Blood, Blood Everywhere - Elias Zapple - ebook

Nine year-old Florin is a thirsty vampire. The reason? Most of his blood has been sucked out by his friend, Nicu. Florin rampages through the town of Biertan, drinking as much blood as he can. Soon everyone in Biertan is low on blood, and seeking revenge on all vampires. Nicu faces a big challenge. Keeping Florin in check and stopping the angry townspeople from killing vampires. 

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Nicu – The Littlest VampireIn

‘Blood Blood Everywhere’

Book Three


Elias Zapple


© Elias Zapple, 2014

Illustrated by

Reimarie Cabalu


This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to real persons or vampires, living or dead or undead, is purely coincidental.



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Title Page




Chapter One – Bloodthirsty

Chapter Two – Thirsty for Blood

Chapter Three – Blood Overflow

Chapter Four – Thirsty for Bloody Revenge

Chapter Five – Blood Lust

Chapter Six – Blood Brothers

Chapter Seven – Out for Blood

Chapter Eight – First Blood

Chapter Nine – Blood and Thunder

Chapter Ten – Milkshakes Are Thicker than Blood

Chapter Eleven – Blood from a Stone

Chapter Twelve – In Cold Blood

Chapter Thirteen – Blood, Sweat & Tears

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There was a cool, crisp breeze in the night air, owls hooted, doors creaked and stars shone. Three blood-thirsty child vampires flew into the Romanian town of Biertan, or as vampires called it Cină, (which if you had read book one you’d know meant ‘dinner’). Nicu, Florin and Felix were these vampires (though at this moment they were bats), and each was very hungry as it was vampire lunchtime. The Biertan town clock struck 1 a.m.

Nicu (who normally turned into a sparrow rather than a bat) was the smallest of these three - probably due to a lack of real human blood during his formative years. He’d only just stopped drinking cow’s blood, which was the alternative to the more nutritious human blood. If he’d had no blood at all then he’d have turned into a vegetarian cat, and being a vegetarian cat in the Carpathian Mountains was not a good career choice. Flying with Nicu were Florin and Felix. Florin was the tubby one, having regained most of the body weight taken from him when Nicu had finally gotten his fangs and decided to drink most of his blood. The other bat was Felix, a goofy vampire that had been dropped on his head numerous times – and that was just that evening.

“Will we ever get there? I’m starved!” Florin rubbed his belly as he flew.

“What’s with you? You’re always hungry.” Nicu shook his head.

“No, I’m not. I’m just a healthy growing vampire - that’s what my mum and dad say.”

“I never said that.”

“You’re not my mum and dad, Felix.”

“Where do you want to eat? That house?” Nicu pointed at a medieval, three-storey townhouse that had an open window at the top.

“Let’s just eat! My fangs are hurting, and my stomach’s thinking of finding another vampire who’ll feed him more.”

Nicu shook his head at Florin. Florin was never this hungry not even before Nicu had made him thinner than a very thin twig.

“Need blood!”

Nicu turned to Florin. “What did you say?”

All three bats entered the bedroom of the house, and saw that two adults occupied it; both sound asleep in their bed. Nicu, Florin and Felix turned into vampires and went over to the humans. Florin started salivating - saliva dripped from his fangs, his mouth, his tongue and just all over, until a pool formed at his feet. Nicu looked at him. Disgusting!

Florin rushed over to the nearest adult and bit at her neck, puncturing her skin and drinking and drinking and drinking, as Felix and Nicu drank from the male. After thirty seconds Nicu and Felix were done. They went to the window to leave, and saw Florin still biting down on the woman’s neck and drinking away. The woman was changing, getting ever more pale and thin. Thinner than a twig!

Nicu whispered, “Florin!”

Florin kept drinking then looked up. He stopped. “More!” He went round to the male and drank from his neck.

Nicu had never seen anyone drink like that before. He seemed to be sucking up blood twice as fast Nicu and Felix did. “Florin’s a machine!”

“Machines don’t drink blood.”

“Shut up, Felix.” Nicu went over to Florin and tapped him on the shoulder. “We have to go.”