanding Dog Food Labels, & Feeding Older Dogs. In Depth- Boston Terrier Health: including Ears, Skin, Allergies, Spaying, Neutering, Vaccinations, Preventing Fleas & Microchipping, Boston Terrier common illnesses and how to avoid them! Renowned world expert advice on the Boston Terrier including grooming & caring for the Boston Terrier coat & skin, and the BEST activities to make them shine! PS: This is not a run-of-the-mill book… it is for true Boston Terrier lovers- full of real world advice on how to make the most of your Boston Terrier’s life and journey together! "The Boston Terrier has a huge personality- and this book truly captures that to a tee!” Sheridan Simpson, Atlanta, GA. "Boston Terriers are my life – great guide- fun book!" Jackson Pullman, Seattle, WA. “One of the really well done Boston Terrier books out there- especially the life stages, training, and other info and the photographs are top notch." P. Simpson, Portland, OR.  

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Table of Contents

Introduction to the Boston Terriers

Chapter 1 –What Were Boston Terriers Originally Bred For?

Why is the Boston Terrier “A Truly American Dog”?

Is there such a thing as an Old Boston Terrier?

What is the difference in a Boston Terrier and a Boston Bulldog?

Chapter 2 –Is the Boston Terrier Right For You?

Is the Boston Terrier a Good Companion?

Is the Boston Terrier intelligent?

Will the Boston Terrier Require a lot of Maintenance?

What is the Weight of a Full-grown Boston Terrier?

Does the Boston Terrier Suffer from Separation Anxiety?

Will I Need to be Active in Order to Own a Boston Terrier?

Can the Boston Terrier be Stubborn?

Is the Boston Terrier Difficult to Housebreak?

Will my Boston Terrier Need to be Socialized?

What is the Cost of Owning a Boston Terrier?

Should I Choose a Male or a Female Boston Terrier?

Chapter 3 –Where Can I Find Boston Terrier Puppies for Sale?

What is the Typical Boston Terrier Price?

Where Can I Find Boston Terrier Puppies for Sale Near Me?

What about any Boston Terriers for Sale Near Me?

Is it Possible to Find Miniature Boston Terriers for Sale?

How Can I Find Teacup Boston Terriers for Sale?

Where Can I Buy Toy-Sized Boston Terriers?

Should I Consider Cheap Boston Terriers for Sale?

Where Can I Find AKC Registered Puppies?

Is There a Special Price for Female Boston Terriers?

Where Can I Find a List of Boston Terrier Breeders Near Me?

Chapter 4 –Should I Consider Adopting a Boston?

Should I Consider an Older Boston Terrier?

How Do I Find a Boston Terrier Rescue?

What Types of Boston Terrier Rescues are Available in Florida?

What Types of Boston Terrier Rescues are Available in Texas?

Where Can I Find Reputable Boston Terrier Rescues Near Me?

Chapter 5 –What Can I Expect When Living with a Boston Terrier?

What is the General Temperament of a Boston Terrier?

Is the Boston Terrier Good with Kids?

Boston Terrier Behavior

What is to be Expected from a Boston Terrier’s Health?

Do Boston Terrier’s Experience a lot of Health Problems?

Pointers on Choosing Boston Terrier Food for Puppies

What Should I Consider when Choosing Food for Adult Boston Terrier Dogs?

What is the Best Food for Boston Terrier Adults?

What is the Best Food for Boston Terrier Puppies?

What About Treats for my Boston Terrier?

Chapter 6 –What are Some Health Issues the Boston Terrier Experiences?

What is Special about the Boston Terrier Muzzle?

Do Boston Terriers Suffer from Allergies?

What is the Boston Terrier’s Life Expectancy?

Chapter 7 –Should I Breed my Boston?

Chapter 8 –What can I Expect When Training my Boston Terrier?

Is Boston Terrier puppy training difficult?

Should I Consider Harness Training my Boston Terrier?

Do Boston Terriers Require a Carrier or Cage?

Chapter 9 –How do I Prepare my Boston Terrier for Crate Training?

Pointers on Boston Terrier Dog Crates

Chapter 10 –What are Boston Terrier Standards and Most Common Colors?

Black Boston Terriers

White Boston Terriers

Gray Boston Terriers

Red Boston Terriers

Brindle Boston Terriers

Red and White Boston Terriers

Tan Boston Terriers

Blue Boston Terriers

Brown Boston Terriers

Seal Boston Terriers

Other Issues in Breed Standards

What is Involved in Showing Boston Terriers?

Chapter 11 –What Items Will I Need in Order to Care for my Boston Terrier?

Boston Terrier Bedding


Boston Terrier Gear

Boston Terrier Dog Bowls

Boston Terrier Collar/Leash/Harness

Boston Terrier Clothing

Boston Terrier Toys

Chapter 12 –What Other Issues Should I Consider When Purchasing a Boston Terrier?

Boston Terrier Items

Harness vs. Collar

Boston Terrier Dog Toys

Boston Terrier Shampoo

What is the Best Boston Terrier Brush?

What Boston Terrier Accessories will I Need?

Boston Terrier Chew Toys

Boston Terrier Gear

Boston Terrier Dog Collar

Boston Terrier Dog Leash

Boston Terrier Dog Bowl

Boston Terrier Dog Bed

Chapter 13 –What are Some Examples of Boston Terrier Mixes?

Boston Terrier Chihuahua Mix

Boston Terrier Pug Mix

Boston Terrier Bulldog Mix

Boston Terrier Beagle Mix

Other Boston Terrier Mixes


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Introduction to the Boston Terrier

I can’t remember a time in my life when I did not own a dog! I’ve owned Beagles, Maltese, and American Bulldogs. However, it was not until I was a young adult that I was introduced to the dog that would become my favorite breed – the Boston Terrier.

Boston Terriers (also known as “Bostons” or “Bosties”) have a personality all their own. Many dogs are loyal, energetic, and affectionate. Those adjectives describe the Boston, but there is so much more that makes the breed special. Perhaps it is the way that Bosties bond with their families. Maybe it is the positive energy that a Boston exhibits. It could be the ability of the Boston to go from hyperactive play to sitting patiently on his owner’s lap. Regardless, the Boston Terrier is an extraordinary dog.

Throughout this book, we will explore the variations of the Boston Terrier – breed standards and colors, Boston Terrier mixes, and the different sizes of Boston Terriers. We will also discuss health issues, training, and finding the right Boston for your family.

I have personally owned five Boston Terriers over the years. I have had newborn Bostons, and I have taken in Bostons who might otherwise have been left to sit indefinitely in a pen outdoors. I have worked personally with each of our dogs. However, much of my knowledge about Bostons is based on research as well! Many things I will share with you via this book are research-based ideas that I have personally tried with my pups.

I sincerely hope that this book provides not only enjoyment in reading but is also helpful. If you are considering purchasing a Boston or adopting, (many awesome dogs are available at Boston Terrier rescues), you are about to embark on a wonderful journey. If you have already brought home your little bundle of Boston Terrier joy, then I hope that this book will assist you with any issue you may encounter as a new pet parent.

I sincerely thank you for purchasing this book! Best of luck as you bring your new Bostie home, and here’s wishing you many, many years of companionship with one of the best dog breeds available.


What Were Boston Terriers Originally Bred For?

Figure 1: Adult Boston Terrier

The Boston Terrier is a fairly new dog breed. Two separate stories exist regarding the origin of the Boston Terrier. While most experts agree that all modern Boston Terriers are descended from a dog named Judge, some historians differ on how Judge’s owner, Robert C. Hooper, procured the dog.

We do know that Hooper obtained Judge around 1870. However, stories differ after this date. Some historians state that Hooper, a Bostonian, imported a cross between a Bulldog and the now-extinct English Terrier from England. This dog is purported to be Judge, whom Hooper would later breed to Burnett’s Gyp – we will return to that story momentarily. Other stories report that Hooper purchased Judge from a fellow Bostonian, William O’Brian. The only certainty that we have from records kept by Hooper is that he did indeed own a dog named Judge and that Judge was bred to Burnett’s Gyp. Burnett’s Gyp is often referred to as “Kate” in historical documents. The explanation for this is that her formal name – what is found on registration papers – is Burnett’s Gyp. However, her family referred to her as Kate.

Figure 2: Map of Boston – The hometown of the Boston Terrier

Out of this union came one pup – a male. He was given the name Well’s Eph.

Judge and Kate would have been larger in size than the typical Boston Terrier of today. According to The Complete Dog Book, Judge was “a well-built, high-stationed dog.” He weighed a little over thirty pounds. He was brindle in color, and his square, block-shaped head was set off by a white blaze down his face. Kate was a white dog (some historians claim that Kate was an English Terrier; there is no concrete evidence of this, however). Kate weighed roughly twenty pounds. No other evidence exists regarding her looks or size.

Figure 3: A Terrier that might resemble Kate.

Surprisingly, many historical accounts paint Well’s Eph as “not very attractive.” No exact details are given about this, so it is difficult to guess what Well’s Eph looked exactly like. However, his lack of good looks did not stop his owner from breeding him. In fact, we are told that Well’s Eph might not have been handsome, but he had some great character traits that enticed several breeders.

In the lineage of Boston Terriers, Well’s Eph was bred to a female known to us as “Tobin’s Kate.” This Kate weighed twenty pounds and had a “fairly short head.” She was a golden brindle color. Historians believe that Eph and Kate produced offspring that was interbred with French Bulldogs, and this is the foundation of the Boston Terrier we know today.

Although Robert C. Hooper and Edward Burnett are credited with creating the foundation of the Boston Terrier breed, they did not christen the breed with that name. Considering that Eph’s offspring likely exhibited a short, square head, many of his descendants were referred to as round heads, bullet heads, or round-headed bull-and-terriers. Some owners referred to their pups as Boston Bull Terriers. In 1889, approximately thirty Boston Bull Terrier fanciers came together to form the American Bull Terrier Club. At this point, the club deemed the dog Round Heads or Bull Terriers. However, a breed referred to as the Bull Terrier already existed, so the club found themselves reinventing the dog’s moniker once again. They dropped the “Bull” from the dog’s name and became the Boston Terrier Club. Four years later, in 1893, the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognized the Boston Terrier. It was the first “made-in-America” breed registered by the AKC.

The Boston was never meant to be a true working dog; however, he is most definitely a “terrier.” Terriers of all varieties are particularly drawn to hunt small animals. At one point in the early years of the breed, the Boston Terrier was used as a “ratter,” which means he was trained to hunt and kill rats. In fact, more than one Boston pet parent has related stories of their pup chasing squirrels. However, today’s Boston Terrier pet is strictly a companion, not a hunter.

Figure 4: The Boston Terrier with an American flag

Why is the Boston Terrier “A Truly American Dog”?

The Boston Terrier is truly an American dog because the breed was developed in the United States. The “Boston” in his name is a nod to his birthplace. Robert Hooper was a native of Boston, Massachusetts. Kate’s owner, Edward Burnett, hailed from Southboro, Massachusetts (roughly thirty miles separate the two locations). Well’s Eph, the offspring of Judge and Kate, was bred many times, but generally within a short distance of Boston.

Because of his origins, the Boston Terrier is truly American made. His nickname, “The American Gentleman,” refers to the tuxedo-style coat pattern of the Boston. While there are variations of the Boston Terrier in color today, in his beginnings, he was generally black and white or brindle and white. (Brindle is a color pattern that is often brown with streaks of other colors, such as red and fawn, mixed into the pattern.) His dark coat contrasted with white markings on his face, chest, and stomach. This pattern of markings resembled that of a tuxedo; hence the nickname.

Some historians claim that Judge himself was half Bulldog and half English Terrier. Others state that Judge was a Bull Terrier himself and that Kate was the English Terrier. Still, others believe Judge had English Bulldog genetics in his bloodline. While no one is certain if Judge was imported from England or if he was actually born in the United States, his progeny does hail from America.

Is there such a thing as an Old Boston Terrier?