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David is a bisexual married man, whose wife either doesn't know about his gay side or doesn't care. This book is mostly about his adventures with other men, whom he meets in a variety of ways and places. The descriptions of his sexual activities are explicit and detailed, so the book is for adults only.~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~Excerpt from "David at the Movie Theater":From time to time, when David has nothing better to do, he will go to find some action in the seedier part of town. This is the place where the porno book stores and movie houses are located, along with some live, and very lively, entertainment. His favorite place is the Carnal Club Bookstore but if there is nothing happening there, he will go across the street to The Tea Room Movie Theater. As its name implies, the theater shows all gay movies. David is not a fan of the movie genre. To him, all the actors are either thuggish louts or swishy poufs, and he can't identify with either kind. He goes there in hopes of finding somebody who wants some quick and easy sex.The last occasion when David patronized The Tea Room, after handing over his ten dollars to the man in the admissions window, he approached a door with a big warning sign in red letters on a white background. The sign said: "WARNING!  DO NOT ENTER UNLESS YOU ARE AT LEAST 18YEARS OLD. INSIDE THIS MOVIE THEATER YOU WILL SEE ACTS OF SEXUAL INTERCOURSE ON THE SCREEN, ON THE STAGE OR AMONG SOME MEMBERS OF THE AUDIENCE. IF YOU ARE OFFENDED BY SUCH SEX ACTS, DO NOT ENTER!  Since David did not believe that such sex acts, whether depicted on the screen or live would be offensive to him, he went through the door.The interior was extremely dark and David had to wait several minutes for his eyes to adjust. When he could see well enough he started moving slowly down the aisle. Here and there, a few men were sucking off other men but that didn't interest David. He was there to do, not watch. Other men were sitting by themselves and David stood next to the aisle seat of the row where one of them, who looked to be in his early forties, was occupying the next chair in.When the man noticed David, he patted the cushion next to himself and David responded to the invitation by sitting there.

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Bisexual David

By George Boxlicker

He leads a double life, sexually carousing with other men.

Copyright 2017 by George Boxlicker

Table of Contents

David and His Dildo

David Scores Online

David’s Double Date

David Goes to the Movie

David in the Book Store

David at the Bathhouse

David’s Glory Hole

David Drops the Soap

Back the Gay Bathhouse

Back in the Book Store

Author’s Note: All persons in this work of fiction are at least 18 years old.

David and His Dildo

When has to, he can take care of his own needs.

David was feeling horny. I don't mean that his cock was hard and he had nothing to do about it because, as long as he had functioning hands and arms, that would not be a problem. David's situation was the opposite; he wanted someone else's hard cock. More specifically, he wanted a big, hard cock rammed all the way into his ass. It had been a long time since there had been one there, and the good memory of it had almost faded, so he really wanted to experience another one. David likes to suck cocks too and he could have gotten some of that action at the glory holes in the local tea room or at the porno book store where he sometimes hangs out. Unfortunately, he couldn't get anybody there to fuck his ass, which he prefers, and that's what he was missing.

He was not without resources. The primary one was the website where David has his profile. He went there frequently but almost never had email from anybody interesting. Gay men are far more age conscious than anybody else, and most younger gay men consider forty years old to be over the hill. At fifty years old, especially being overweight, David would be considered to be over the hill and practically off the planet. Other men of that age didn't seem to think so, and they did contact him occasionally, but they were all bottoms also and they were looking for the same thing as David was.

The other resource was the dildo that David kept in the garage, hidden from his wife. Of good quality it was, eight inches long, and thick in proportion, with lifelike veins along its length. Although it felt a lot like the real thing in his hand, and even in his ass, David was well aware that it wasn't even close to being as good as the real thing. The real thing would be a big man, maybe two men taking turns, preferably both young and strong, leaning over David, with their hands on his shoulders, breathing deeply as they plowed their big, hard cocks all the way in and out of David's well-lubricated ass, so deeply that the balls of the men bumped into his. He fantasized about the real thing briefly, then went out to the garage, got the dildo, which he usually thought of as his plastic friend, and the KY Jelly and went to the master bathroom he shares with his wife.

David's wife was at work and she didn't know about his bisexual tendencies. In the past, she had denounced anal sex as the way AIDS is spread, and let it be known exactly how disgusting and perverted it was, so David had abandoned the tentative thought of getting a strapon for her to use on him. That wouldn't have been the real thing either, but it would have been better than holding his own dildo in one hand and fucking his ass with it while masturbating with the other hand, which was what he would be doing in a few minutes.

First, he spread some newspapers on the floor between the two sliding closet doors with the floor to ceiling mirrors. The newspapers were to absorb any spilled lubricant or anything else and he picked that spot because he liked to watch the dildo going in and out of his ass. After removing all his clothing, he adjusted the mirrors and knelt facing one of them, before gingerly beginning to apply the lubricant to his ass, watching himself as he poked his finger as far in as he could get it to oil himself up as well as he could. When he was satisfied that his ass was ready, he applied the lubricant to the dildo, which he held in his right hand. The palm of his left hand was also covered with the jelly because he would be masturbating with that hand, and David wanted it to feel more as if his cock were entering a warm, slick ass or pussy.

Looking in one mirror again to see his ass in the other, he reached underneath himself and opened his anal sphincter with the fingers of his left hand, then put the tip of the dildo at the opening he had just created. He wiggled the toy around to make sure that he had cleared the sphincter, then pushed the tip into his ass. Once that part was in, David let go with his left hand, moved his other one back toward the base of the dildo and carefully pushed in another two inches. He liked what he saw in the mirror but he liked what he felt in his ass even more.

As always, there was a minimal amount of dull pain when he first started, but it quickly evolved into delight as the thick toy stayed just inside his ass. As he pushed the dildo in a little farther, waves of joy washed over him as his anal sphincter was stretched and his prostate gland began being massaged. David slowly fucked half the dildo in and out of himself, feeling the pleasure and loving it, especially knowing how much greater it would be when he started driving in all eight inches of his big plastic friend. David's cock was getting hard too, but he wanted to just keep stuffing his ass for a few more minutes before he started masturbating.

Doggie style was his favorite position to start, because he liked watching in the mirror, but he would be able to change to different positions when he wanted. Also, on those rare occasions when the real thing was available, this was the position usually favored by the top man, and David wanted the session to be as real as he could get it. Before he changed, though, he started plunging the dildo in more deeply, to increase his fun. His ass felt better and better as he jammed in more and more of the toy, until he was finally gripping with only his fingernails to the base of the dildo, as the whole eight inches went in and out of his ass or, as David's profile called it, his asspussy. As the good feeling in his bowels grew more intense, David's cock became fully erect, and he thrust the hard organ into his hand a few times, deriving a measure of satisfaction from both his cock and his ass.

This position was not really a good one to use when he masturbated though, so David rolled onto his side, and continued fucking his ass and stroking his cock. He was able to synchronize the movements of his two hands so that when his right hand shoved the dildo in, his cock surged into his left hand, producing the effect of fucking and being fucked simultaneously. The position his body was twisted into was unnatural, especially given his age and pudginess, and his tiring muscles would be stiff tomorrow, but the wonderful, pleasurable feeling in his ass and cock were worth it for that day.

David made one more move, lying on his back with his feet high in the air against the mirror, fucking his ass with the dildo in the missionary position as his hand continued to pump his cock. He could feel himself almost ready to come and he started plowing his plastic friend into his ass even faster while his other hand kept pace on his shaft until he came, spurting semen onto his belly. The dildo still felt good in his ass so he kept fucking himself for a few minutes until he knew it was time to stop and clean up after himself.

In the shower, he washed off his own cum and all the lubricant in and on his ass. He also carefully scrubbed the toy with strong anti-bacterial soap, being sure to remove the Jelly and anything else that didn't belong there. When he finished, he dried himself and the dildo and got dressed again, then returned his big friend, in a new plastic bag, and the KY Jelly to their hiding place in the garage. David gathered up the newspapers and stuffed them into the garbage can and all the evidence was gone. With that taken care of, he checked the website again and found no prospects.

"At least I’ll be okay for a few more days now, he thought. Maybe the real thing will be available next week."

David Scores Online

He finds just what he needs

David was horny again. What he was horny for was what he hadn't been getting much of lately, and that was a big, hard cock in his ass. When he got horny enough, he used his dildo but that was tiring and not very satisfactory and he hadn't yet reached the point where his need would be urgent enough for him to do that. Sucking cocks was also a thing he enjoyed and he did get some of that, although not as much as he wanted, but he preferred getting fucked in the ass, preferably by a long, thick cock, but he thought of it as being fucked in his asspussy.

Earlier that morning, David had checked with the online dating service and had found no messages. He decided to look again, although he had very low expectations. Nobody wanted to fuck the ass of a man as old as he was. There was a message; David didn't expect much from it but he opened it. Once in a while there would be something from another older man who wanted the same kind of action that David wanted and that was what he expected this time. At least they would be able to commiserate with each other.

The message was standard. The sender wanted to get together for some hot sex. When David clicked on the profile, he was amazed because the picture that jumped out at him was a photo of a studly young man with a huge, stiff cock. According to the text, the sender was 25 years old, six feet, six inches tall and very athletic. Furthermore, he was strictly a top, and was attracted to pudgy men in their fifties and sixties, and was very horny because he hadn't been able to make any connections lately. Best of all, he was single and had his own apartment in that same city.

With his mouth literally drooling and his ass tingling at the thought of the long, thick cock in the photo, David responded by suggesting they get together that day or the next, and including his first name and the email address that he was keeping secret from his wife. All of his gay life was secret from his wife because she never would have stood for it if she had known about it. He hoped that none of his contemporaries would have a chance to snatch up this big stud before he could. Although it seemed too good to be true, he hoped it was.

An hour later, just before noon, David checked his email box again and there was a message from the young man. "My name is Richard,” it said. "All my friends call me Big Dick because I am so tall.” David could think of a much better reason for the nickname and his ass tingled even more at the thought. The message went on to say that he would be home all that afternoon and that he had nothing much to do. Richard's telephone number was included.

Still thinking this might be too good to be true, David dialed the number that was listed and, after three rings, a deep voice answered. "Hello."

"Hello, Richard? This is David."


David’s heart sank at the questioning tone, but he continued. “Yes. I just got your email message. Are you busy?"

"Oh, David. Yes. I mean, no, I'm not busy. Today is my day off so I'm just kicking back this afternoon. I hope you can come over and we can have some fun together. Or would you rather I met you at your place?"

"Where do you live? I'll come over there.” When Richard gave his address, David recognized it as being only about three miles away. "I know where that is and I’ll be over in about twenty minutes."

David went to the garage where he kept what he called his slut bag. It included condoms, KY Jelly, a plastic box for his dentures and the strongest mouthwash he could find. It also included his dildo but he didn't expect to have any use for that on that day. After a few minutes' drive, he was at the apartment house of Big Dick, where he hoped a big dick was ready and waiting for him. David walked up the stairs, found the apartment number he had been given and rang the doorbell. The door opened a crack. "Yes?" came the deep voice that David had heard before.

"It's David. Can I come in?"

The door opened wide and David walked in. The young giant from the profile, wearing only Jockey shorts, was offering his hand which David shook, but his eyes were really on the bulge in the tall man’s shorts. "I'm really glad to see you,” came the deep voice. "I’ve really been horny. It's nice of you to come over on such short notice. Do you want to go to the bedroom?"

That, of course, was exactly where David wanted to go, slut bag in hand. He scuffed out of his shoes, removed his dentures, and was already unbuckling his belt as he followed Richard into the Promised Land.

Richard sat on his bed as David was removing the rest of his clothing. "What do you want me to do?” he asked.

"Just relax and sit on the bed.” When David was naked, he knelt in front of Richard and started to gently pull down his Jockey shorts. When the young man lifted himself off the bed, the shorts came off and the object of David's desire sprang up and out. his cock was at least nine inches long, probably closer to ten, and it was disproportionately thick. David was drooling and, if his asspussy could have lubricated, it would have done so. He licked Richard's balls and his big shaft, so it would be wet when it slid into his mouth.

The big cock was ready and David was more than ready. When he drew it in between his lips, he realized it was the nicest real cock, that is, outside of pictures, he had ever seen and, by a country mile, the best he had ever had in his mouth. It was warm, like a dildo was not, and firm, even the tip, and he hoped it would soon be the best one he had ever had in his asspussy. With his dentures out, David took most of the cock into his mouth and stroked it a few times. It was extremely pleasant but his ass was clamoring to get in on the action, so David stopped sucking and got out his condoms.

Optimistically, he had brought both the regular and the king size and he got out one of the latter, opened it and rolled it on where it belonged. It was a tight fit. Then he slathered on the KY Jelly, covering all of Richard's cock, especially the tip, and started applying the Jelly to his ass. He rubbed it all around his waiting hole, then put the tip of the tube into himself and squirted in a big dollop. When he finished that, he stuck his middle finger all the way in and spread it around the sides as far in as he could reach. With his ass ready for the best fucking it had ever had, David lay on the bed, spread his legs and put a pillow under his waist.