Blindfolded - Domina Martine - ebook

This book contains Very Naughty Erotica themes of Lesbian BDSM, Bondage, Domination and Submission as well as the use of BDSM devices.While a Mistress and her Submissive are spending a day off together snuggling in the warmth of their bed, the doorbell rings. There’s a package and it’s for the Mistress.The Submissive has been quite busy behind the scenes….The Mistress looks down at her Submissive with eyes of hunger, making her Submissive shiver with anticipation, hoping her plans will have the desired effect.The Mistress reaches into the box, perhaps there’s some new toy she can use…Then she pulls out a black blindfold made of silky satin a pair of leather ties and a pair of nipple clamps which she takes and swings them by their chain. But after she blindfolds her submissive, she may have other plans in mind…….Download "Blindfolded" right now!

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Title and Copyright



By Domina Martine

Copyright 2016 Domina Martine

All rights reserved.

~~ All characters in this book are over 18. ~~

No part of this publication may be replicated, redistributed, or given away in any form without the prior consent of the author or publisher.

I glanced up at the TV, she was still flicking through the channels trying to settle on something to watch, and I snuggled in tighter to her on the bed, a rare day off during the week to spend together. I sighed contentedly.

The doorbell rang and I grinned quickly then returned my face to a passive expression before looking up at her with feigned puzzlement. "Expecting someone, babe?" I asked tilting my head to look up at her.

She shook her head as she looks down into my puzzled expression, slipping effortlessly from the bed, "I'll go see who it is."

As soon as she left the room, I got out of the bed to rummage through the closet. Finding what I was looking for, I quickly stripped off and slipped on my new pair of shoes I'd hidden at the back of the closet.

I closed the curtains to darken the room and set about preparing the it. My time was running short as I heard her footsteps on the stairs. I lit the last two candles, shut the door and ran over to jump back on the bed. Piling the pillows up I laid back on them, stretched out with my feet crossed at the ankles.

"The package is for you..." Her voice trailed off as she caught a glimpse of me. My heart fluttered as her eyes trailed from my feet to my eyes and back down. "New shoes?" she asked.

Smiling softly I barely nodded, "The package is actually for you, you should open it..."

She gave me a quizzical look as she peeled the box open, her eyes moving between me and the box. She pulled a layer of bubble wrap from the box and I watched her expression change, she licked her lips and looked up at me. Gone were the questioning eyes, replaced with a hunger, the look alone made me shiver with anticipation.

She reached into the box again, “Someone's been shopping hasn't she?"

Unsure of my voice I just nodded. She smirked and I immediately realized my error and stuttered "Yes, Ma’am."

"Mmm, that's my good girl, or maybe you wanted me to test some of my new toys out..."

She pulled out the pair of nipples clamps and swung them by the chain. "My dear, we will have fun tonight..."