Black Men Like Them THICK - Lisa Mulaton - ebook

Black Men Like Them THICKDanielle's thick, curvy, and unloved. Men her age seem to be afraid of real women, and she hasn't met a man yet who can handle her. Out of desperation, she dates a guy she knows isn't good for her, and it all comes to a head when he shows up at her work, abusing her in front of her co-workers.Thankfully her muscular black co-worker, Sean, comes to her rescue. Sean isn't like the other boys... he knows a real woman when he sees one, and wastes no time in getting to know her and taking it as far as he can go.

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Black Men

Like Them THICK

Lisa Mulaton

Table of Contents

Title Page

Black Men Like Them THICK

Danielle daydreamed as she stocked the shelves. It was her favorite escape. There was something that was disturbing her mind and she didn’t quite know how to handle it. Her relationship with her boyfriend was on the rocks, and she had asked him to give her some time out so that she could know what she really felt first. She was a pretty, kind woman, and she deserved better than to be with an abusive man who treated her like he did not trust her at all. He could not even stand it when she went to lunch with her male colleagues, and he would get all violent when she got home and he found out. That was the main reason that the young woman had decided that she needed a break. She was fed up of the violent nature and mistrust that Matthew had. In the morning she had waited until he was gone from her house, before she changed the locks so that he would not have access. She intended to stay away from him, and bring her life back on the road. Who knows, maybe she would find the right person, a man who would treat her like a queen and satisfy all of her needs as a woman. She walked out of the store, going back to the main supermarket to see if everything was in order, when someone grabbed her hand from behind.

“What the hell did you think you were doing when you changed the locks to your house? Do you think that it is going to be so easy to get rid of me?” Matthew shouted at her as he spun her around to face him roughly.

“Matthew, what the hell are you doing at my work place?”

“You answer my questions first, you fat bitch,” he shouted back.

“Will you lower your voice, you’re causing a scene,” Danielle was embarrassed to notice that everyone within vicinity was looking at them.

“I can talk the fuck how I want,” he slapped her on the cheek, the pain stinging her.

“Hey, leave Danielle alone, will you,” Sean, one of her co-workers dashed in to intervene.

“Fuck off, stay out of this or you might get hurt you black motherfucker.” Matthew shouted, his face burning with fury.

“I won't stand here and watch you abusing a woman, how shameful are you?” Sean replied.

Matthew turned to look at Sean, and then swung a fist at his face. Sean ducked just in time and threw an uppercut at Matthew, striking him under the chin, while another blow landed in his belly. Even more furious, Matthew went charging at Sean, but Sean got him first, by taking a hold of his shoulders and driving his knee into Matthew's crotch. As Matthew moved back in pain, Sean swung him another blow, hooking him under the chin and sending him flying across the floor to land into a heap on the floor. Matthew got up in pain and ran out of the store, while Sean hurried over to Danielle with a worried look on his face.

“Are you okay, did that asshole hurt you?” he asked, taking his hands to her face and making her look at him as he studied the place where she had been slapped.

“Yes, Sean, I'm fine, and thanks for coming to my rescue,” Danielle replied, actually feeling pretty proud of Sean.

“I suggest that you stay as far away from that guy as possible,” Sean said, concern still registered on his face.