Boost Your Self Esteem - Tiziana M. - ebook

Would you say you're a prideful person? Chances are you wouldn't becauseof course we equate pride with vanity and arrogance. A prideful personmust always be bragging about what they have, where they've been, andwhy they're so much better than you.Would you say you have self-esteem or self-confidence? While pride is oftenequated with arrogance, self-esteem and self-confidence are typically thingsthat we admire in others and want for ourselves. When we see a colleaguegracefully making a presentation at the office or a classmate breezingthrough a speech, we wonder how they can do that so easily and wish wehad their confidence. And when we get nervous over the smallest classparticipation or question asked by the boss, we realize how a lack ofconfidence and esteem can cost us dearly.But what really is meant by self-confidence? What is self-esteem? Why arethese things good but we think of pride as being bad?

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