Bisexual Lisa Discovers Herself - Lady Devreux - ebook

Life doesn't always turn out how you expect it to. Forty-two and divorced, as Lisa navigates the new course of life that she is on, she finds unexpected pleasure in ways and with people she would have never suspected! Most importantly, Lisa discovers true passion, and Lisa discovers herself. Full length bisexual romance novel, with adult themes (18+). Excerpt: Simone re-appeared wearing only a g-string, the rest of her body exposed to her best friend. Lisa had seen Simone topless many times before- after all, they had been room- mates, and women were not self-conscious about being semi-nude in front other women they lived with, especially- but this was different. This time, there was sex in the air, and this time, Lisa actually noticed her friend, actually was looking at her in asexual way for the first time. Her best friend’s body was flawless, God she is perfect, and Lisa could not get control of herself, too far gone to stop what was coming. “Why don’t you get undressed?” Simone said, setting the drinks down, as she rejoined Lisa on the couch. “I-“Lisa began to protest, but Simone put a finger to her lips, stopping her resistance. This is going to happen- I am going to have sex with another woman.

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Chapter One

“Hello, may I please speak to Lisa Fox?” a man’s voice said.

“Yes, this is her,” Lisa answered, not recognizing his voice.

“Hi, my name is Ron Smythe, and I’m calling from Tennessee Jewish Hospital,” he announced, “I was looking over your online resume, and I think you may fit perfectly into a position we currently have open.”

“Really?” Lisa said.

“Yes,” he continued, “So have you ever worked in environmental services before?”

“No,” she said, “What’s that?”

“Only the most important support position in the hospital,” he said. “Our Environmental Services department cleans the floors, makes the beds, and ensures both our guests and our employees a safe, hygienic environment to work in.”

“Well, I’ve been a mother for twenty three years, “Lisa said. “So if anyone knows anything about cleaning, it’s me.”

“Good, that’s good,” he said, “Can you come up here tomorrow at 4 pm for an interview?”

As Lisa jotted down the directions to his office, she found herself happy with anticipation.

A year ago if you told her she’d be looking forward to the possibility of cleaning up people’s shit and changing their sheets for a living, she would have told you that you were crazy.

Now, though, things were different. While working for the hospital wouldn’t make her a millionaire, it would be more than enough to pay the bills. They had to pay at least ten bucks an hour, and although she would be forced to commute nearly two hours daily, what mattered was she would be able to get her and Victoria by on that.

And the best thing was, it was a recession-proof job. No matter how bad the economy got, people would still get sick, and they would still need to go to the hospital, where they would need fresh blankets and towels and a clean room to recover in.

While everyone believed that the incoming president was the most wonderful thing since sliced bread or the invention of the wheel, the economy was growing worse by the day, eight years of mismanagement and costly wars for oil taking their toll. There was a definite possibility that General Motors was going to go bankrupt, and the other major local car manufacturer, Nissan, was also scaling back production. Just like Michigan, Tennessee had become heavily dependent upon the automotive industry for its economic well-being, and the future wasn’t looking good.

After she thanked Ron and hung up the phone, it rang almost again immediately.

“Hello?” Lisa said.

“Hey, girl,” said the familiar voice of Simone, who still sounded like the daughter of Detroit that she was.

“I got a job interview tomorrow!” Lisa blurted to her best friend.

“That’s great!” Simone said. “Where?”

“At Tennessee Jewish Hospital, in Nashville,” Lisa explained.

“Doing what?” Simone asked.

“Environmental services,” Lisa explained. “But it’s a job.”

“There’s nothing wrong with that,” Simone said. “My sister-in-law has been with them for twelve years now, and she does good for herself… So who is your interviewer?”

“Some guy named Ron Smythe,” Lisa explained.

“That’s great, “Simone said. “He’s a really nice guy, and he has a soft spot in his heart fro stay at home moms that are returning to the workforce. Each shift has its own interviewer, and he’s the guy for second shift. Alicia used to work for him, until she switched to first. Everyone starts on second shift, but they pay more, and you can get more hours.”

“So it should be at least thirty hours, then? “ Lisa asked. A lot of people had been laid off in the last few months, but for everyone that had lost their job, there were two or three who had their hours reduced to thirty or less. With those kind of hours, a person couldn’t survive.

“Thirty? Some weeks you might get sixty!” Simone said. “A lot of people can’t handle working in environmental, and either quit or get laid off in their first ninety days.”

“Why?” Lisa asked, “I mean, with the economy being so bad, and good paying jobs hard to come by, I don’t see how anyone would quit or let a job go by their own choice…”

“It’s dirty work. You have to deal with feces, and blood, and urine,” Simone explained, “They are very strict about attendance and breaks as long as you are on your probationary period and the bosses there don’t cut much slack. ”

“That’s understandable,” Lisa agreed, “It is a very necessary job, the whole hospital depends on being clean, but I just don’t get how someone would give up because it’s hard, especially in these tough times.”

“I don’t either, but you should be fine,” Simone agreed.

“So how are things going with your family?” Lisa asked.

“They cut me back from thirty to twenty-five hours,” Simone said, “They keep saying things are going to turn around as soon as the economy stabilizes a little bit, but publishing is just like the car business, we depend on the whole country for our orders, so when people have less money to spend, we suffer. Buffalo Publishing has never suffered a loss before. We do eighty percent of the on-demand publishing in the world, but even so, the bosses have been whispering about lay-offs. Right now they are trying to keep everyone they can, because they think things will recover after Obama takes office.”

“As for Martin, he’s like the rest of Saturn, scared,” she continued, “He’s been there since day one, and he never thought they would be considering doing away with the whole division. That’s what’s wrong with General Motors, they killed Oldsmobile and now maybe Saturn and Pontiac. Instead of selling cars that people want, they have been sinking money into Hummer.”

“Yeah, I know, I hear it from Charles, “Lisa agreed, “He’s talking about going back to Michigan.”

“Does he really think he is going to get a transfer?” Simone asked.

“No, he thinks he can go back to his old firm,” Lisa explained.

“I think he’s trying to run game on you,” Simone said. “Ain’t nobody back home hiring, not even for accountants, and besides, you really think he is going to give you a dime if he’s out-of-state?”

“He’s been really good about it so far,” Lisa answered.

“Maybe so, but good luck with that when he’s gone, “Simone said.

“I could always sue for child support, “Lisa said halfheartedly.

“Yes, but by the time you get any of it, Victoria will be married and have kids of her own”, Simone said. “It takes years to fight that through the courts, especially if it is across state lines.”

Lisa knew that her best friend was right. Michigan’s court system was notoriously slow, and if Charles did leave Tennessee, whether or not she continued to receive any support or not from him was dependent on his good graces.

“I’m just telling you like it is,” Simone said.

“I know that, “Lisa said. “So how are you guys doing?”

“Ok,” Simone said. “We have the house and the cars paid off, so we’re still ok. When Martin took that fifteen year mortgage, I thought it was foolish, but now I’m glad that I listened to him. Jerome is probably looking at a scholarship, so no worries there, either.”

“That’s good, “Lisa said, with just a hint of envy. She wished she had been as lucky as Simone, to have both a good son and a good husband.

“Yeah, we’re really proud of him,” Simone continued, “He’ll be the first one in either family to go to college. So how are the girls doing?”

“Jessica is having a lot of trouble finding a job with her degree,” Lisa said, “I really wish she had taken a more sensible course of study, like nursing. I told her that recording industry degree was a bad idea, about as good as art history, but you know how she is, she won’t listen to reason, never has…”

“Well, from what I remember, you were the one who was studying art history, “Simone goaded her best friend.

“True, but I wasn’t actually planning on trying to find a job with it, either,” Lisa said defensively.

If a comment like that had come from the mouth of anyone else, Lisa would have been offended, but coming out of Simone, she just laughed.

Simone was her best friend, and the sister she had never had.

They had been dorm-mates back at Ann Arbor during freshman year. At first, Lisa, the Polish girl from Hamtramck, and Simone, a Black girl from the ghetto of Five Mile Road, had clashed like plaid and stripes. As time went on, though, they grew to become deep friends, discovering that similar personalities and a common human experience built bonds of friendship that far outweighed tastes in music, clothes, or men.

After Lisa had moved in with Charles, her and Simone lost contact, only to run into each other three years and three states later. Martin and Charles worked in two completely different branches of the same company, Martin in production, Charles in financial, but they both worked at the same sprawling plant. They were both invited to the same company picnic, and that’s where the two best friends found each other again, next to the table with the hot dog buns and hamburger rolls.

“Diane’s still at UT, and Victoria has another year to go in high school,” Lisa added.

“Victoria’s the one to watch,” Simone said, “I bet the boys are all over her like shit on a pig….”

“Boys?” Lisa laughed. “Hell, you should see the way men our age stare at her!”

“That’s why I’m glad I never had girls,” Simone said, “They are easier when they are little, but as they get older, they are a lot more to keep up with.”

“You think Dominick was any easier?” Lisa asked her friend.

“No,” Simone said, danced around that barrel of monkeys, “Well, I have to go into work pretty soon.”

“Ok,” Lisa said.

“Call me and let me know how it turns out with Charles, “Simone said,

“If you ever need any help, just ask- you can always come to me.”

“I will“, Lisa agreed.

Lisa didn’t like discussing Dominick, even with her best friend. Simone and Charles were diametrically opposed in almost all respects, but the one thing they seemed to agree upon was that Lisa was way too hard on her son. Hell, even Martin probably thought so, though he had never said anything about it.

People went to prison because they had fucked up, pure and simple, and that’s what Dominick had done: fucked up.

Lisa arrived at Mr. Smythe’s reception room fifteen minutes early, and she was surprised to see that there were five other women- and one man also- waiting to be interviewed.

The youngest woman looked to be no older than eighteen, a cute little red head that could have been one of Victoria’s classmates, and the oldest female there was a grey-headed Black lady who could was old enough to be her grandmother. Lisa observed that the younger women were dressed informally- one even went so far as to wear jeans and a yellow t-shirt- but the old lady was dressed in a brown and grey outfit that reminded Lisa of a hotel uniform, minus the name tag.

Lisa looked over her own attire, a peach-colored blouse and conservative grey slacks, and she was worrying about the impression she would make upon Mr. Smythe.

Was she over-dressed?

Was she under-dressed?

Lisa noticed the man in the room, and he looked very out of place.

He was either Hispanic or Italian, with jet-black hair and pale skin. He was clad in a button-up black silk dress shirt, black slacks, and designer dress shoes, his hair slicked back with either gel or mousse. As she passed by him to take her seat, the smell of his cologne wafted off of him like the smell of halibut off of the Tacoma docks, and he seemed completely disinterested in what was going on around him.

The way he was dressed, even his very facial expression, suggested money and class, so what the hell was he doing here, applying for a glorified maid’s position?

A very short, very fat, very Black and very gay man opened a door, his bald head glistening like a cue ball. Carrying a huge bear claw pastry in his left hand, he looked right at her and said, “Ms. Fox?”

“Yes,” Lisa answered, following him into his small office.

Between his tight grey turtleneck and his undersized institutional desk, he seemed even larger, but she found herself relaxing in his presence. His massive bulk gave him the look of a friendly panda bear at the zoo, not a ferocious grizzly in the woods. A box of pastries and a pot of coffee adorned the top of his much-utilized desk, and he sat down with a groan from his chair.

“Forgive me, but these chairs keep getting smaller every year,” he chirped jovially, extending his palm and five fingers that looked like sausages.

“Nice to meet you, Ms. Fox, I’m Ronald Smythe,” he added.

The interview took about half an hour. At the end of it, Lisa felt that she was almost guaranteed the job. Ron had been employed with TJH for ten years, and he enjoyed being in a position where he could give people a chance.

All she needed to do now was pass a background check and a drug screen, and he ensured her that he would be calling her back. As she left the office, she saw that the other interviewees were gone. Maybe they were interviewing for other positions. There was no reason to worry, really, she was certain she had the job.


Chapter Two

When Lisa tried to start her car, the ignition wouldn’t turn over.

Shaking her head, and then cursing, she tried it again and again, only to get the same result. Nothing.

This can’t be happening.

She had to be in Nashville in an hour and a half, to do her drug screen and her background check.She had no choice- if she missed them, she could kiss this job goodbye.

So she tried again and again, but still it wouldn’t fire up.

Her vehicle was only seven years old, and it shouldn’t be doing this, but it was. Frustrated, she pounded the leather steering wheel with her small fists, the horn blowing angrily and hard.

Fuck me, I don’t need this now. I need this job.

As she cursed General Motors, Tennessee, and the bitter January cold, and as she was still trying to get her car going, she was almost scared to death when she realized someone was tapping on her window.

It was only Jerry, her next door neighbor, though she barely recognized him in the bulky blue New York Rangers pullover coat he was wearing.

Since her automatic windows were frozen shut, she opened her door.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“My car won’t start, and I have to get to Nashville,” Lisa stated.

“Well, you’re in luck,” Jerry said, “I was just about to go there myself, so why don’t I give you a ride?”

Under normal circumstances, there was no way Lisa would have rode anywhere with Jerry, or with any man she didn’t really know. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust him. It was that he was a man she barely knew, and a woman has to be careful around strange men, even if they are neighbors.

Jerry had moved into the three bedroom split-ranch home across the street four years ago, and in that whole time, she had never seen him have any visitors. While being a loner didn’t make him a serial killer or even a bad guy, the way he conveniently checked his mail every time she did the same, struck her as strange. Plus, ever since Charles had moved out, Jerry always said hello when he saw her across the street, although he had never crossed that black asphalt barrier until now.

Jerry wasn’t a bad looking guy, he was just weird.

He always wore clothes that were horribly, garishly, out of style, cut up jeans and Megadeth t-shirts seeming to be his favorite. Until a few months ago, Jerry had cultivated a mullet. He probably would be a decent looking guy if he only updated his taste in clothes, and got a good, modern hair cut.

At one point, Lisa had found the rocker look hot- when she was in high school.

Now it was as out of fashion as a high five, and on a man under forty, there really was no good excuse.

“I don’t want to trouble you,” Lisa answered, stubbornly turning the key once again.

“It’s no problem-o,” he said, “I work in Nashville.”

“I have to take a couple of tests for TJH,” Lisa said, “Which I’m sure is out of your way.”

“Really? That’s where I work!” he said.

Lisa knew there was no getting out of this ride, without seeming like a total bitch. If she refused his offer, it would obviously be a rejection of him as a person, and besides, she really did need a ride. Simone was at work, and who knew how much a cab would cost her from out here?

“Ok,” Lisa agreed.

She walked over with him to a white Ford F150, and as she climbed up into the cab, the inside of the vehicle was just what she expected from a guy like Jerry.

Opening the door, she smelled hot dogs, and climbing in, the reason was obvious. The entire floor and back seat were covered with a variety of gas station-style paper dog trays, some white, some striped, all stained with mustard and microscopic remnants of relish and onions. Several empty Twix wrappers completed the pile of trash, as well as a small stack of twenty ounce Big Red bottles.

Pure nastiness.

“You must love hot dogs,” Lisa remarked, as she buckled herself into the passenger’s seat.

It's just a single ride.

“Yes, they justify the existence of New York City,” Jerry said, guffawing, “All the money those bankers up there have stolen from us over the years, they have to give something back, right?”

I don't understand the connection between a meat product and the financial industry.

“So what do you do at the hospital?”, Lisa asked, changing the subject.

“I fix equipment,” Jerry said, turning onto the street,” Radiology and EKG machines and stuff like that.”

“That’s interesting. How did you learn to do that?” Lisa asked him.

“When I was in the Army,” he said.

“You were in the Army?” Lisa said, surprised.

I thought the military taught people to be clean.

“Yeah, from 95 to 01,” he said, “Joined right after high school.”

For the next twenty minutes, Jerry detoured his mind into memory lane, in the way that her dad and her grandfather had done, when they got to reminiscing about their own military experiences. Listening to his tales, Lisa realized more and more that Jerry wasn’t a bad guy, just different than most people.

“So are you and Charles still together?”, Jerry asked, changing the subject suddenly.

“No, we are divorced,” Lisa answered, “Why?”

“Would you like to go on a date this weekend?” Jerry asked her.

You are more interesting than I thought, but still not my type.

“I don’t know,” Lisa said, staring out the window.

She was trying to be nice- since Jerry was a former soldier and all, that was the least that she could do. Still, there was no way that she was going to see him on a romantic level.

“Come on, it will be fun,” Jerry whined, “Nothing serious, just a good time…”

The whining isn't going to win me over, Jerry.

“I don’t think I’m ready for that yet,” Lisa said, trying to be diplomatic.

“You don’t think he isn’t out there already?” Jerry reasoned.

Lisa knew that Charles was “out there”- hell, he had been “out there” when they were still living in the same house, and that’s why they were divorced. Still, she didn’t feel ready to date, even if Jerry had been as clean and polished as a new aircraft carrier.

Sorry, Jerry, I just have too much going on.

“I’m sorry,” Lisa said, “I just don’t think so.”

“Ok,” Jerry said, obviously disappointed, “I won’t pressure you, but here’s my number.”

“How is that not pressuring me?” Lisa asked, laughing.

“Well, you’ll need a ride back today, won’t you?” he reasoned.

“Yes, I guess so,” Lisa conceded.

Her tests took half an hour or so, and when she was done, she tried to find an alternate way back to Spring Hill. She really didn’t want to ride with him. Jerry really hadn’t pushed her, but she didn’t want to give him any false hope, either.

Men are just like dogs- if you even look in their direction, all that does is encourage them!

Giving up on alternate transportation, Lisa ended up calling Jerry, and he was more than happy to give her a ride back.

On the way back, Jerry didn’t make any kind of move or even another verbal suggestion to her. He simply turned up some Metallica on the radio, and although Lisa wasn’t a metal fan, she was glad for the aural distraction.

It's hard to think about things you didn’t want to think about with the clanging of drums and the squeal of electric guitars in your ears. When she arrived back home, she thanked Jerry, and offered him a few dollars for gas, which he refused to accept.

Too bad he doesn't take better care of himself- he really isn't a bad guy.

“Lisa, he really doesn’t sound like a bad guy,” Simone said.

“I know, but he’s just…” Lisa said.

“Goofy?” Simone laughed. “So what? He at least has a personality, unlike Charles. Is that really a bad thing?”

“No, but--“, Lisa said. “It’s just…”

“Do you think that Martin isn’t goofy sometimes?”Simone said.

“Martin? Goofy?” Lisa questioned. She knew Martin, and he was far from goofy or odd.

“Yes, Martin,” Simone said. “The first year we were married, he still wore Spiderman pajamas.”

“Are you serious?” Lisa said, surprised, “I didn’t think they made them that big.”

“Well, I didn’t either, but he found them God only knows where,” Simone laughed, “Look, give the guy a chance, that’s all I’m trying to say. So what if he’s a little different than other guys- that can be a good thing.”

“Well-“, Lisa tried to interject.

“And he does own his house, and has a good trade,” Simone added, “That’s a definite plus.”

“I’m not a gold-digger,” Lisa said, defensively.

“I never said you were,” Simone answered her, “But it’s better to have a guy with money who can pay his own way at least, than someone who expects you to foot the bill, isn’t it?”

“True,” Lisa conceded, “But I don’t need anyone.”

That Friday, as she went out to get the mail, Jerry waved at her, and Lisa reconsidered.

It doesn’t even have to be a date- we can just hang out as friends, there is absolutely no harm in that.

“Hi Lisa!”, Jerry said, smiling, crossing the street.

“Hi Jerry,” Lisa answered him, acting as if she was more interested in her stack of bills than conversation.

“So where’s your car?” Jerry asked.

“It’s at the shop,” Lisa answered. “They told me it needs a new engine.”

“So how are you going to get to work, then?” Jerry asked with genuine concern.

At least you care about something more than yourself.

“I don’t know yet,” Lisa answered, “So what are you doing later tonight?”

From his facial expression, she could tell that he had never expected her to say that!

“Umm, not much,” Jerry stammered in shock.

“Do you still want to take me out?” Lisa asked, surprised at her own sudden bluntness.

“Yes, of course,” Jerry said, “Where do you want to go?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Lisa said, “Why don’t you surprise me?”

“Ok,” Jerry said, and more emphatically, “Ok!”

“I’ll meet you here at seven?” Lisa asked.

“Sounds great!” Jerry agreed.

Lisa pecked him on the cheek and as she walked back inside of her house, she felt him watching her the entire way. Lisa put a little twist in her hips, just for his benefit. Lisa was almost as surprised as he was at what had just happened.

Did I really ask him out?

Later on, as she got ready for her “date,” Lisa stepped out of the shower, and looked her naked body over in the mirror.

Not bad for forty.

Her long hair was still the same strawberry blonde it had always been, thick and vibrant as ever, hanging down to her shoulders like a golden hood. While she wore reading glasses- some parts of ageing can not be avoided- her eyes were the same ice-blue they had always been. Despite the slight creases on her forehead, her face was still what you would call pretty.

True, not as pretty as those Hollywood actresses with their money and their surgeons on call, but Lisa was still a natural beauty, with her small nose, and her full, red lips.

Looking down at her chest, she cupped her breasts in her hands, rolling the pink nipples between her fingers, first the left and then the right. Thirty six in size, she had grown from a C to a D when she was pregnant the first time, a definite improvement in Charles’ eyes.

After her last child, Lisa had worked her body hard, putting two hours a day on the Nordic Trac after Victoria was born, and the results were obvious.

Her abdomen was still flat and toned, and her ass was round yet firm. From the back, she could easily pass for a woman of twenty-five. No wonder Jerry was running after her- she was what you would call a MILF, and she knew it.

So why had Charles discarded her physical beauty for the plainness of a dumpy brunette?

Lisa had never been with a younger man before, or one much older, either. Charles was only two years older than her, and the other guys she was with before him, had also about the same age as her. Jerry was ten years younger than her, and the idea was somewhat intriguing, on a physical level.

If they were to sleep together, would she have to teach him, or would he teach her?

She found herself running a finger across her narrow slit, as her other hand toyed with her right breast, the idea of a fresh cock suddenly entering her mind.

The last cock she had experienced other than Charles was that of Dominick’s real father,and Lisa had forgotten how another man might feel.

Charles had been an okay lover, simply satisfactory, neither the best nor the worst; sometimes she had gotten off with him, sometimes she hadn't. Part of it was his size- he was only about five inches in length, and while that wasn’t freakishly small, just on the underside of average, Lisa had never felt full with him inside of her.

Dominick’s father had been huge, and he knew how to fuck a woman.

He sure did, Lisa reminisced as she played with her button sized clit.

Why was it that she still felt that way about that man, after all of these years?

There was a side of her that wanted the bad boys, the men with tattoos and motorcycles and a devil-may-care attitude. This was a side she had ignored and buried deep inside her soul from the day she had married Charles.

This was why she was so iffy about Jerry, or part of the reason, anyway, whether or not she admitted it. He was a nice guy, he was stable, and he was safe as oatmeal. He wanted her so bad, he would worship the very ground she walked on, if she gave him the chance to do so. She knew that she was in complete control of the situation that was developing between them, that she could make it or break it any time, and in any way that she chose.

Yet she found herself masturbating to the thought of being filled once again, of being utterly possessed and controlled by a man that she had no hope of controlling.

Lisa sat down on the lid of the toilet and fingered her pussy. Her eyes closed as she imagined sucking on a big hard cock, as she imagined her pussy and her ass being filled completely, and she came within moments.

Gathering herself, she got dressed, putting on her garments for the evening.

Tight blue jeans that clung to her ass like the skin to a sausage, the logo of the jean company proudly displayed across her posterior. She wore a sweater over her shoulders, a designer model that would both keep her warm, and show off her breasts.

Spraying herself gently with perfume, she realized she was trying to bring out the animalistic male in Jerry. She was going to make her desire clear to him in the most primal, physical way. If he didn't act like too much of a dork tonight, then he was certainly going to get some of her pussy- she needed some dick, craved some cock, and all he would need to do was not fuck up somehow.

“Got a date, mom?” Jessica asked as she stepped into the hallway.

“Yes, I do,” Lisa conceded to her oldest daughter.

“With who?” Jessica asked, surprised at her mother’s affirmative answer.

This was a long running joke between her and her daughter- Jessica would always ask this question, and the answer was always no.

“Jerry,” Lisa said.

“That weird guy from across the street?” Jessica said, making a slight face.

“Yes,” Lisa said, somewhat offended.

He was weird, but admitting it made her feel like she was a little bit off herself for agreeing to go out with him.

“I thought he liked men,” Jessica said, shrugging her shoulders.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” Lisa said, rolling her eyes,“That’s real nice of you to say that.”

“Sorry, mom, but he is kind of strange,” Jessica said.

“That doesn’t make him gay,” Lisa said, defending his honor, not just to her daughter, but in her own mind as well, “And at least he holds a steady job.”

This was a definite dig at Brandon, Jessica’s on-again, off-again boyfriend. Lisa didn’t understand what her daughter, normally a very smart young woman, saw in that east Tennessee redneck. He lived at home with his mother, he drove a beat-up Dodge Dakota you could hear a mile away, and he talked like Gomer Pyle on a bad day.


Chapter Three

When Lisa saw Jerry, she was pleasantly surprised how much he had cleaned up.

He wore normal clothes- clean blue jeans and a button-up plaid shirt- as opposed to his usual ragged attire. While this would never win him any beauty contests, he at least looked decent.

Maybe this wasn’t such a mistake, after all.

“Ready to go?” Jerry said, eying her approvingly.

“Yes,” Lisa answered. “You look nice, Jerry.”

“So do you,” he said.

As she climbed back into the Ford, she was surprised to see that it was spotlessly clean. All of the wrappers and cardboard trays were gone, as well as the soda bottles. While the scent of hot dogs still lingered in the air of the cabin, it wasn’t the overpowering stench that had filled her nostrils the other day. It was a definite improvement- Jerry was making an effort, and a man only makes an effort for a woman that he is really interested in.

“Ever been to Cracker Barrel?” Jerry asked her.

“Actually, no,” Lisa admitted.

All of the time that she had lived down here, never once had she dined at the chain that was known for serving Southern-style food across the country.

“Oh, you’ll love it then, they have great food,” Jerry said. “I hadn’t been there in awhile myself, so I figured we’d go there for dinner.”

“Are you from Tennessee?” Lisa asked suddenly.

Only a local would want biscuits and gravy, or grits, for dinner.

“Yeah, from White County,” he answered her.

“Where’s that?” she asked him.

Lisa had lived here in Tennessee for eighteen years, but Tennessee’s unique geography ensured that all but lifelong natives and long-distance truckers were prevented from knowing the entire state. It was like Michigan- people from the upper peninsula rarely ventured south, and few people from the main portion of the state went north.

“The area around Sparta,” Jerry explained, “It’s a small town, about two hours east of here. It’s past Murfreesboro, and past Smithville. I’ve been in Spring Hill for about four years now.”

“Have you ever been married?” Lisa asked him.

“No, and I don’t have any kids,” he said, pre-empting the next logical question.

Lisa wondered why that was.

By thirty, almost everyone was- or had been- married, and/or had children. She couldn’t figure it out. Jerry was financially successful, he owned his own home, and while he was no Adonis, he seemed like a good, decent man.

No wonder why her daughter thought he was gay- that was a good possibility when a man was as together as Jerry, and was never seen with a woman.

Lisa's first impression of the place was that it was an upscale redneck restaurant. It was a food place for working class people who had too much money to have to eat fast food, and it served menu items that one could find at the old greasy spoon diners back home. She ordered herself a steak and salad, Jerry had an order of biscuits and gravy, and Lisa mostly listened to him talk about himself.

Such is the way of all men- they go on a date with women, but they pick the place, and then it is hard to get a word in edgewise!

Jerry had lived up north, in Pennsylvania, for a couple of years after he got out of the service, with a much older woman and her three kids. He hated the cold weather, and as soon as the relationship turned bitter and icy, he had come back home to Tennessee. The reason he had picked Spring Hill was that it was a nice sized town, not too far from Nashville where he did most of his work.

Jerry was definitely nice, but not very exciting.

Mentally, she found him moving inexorably into the friend category. She had come out tonight with the idea that she was going to be ending the evening with a hard, younger cock buried inside of her, but the more he talked, the more remote that possibility became.

After dinner was over, he asked her what she wanted to do next, and she said that she wanted to go home. She could tell that he was hoping to spend more time with her, and her earlier masturbation left her feeling a burning physical need for some manly attention, but she needed to think things over in her own head before even thinking about having sex. Jerry was reminding of her of the last man she had started seeing as a friend, the man she had married, Charles, whether or not he was intending to do so.

Lisa didn’t want another guy like Charles in her life.

Not that Jerry was a cheater like Charles- she didn’t know him well enough yet to make that judgment. But, he was also dependable and boring, just like her former husband. In some ways, it would be nice to have someone to cater to her every whim again.

Ever since she had played with herself in the bathroom this evening, she was thinking that she’d like a good solid fucking more than anything else right now- another permanent relationship could wait for the time being. If Jerry was like Charles outside of the bedroom, there was a good chance he was like him between the sheets, too.

“I’d really like to see you again,” Jerry said as they got out of his truck.

“Me too,” Lisa answered, unsure if she really meant it or not.

She allowed him to plant a shallow kiss on her cheek- it was the least he deserved for the evening, even if she wasn't going to fuck him.

“Well, call me, or hell, just come over, whenever you want,” Jerry said.

“I will,” she said.

As soon as Lisa walked back inside of her house, she called Simone.

If anyone could help her sort through the feelings she was going through right now, it was her best friend. Simone always seemed to know exactly where things stood.

“Hi, Simone?” Lisa said.

“Hi, Lisa,” Simone answered, “So what’s up?”

“I went out with Jerry tonight,” Lisa said.

“Really? So how did that go?” her friend asked.

“Better than I expected, honestly,” Lisa admitted. “He cleaned up quite a bit, and he even looked halfway decent. “

“See, I told you!” Simone said, “So where did you guys go?”

“Just to Cracker Barrel, here outside of town,” Lisa said. “I still don’t know about Jerry, though.”

“Why not?” Simone asked. “You gave him just a little bit of a chance, a little hope, and look how much he already improved. Imagine how much more he’ll improve if you agree to go out with him a second time?”

“Maybe,” Lisa said.

That was one thing he had over Charles. Charles didn't care about how he looked, no matter what. At least Jerry could be motivated to care.

“So what’s the problem, then?” Simone asked. “Is it that you are feeling guilty because you went out with another man?”

“No,” Lisa said, though that was part of it.

No matter what Charles had done, it still didn’t feel right going somewhere with another man. Being married a long time will do that to anyone.

“Well, you shouldn’t,” Simone said, “I know that you were with him for twenty-three years, but the past is the past, and you need to move on, so why not see where things go with Jerry?”

“He’s just too safe,” Lisa said, not admitting to her friend that he reminded her of Charles, “There’s no excitement there.”

“Are you looking for a man, or just for a one night stand?” Simone asked her, bluntly.

“Simone!” Lisa said.

“Seriously,” Simone explained, “If you just want sex, you should just go down to the bar, and pick out the hottest looking guy that’s there, and-“

“Look, it ain’t about sex!” Lisa said, offended.

It was about sex- at least tonight- but she didn't want to admit to her friend that she had been cruising for some cock.

I'm not some slut simply because I want some dick, am I?

“Ok, fine then,” Simone continued on, “Then you need to look at the big picture. He’s a nice guy, he has his own house… does he have an ex or any kids?”

“He told me he’s never been married, and he has no kids,” Lisa answered.

“That’s a good thing,” Simone explained, “Less baggage then. And how many men in this state are like that?”

“Like what?” Lisa asked.

“Single, self-sufficient, over twenty-five, without a trunk full of baggage,” Simone said. And, answering her own question before Lisa could, “Very few.”

“True,” Lisa admitted.

Funny how a woman’s best friend could sometimes think things through better than she herself could. That’s why women were so close to their friends, in a way that men couldn’t fully understand.

“And you did have a good time tonight, right?” Simone asked.

“Yes, I did,” Lisa answered her, “It was nice not having to cook for a change.”

“Look, just give him a chance, “Simone said. “Don’t rush into anything. Go out with him a few more times, and see how things go between the two of you. You are coming out of a marriage, so you should proceed with caution, but you need to go about your own life, and move on from Charles. The only way that is going to happen is if you start spending time with other men. Things will work out. So, when do you start at the hospital?”

And a good best friend knows when to move the conversation along.

“Monday, at 3pm,” Lisa said, “I don’t know how I am going to get back and forth to work, though.”

Not without depending on Jerry.

“I’m sure it will work out,” Simone reassured her. “I’d love to talk all night, but me and Martin were just about to head out the door to a party-“

“It seems like you guys go out somewhere every weekend,” Lisa laughed.

“Yeah, that’s how we keep it interesting,” Simone laughed back, “Anyway, give me a call on Sunday.”

“Ok,” Lisa said, and she hung up.

The idea of having a simple, true one-night stand did have its advantages.

It had been so long since Lisa had felt a tongue in her pussy, or a cock…but Lisa dismissed it almost as fast as the idea came to her. While she missed having sex, she didn’t need nor want all of the nonsense that could result from picking some stranger to fuck. You never knew whom you were really meeting at a bar, until you were at their mercy.

So after placing the phone back in its cradle, she decided to satisfy herself.

As soon as she entered the dark safety of her bedroom, Lisa slipped out of her sweater, and then her jeans, running her fingers underneath the fabric of her panties. She began stroking herself, stroking her pussy as she had done so many times since her sex life had become nonexistent.

Hell, who am I kidding- half the time when I was still fucking my husband, I still had to get myself off after he’d busted his nut.

Sliding two fingers inside of herself, she closed her eyes, and pretended it was some random raven haired guy with huge cock.

The memory of the dark-haired man who had been in the waiting room at the hospital floated into her mind, and Lisa embraced it.

I bet he has a huge cock, thick, uncut, and at least eight inches long.

Lisa picked up her pace, three fingers now deep in her twat.

In her mind, he was bending her over the bathroom sink, plowing his turgid manhood into her, as he pulled her hair. He took her with power, he took her with force, and he took her completely, all the way to the bottom of her insides. Lisa came all over her fingers, and as she often did, brought them to her mouth, savoring her own juices.

Lisa never did know why she liked sampling herself so much. Lately, she had enjoyed the sweetness of her own cunt’s flavor almost as much as a bowl of butter pecan ice cream.

Do other women taste the same as I do, or are they different?

Quickly, Lisa dismissed this random thought.

I am definitely not a lesbian, and my misguided thinking is only due to a lack of sex. Hell, if Jerry came knocking on her door right now, I would make him fuck the hell out of me!

Staring at the red digits of the digital clock radio on her bed stand, which sat silently like a sentinel, she drifted off into deep, restful sleep. Alas, if he had only come a knocking or had called her, he would have gotten what he’d wanted from her for so long.

Lisa was busy cleaning up her yard when she saw Jerry headed her way, back to his normal self. Dressed in a faded black Van Halen T-shirt, tore-up jeans, and ratty Converse sneakers, the sight of him in such a fashion dispelled any lingering nocturnal fantasies about him.

He was just Jerry, good old goofy Jerry, and he was definitely not the well-hung knight of passion she had masturbated to last night.

“Hi, Lisa,” he said, smiling as he always did.

“Hi, Jerry,” she answered, smiling at him.

“Haven’t got your car back yet, have you?” he asked.

“No,” Lisa frowned, “Why?”

“So what time do you have to go in on Monday?” he asked.

“I have to be there at three, so I have to leave by two,” Lisa said.

“You know, I may be able to help you out,” Jerry said.

He hasn't given up yet.

“Don’t you go in to work in the morning?” Lisa asked him.

“I do,” he said, “Can you drive a truck?”

“Why?” Lisa asked, curious.

If he is trying to give me his truck to use- that is way too much!

“I can’t do that!” Lisa said.

“No, silly, I have a second truck. I don’t mind loaning it to you, until you get your car up and running,” Jerry said, in a rare moment of understanding.

Loaning someone a vehicle is serious- and his willingness to give her the keys to his other vehicle was still a bit much.

“Jerry, that’s nice, but I can’t, really-“she protested.

“Why not?” Jerry mused, “It’s just sitting there in my backyard, going to waste, and you need transportation.”

“I barely know you,” Lisa answered, dumbly.

“So what?” Jerry laughed,“It ain’t no Cadillac, but ole Bessy will get you from A to B with no problem.”

If she borrowed his truck, even a spare vehicle, she felt like she owed him, and she didn’t like owing anybody. Owing anyone made you beholden to that person, until the debt was repaid. If not sex, he would at least expect her to go out with him again, and really, she wasn’t all that interested in him, despite her conversation with Simone. Capitalizing upon his feelings for her would just be wrong.

On the other hand, she needed this job, and unless new car descended from heaven within the next twenty-four hours, she didn’t see any other way she was going to be able to get to work on Monday. Feeding her children and keeping a roof over her head trumped any feelings of impropriety at the moment. This may not be morally right, but it was the way it was for the moment.

“Ok, but it’s only until I get my car fixed,” Lisa said, hating herself.

“No problem,” Jerry said, “I’ll bring her right over.”

The truck was an old green and grey Ranger, with rust spots on the bed and a sticker that proudly announced Dole Kemp ’96, but the important thing was, it would get her from here to Nashville with no difficulty. It was an automatic, and Jerry assured her that it had never given him any trouble, even if it had well over 200,000 miles on the engine. If American firms could build their cars as good as they did their trucks, they would have no competition, and people like Charles would not have to worry about the future of their careers.

“I don’t know how I can thank you,” she said, as he put the keys in her hand, afraid that he knew plenty of ways she could thank him.

“I do,” he said, “Let’s go out to dinner tonight.”

“I can’t,” Lisa said, “I’m making dinner for Jessica and Brandon.”

The idea of Sevier County trailer rash entering her home wasn’t a pleasant one, but Jessica had been pestering her for months about this. If Lisa would only take the time to talk to the guy, Jessica was certain that her mother would like him a lot better. So, against her better judgment,and to make her oldest daughter happy, Lisa agreed to have him over for dinner.

“Oh well, there is always next weekend,” Jerry said, “Right?”

“Yeah, that sounds great,” Lisa said, noncommittally.


Chapter Four