Blow Out Incest: Taboo Erotica - Alix Hart - ebook

Warning: This is a vintage hard-boiled full length (100+ Pages), post-censorship erotic novel. This is bad stuff. Both bad meaning bad and bad meaning *good*. The story is so crazy, we can't even give a proper description. Check out the free sample if you can.**********Tammy giggled. "There's nothing to be sorry about, little brother. Boy! You have really got a whopper there, don't you?""I can't help it. It's what I was born with," Johnny replied, flushing red."And it's so stiff, too, for a dick so big." A knowing smile curled Tammy's lips as she faced her brother under the shower spray. "What's the matter, honey? Do these big tits of mine turn you on?"Johnny moaned miserably and lowered his head, ashamed of his incestuous desires.Tammy took his right hand, which held the soap bar, and pressed it onto her spongy big tits."If you like 'em so much, why don't you help me wash them?"Johnny's hand trembled on her dusky-pink nipple. Slowly he moved his wrist, leaving a film of soap on her firm, rounded tits. The contact with her magnificent tits made his cock grow even stiffer, until the enormous prickshaft was twitching and jerking violently."Why, Johnny, look how hard your cock has grown!" Tammy said, with seeming innocence. "It looks like you want to do a lot more than play with my knockers, doesn't it?"

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Blow Out Incest

Alix Hart

Copyright © 2017

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 1

Her legs were long and shapely, tapering into rounded, spongy asscheeks without a trace of fat. Thick black curls bearded her pussy and her moist cunt slit was still as wet, slick and tight as a teenage girl's. There was nothing wrong with her, Marion concluded, almost unhappily. She was still the most desirable piece of ass in suburbia.

But her husband still didn't want to fuck her.

Sighing, Marion turned away from the full-length bathroom mirror where she had spent the past ten minutes analytically appraising her naked body. There was no point in thinking about it any longer. Men still propositioned her wherever she went, men still pinched her tits and ass, even high school boys got hard-ons from watching her walk down the street. But her husband Mike was in their bed right now, and Marion knew that when she joined him under the covers he'd roll over and pretend to be asleep.

She didn't know how much longer she could go on like this. Marion's personality was a frustrating combination, veering between a chaste, loyal morality on one hand and a burning need to get fucked on the other. She didn't want to cheat on Mike, but she was beginning to think she had no choice. She felt too young, at age thirty-six, to go the rest of her life without cock.

A grunt punctuated the stillness of the night, followed by a wheezing, contented snore. Her husband was asleep. Marion leaned against the bathroom counter and furtively rubbed her pussy as she thought of him, his lean, muscled nakedness under the covers, his soft cock curled upon his thigh.

His long, thick cock, the cock that had once been so perpetually big and stiff. He used to want to fuck her constantly, Marion remembered, groaning; his massive prick had given her two beautiful children, had made her so happy during the first years of her marriage. She could imagine it now if she tried: the hot, throbbing column of cock flesh, the way it felt as it separated her pussy lips, boring greasily into her cunt.

Leaning against the counter, spreading her feet on the floor, Marion began to jack off, spearing her fingers rhythmically in and out of her pussy. Soon her cunt was hot and dripping, and she felt the inner muscles of her pussy clinging to her fingers with every thrust. Suddenly she realized that she couldn't take it anymore. Mike was going to fuck her tonight, whether he wanted to or not.

It had been three weeks. That was much, much too long. Frowning anxiously, Marion stepped out of the bathroom into the darkened bedroom, shutting the door quietly behind her. Mike's curled-up body was barely visible in the bed across the room. His snoring was steady. He was fast asleep.

Tiptoeing across the plush shag carpet, she stood beside the bed and looked down at him for several seconds. Her heart was racing with lust and fear; she felt like a little girl looking at a dirty magazine, excited and afraid of being caught.

Marion bit her lip, took the hem of the blanket between her fingers and pulled it slowly to the foot of the bed, exposing her husband's naked body. Again she paused to stare at his cock, feeling her cunt burn and throb as she imagined the thick prickshaft filling her pussy. Then she reached down, held his cockhead between her thumb and forefinger and lifted it from where it lay on his wrinkled balls.

Mike stirred and snorted, but his eyelids never fluttered.

Marion hesitated again. She'd never done anything like this before, fondling her husband's cock without permission. It was proof of her extreme horniness that she was about to give him a blow job in his sleep.

Mike was sleeping on his side, facing her where she stood. His cock was only a few inches from the edge of the mattress.

Marion fell to her knees on the carpet, bringing her to eye level with his flaccid prick. Raising her arms, she kneaded it gently with both hands.

"Ungghhh," Mike groaned. He stirred, even more imperceptibly than the first time. He smiled slightly in his sleep.

Marion felt his prick begin to swell and grow in her hands. Expertly she continued to fondle his cock, stroking the loose flesh of his shaft while pinching and tickling the fat, rosy knob.

Mike's big cock grew further, rising and thrusting up from his thigh. Seconds later his dick was as hard as bone.

Marion released his cock and stared at it, leaning forward so she could see his hard-on in the dark. Her pussy literally drooled as she admired his prick; she had to repress the urge to mount him and start fucking as hard as she could. Her husband's cock was eight inches long and extremely thick. It had been Marion's fondest memory of their wedding night, one of the reasons she had found fucking so pleasurable from the start.

Bending forward, Marion extended her tongue and licked the tip of Mike's stiffened cock. She moaned as she savored the salty taste of his cock; she'd almost forgotten how good a prick could taste after three long weeks. Marion's cunt throbbed with rhythmic urgency as she eagerly anticipated sucking all of her husband's cum down her throat.

Pinching the shaft between her thumb and fingers, Marion slid her tongue all over the bulbous knob of his hard-on.

Mike only sighed and smiled in his sleep. His prick began to pulse and twitch.

Opening her mouth wide, Marion took the first several inches of his big cock down her throat. Tenderly she closed her lips in a wet circle around the cockshaft, though she longed to pucker her cheeks and suck his delicious prick as hard as she could.

She had to wait, though. Her plan was to make him unbearably horny and stiff before he awoke. Then she'd be sure to feel his cock thrusting in her pussy, where she needed it most.

Flaring her nostrils for air, Marion lovingly began to suck her husband's cock. Expertly her full lips clung juicily to his elongated prickshaft, tugging it with a soft, tantalizing pressure as her tongue rolled repeatedly around the cum-bloated knob. It was less of a blow job than it was a feeding, as if she were a little girl nursing on the cum that would shoot out of his cock.

"Ungghh," Mike groaned. His eyes remained shut, but he stirred much harder than before. "Unhhh, whassat?" he grunted. "Mmmmm ... "

Too hard, Marion thought. She tried to make herself suck more gently, but it was impossible. She was much too turned on. Harder and harder she sucked his cock, tightly pursing her lips around the prickshaft under the knob. Her hand closed slowly around the base of his cock. She started to jack him off as she sucked.

"Mmmpphh! Ungghh!" Mike growled, and this time his eyelids did flutter. "God damn ... what ... mmmphhh ... "

He was awakening now, but his prick was as hard as steel. Marion was sure he'd be horny as he regained consciousness, and her pussy would get the savage fucking it had needed so desperately for weeks.

Throwing caution to the winds, she started sucking his cock like a machine, as hard as she could. Slurping, gulping sounds filled the bedroom as her lips and tongue worked on his hotly throbbing cock. Marion pushed her head forward, panting through her nostrils, until she had nearly all of his swollen prick pulsing and oozing cream down her throat.

Mike opened his eyes and looked at her blearily. "Umph ... Marion ... what the fuck're you doing down there?"

"I'm giving you a blow job, lover," Marion whispered, wantonly mouthing the words next to his saliva-slickened cockhead. "Doesn't it feel good?"

Mike sighed dreamily and rolled onto his back, still half-asleep despite the stiffness burning through his massive prick.

Marion rolled with him, sprawling onto his thighs, now sucking his cock from above.

"Turn on for me, lover," she hissed, hornily, desperately. "Your cock is so big and beautiful. Don't you love it when I make it hard?"

"Mmmmm," Mike replied.

Marion crouched over his body, kneading his hairy balls with one hand, feverishly jacking off his thick cockshaft with the other. Her head began to bob up and down over his up-thrust prick; shamelessly, noisily, she fucked her face with his enormous cock.

"Ungghhh," Mike sighed. Slowly he began to warm to the exquisite pleasure of having his cock sucked. "Christ, Marion ... " He thrust his hands behind her head, curling his fingers in her thick, dark hair. "Jesus, I got a bone. Suck on it now. Make me cum."

As her cheeks flushed deeply with the intensity of her sucking, Marion forced all eight inches of Mike's cock down her throat. She grunted luridly as her lips pressed around the base of his cock, tickled by the curly hairs growing around the root of his prick. Violently her cheeks puckered inward, mustering all her sucking energies around his rock-hard dick.

"Ungghh!" Mike pulled her hair and grimaced in delicious agony as the cum began to churn in his balls. "Gonna cum, Marion." He bucked his ass off the mattress, fucking her face with his drooling, throbbing cock. "Oh shit, I can feel it, I'm gonna spurt any second. Suck on it, do it hard!"

That was enough. Marion was dying to feel his creamy jism spurting down her throat, was anxious to suck up every drop. But the pleasure of eating his cum would have to wait until another night. Her plan had worked, and she needed to get fucked.

Marion stopped sucking her husband's prick, pulling her head from the grip of his fingers. She mounted him as quickly as she could, before he had a chance to react. Her knees dug into the bed to either side of his hips. Her spread-eagled thighs revealed the wetness of her hair-fringed pussy, throbbing with need less than four inches from his spongy cockhead.

Mike glowered at her. "God damn it, Marion, why'd you have to stop? I was about to cum."

"You're going to fuck me," Marion said hoarsely. She reached between her thighs and held his cockshaft in position, preparing to fit the knob into her pussy. "Please, Mike. You don't know how badly I need this. It's been three weeks since you fucked me. I can't take any more of this."

"I gotta wake up tomorrow," Mike protested. "I'll fuck you some other time."

Ignoring him, Marion pushed his bloated cockhead onto the gushing lips of her pussy. A hot flash of need surged through her cunt as she felt the first contact with his huge prick.

Her cunt slit opened, welcoming the invasion of his hard cockshaft. Marion shuddered and began to rotate her hips, groaning deliriously as she took inch after inch of her husband's prick into her cunt.

"Oh, shit." Mike stared at his blue-veined cockshaft, watching the length of his prick disappear slowly into her hairy pussy. "Jesus you're wet down there, Marion. You really want it bad tonight, huh?"

"Unh ... unhh ... unhhhhhh," Marion groaned. Her mouth lolled open as she continued to push her hips down, until she had all eight inches of Mike's cock inside her cunt. For several seconds she sat on top of him without moving, savoring the way his hard prick separated the sucking, clinging walls of her pussy.

"Okay, bitch," Mike grunted. He grabbed her hips and began to buck his ass off the bed. "You win. You got me horny. Now finish what you started. Fuck me hard."

Marion lifted her ass, shuddering convulsively as the steely pole of her husband's cock pulled from her sopping-wet cunt. Her hips began to buck, contracting the peach-shaped cheeks of her ass. Marion frantically started fucking, pounding her pussy up and down on his long prick.

"Harder, bitch," Mike demanded, digging his fingers into the humping cheeks of her ass. There was both lust and anger in his voice, as if he couldn't forgive her for turning him on. "You started it. Now you're going to make me come."

Marion leaned forward and held onto his shoulders, changing the angle at which his throbbing cock speared into her pussy. Her enormous, stiff-nippled tits dangled over his chest.

Faster and faster she fucked him, until she was bucking her ass as hard as she could. The bed began to creak beneath them, so noisily that Marion worried briefly about awakening her two teenage children, sleeping elsewhere in their sprawling suburban house.

But she was much too horny to think about it for more than a second. Marion's pussy was as wet as it had ever been in her life, oozing fuck juices every time her husband hammered his cock into her cunt. Her clit was stiff and swollen; a deep burning sensation had begun deep inside her cunt. Soon she was going to come.

"Fuck me, Michael!" she cried. Marion pistoned her ass hard enough to break the bed, slamming her hairy pussy repeatedly onto his prick. "Unngghh, yes, it feels so fucking good! I love your big cock inside me! Fuck me with it! You're making me come!"

Totally excited now, no longer concerned about sleep or awakening for work the next day, Mike wrapped his hands around his wife's huge tits. Hungrily he squeezed and milked the creamy globes, tweaking the rubbery nipples with his fingers. At the same time his hips bucked hard off the bed, meeting every stroke of her gushing cunt.

"Keep fucking me, shit, harder, do it haaard!" Marion cried. She clawed his shoulders and moaned like a wounded animal as the heat of coming built steadily deep inside her juicing cunt. Mike's cock was as hard as a rock; she knew he was close to coming too.

"Fuck meeee!" she shouted. "Unh Michael, oh lover, I'm getting so close! Unh unh unh unh ... "

Suddenly Mike stopped thrusting beneath her. Shuddering, lifting his ass, he buried his big prick as far into her pussy as he could. Marion felt the hunk of cock growing to an enormous size deep inside her buttery cunt.

"No," she grunted. Consciously she flexed her pussy muscles, as if that would stem the tide of jism she knew was about to erupt from her husband's balls. "No, please, Michael," she pleaded. "Not now. Hold it ... just hold it for a second, will you? Don't shoot now. I've got to come ... "

"Ahhhhhh," Mike sighed.

An incredible jet of salty white jism shot from the tip of his prick, shooting all the way into his wife's burning pussy. It was followed by spurt after violent spurt of cum.

Mike sighed dreamily and worked his hips beneath her, ramming his squirting cock in and out of her clinging cunt slit.

Marion squealed and fucked him frantically, but it was no use. Once the last drops of cum had oozed from his prickhead, his cock quickly softened inside her. He'd just fucked her without making her come.

"No, Michael." Groaning miserably, Marion continued to hump on top of him, hoping to keep the hardness in his wilting cock. "You bastard, keep it up for me. You fucker ... oh please, just keep it stiff ... "

Seconds later, his flaccid cock flopped out of her aching pussy. Marion immediately climbed off of him and popped his prick into her mouth. She sucked it so hard her cheeks flushed crimson, desperately trying to give him another hard-on so he'd fuck her and make her come.

Mike's cock stayed soft.

Marion sucked his prick feverishly, until her lips felt like they'd fall off. When she stopped she realized that he'd already fallen fast asleep.

"Michael?" Marion shook him gently, unable to believe that he could do this without satisfying her. "Mike? You're pretending, aren't you? You're ... "

Mike interrupted her with a snore.

For a long time Marion stared at his lidded eyes, repressing the urge to strangle him as the burning ache in her pussy became painfully intense. Then she climbed off the bed, walked into the bathroom and slammed the door furiously behind her.

How could he, she thought. Marion sat on the toilet and spread her legs wide. Immediately she began to fingerfuck her sopping pussy, ramming three fingers in and out of her cunt. Dirty bastard, getting off and leaving her to do this to herself. She was going to cheat on him, she thought adamantly. Spread her legs, do it on the floor, fuck the first man who got a hard-on looking at her stacked, big-titted body.

The pleasure quickly exploded inside her pussy, making her clit tingle and her cunt muscles suck around her fingers.

"Unggghhhh," Marion grunted. She bit her lip and quivered as the spasms of orgasm gushed through her pussy. "Oh, fuck, oh, yessss, unh, unh ... ahhhhhhh ... "

Then the spasms subsided as quickly as they'd come, not nearly as satisfying as the come she might have enjoyed while impaled on her husband's cock. Marion withdrew her fingers from her pussy and hung her head in despair. Tears came to her eyes. Softly, quietly, she started to cry.

No, she knew she wasn't going to cheat on him. At least not as easily as that. That was the trouble with being a good, wholesome girl at heart, Marion thought, sniffling. The guilt would have been too much for her. She wouldn't cheat on her husband except as a last resort.

Why couldn't she be more like her daughter? Marion managed a slight smile as she thought of her, her Tammy, a blonde high school junior who'd inherited every bit of her mother's good looks and voluptuous body.

Tammy was an honor roll student, but her big-titted, slender, long-legged figure had also made her the number one sex-pot in her school. Marion had never questioned her daughter about her love life, but she had a strong feeling that Tammy wasn't a virgin. She also suspected that Tammy would have been quick to find another boyfriend if a male failed to give her cunt the fucking it required.

Yes, why couldn't she be more like her daughter, Marion thought. Young, bold, free ... Marion began to fingerfuck herself all over again, shamefully fantasizing about what her daughter did on her dates.

Chapter 2

Unlike the average parent's appraisal of his or her child, most of what Marion thought about Tammy was correct. She was certainly, for instance, the most desirable piece of ass in her high school. Teachers and students alike coveted her, drooling over her long blonde hair and deceptively wide, innocent blue eyes, the perfect body and the ample tits that filled her sweaters to bursting. When Tammy became a senior the next year, it was generally assumed that she'd become the Homecoming Queen without much competition.

Marion was also right about her daughter's character and sex life. Tammy wasn't a virgin, hadn't been one for four years. She fucked for the fun of it, and would have rapidly left any boy who failed to fulfill her desires. Though, considering the mouthwatering voluptuousness of her body, Tammy would probably not meet such a boy for many years to come.

What Marion didn't know was how extreme Tammy's desires were. Tammy wasn't simply bold, she was arrogant, moving carelessly from one male to another, oblivious to the feelings she might hurt on the way.

She was also a nymphomaniac, at least in the popular sense of the word. If Marion had thought about it, she would have guessed that her daughter fucked once or twice a week, and went through no more than a couple of boyfriends a semester. This estimation, however, would have been far from accurate. Tammy fucked virtually every night, and she didn't much care who she fucked. Along with her beauty, she had also inherited her mother's extreme sexual desire.