Bisexual Beauties - Giselle Renarde - ebook

What could be better than ten scorching tales? How about ten bisexual shorts and novelettes by an award-winning queer author? In Bisexual Beauties, eroticist Giselle Renarde assembles an eclectic cast of characters to arouse and entertain you. Girlfriends share their first taste of man in “Felicity’s First” while frisky folk singers take Winter along for the ride in “Forbidden Folk.” A curvy girl joins the action when she walks in on her co-worker crush seducing a sexy stranger. A proudly bisexual building super fixes more than just leaky pipes, and a concerned BFF helps her married friends break down barriers when she jumps into bed with them. New fiction and fan favourites team up in this threesome-packed anthology. Whether you’ve always been a little bi-curious when it comes to erotica or you’re a die-hard fan of girls who love girls and guys, dive between the covers with these bisexual vixens! You won’t regret it.

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Bisexual Beauties © June 2015

All rights reserved under the International and Pan-American Copyright Conventions. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events or locales is entirely coincidental. All sexually active characters in this work are 18 years of age or older.

This book is for sale to ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY. It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers. Please store your files where they cannot be access by minors.

Cover design © 2015 Giselle Renarde

First Edition 2015

Warning: the unauthorized reproduction or distribution of this copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to 5 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

Table of Contents


Bisexual Beauties

1 | Felicity’s First | Robyn


2 | Popcorn

3 | Sharing the Stranger

4 | Forbidden Folk | Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

5 | Chocolate Covered Kisses

6 | The Other Other Woman

7 | Didgeridoo Me

8 | Good Bi Valentine | Chapter 1 | All in a Day’s Work

Chapter 2 | Apartment 3C

Chapter 3 | Home Again, Home Again

9 | Wife Sandwich

10 | Wedding Heat | Two in the Hand

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Bisexual Beauties

10 Sexy Stories of Girls Who Love Girls... and Guys!

By Giselle Renarde


Felicity’s First


THE GIRL’S EYES BULGED as the guy rammed his cock down her throat. Her panic seemed absolutely genuine. So did the tears streaming down her face. Mascara streaked her pale skin black. She didn’t seem to be enjoying the monster cock making her mouth a wide O. In fact, she seemed on the verge of asphyxiation.

“I can’t watch any more of this,” Felicity said, turning away from the computer. “Looks like he’s murdering her with his dick.”

Robyn laughed. “Yeah, it sort of does.”  Clicking the window closed, she said, “I can’t find porn that captures how great it feels to give a blow job.”

“You really miss it, huh?”

Shrugging, Robyn said, “Not all the time. Like, I’m not obsessed with the cock or anything.”

Felicity fell back on the bed.  “I hope not.”

“You know not!”  Robyn shut the laptop and jumped on her girlfriend, nibbling Felicity’s earlobe.

Giggling, Felicity said, “Stop that!  It tickles!”

“Oh, does it?”  Robyn nuzzled her soft, sweet neck, then shoved both hands in Felicity’s armpits for good measure.  “How about that? Does that tickle?”

Felicity squealed.  “You suck! You suck!”

“I used to,” Robyn teased.  “All the time. Every morning! Every night!”

Grabbing a pillow, Felicity battered her with it until feathers flew out the business end. “Cocksucker!”

“Not since I met you, dollface!”

Felicity smacked Robyn playfully. “Take that!” She did it again, harder. “And another!”

Robyn fought back, rolling her girlfriend over and walloping her ass.

“Oww!” Felicity howled.  “That really hurt.”

“Not as much as this one’s gonna...” 

When Robyn spanked her, she whipped around, screaming. “You’re goin’ down, girly-girl!” Getting up on her knees, Felicity counter-attacked with the pillow, whacking Robyn in the face, in the shoulder, in the side. “Take that... and that... and that!”

“Oh yeah?”  Robyn geared up for another slap and Felicity shrieked before she’d even made contact.  “Bad girl. You get two for flinching.”

When Felicity screamed again, it coincided with three violent knocks on the bedroom door.  Felicity’s eyes flew open almost as wide as the girl in the porn clip—the girl getting a cock stuffed down her throat.  She covered her mouth with both hands while Robyn flailed off the bed, nearly falling to the floor as she moved across the room.

She swung the door open. Her housemate Drew stood in the threshold with his hands on his hips.

“Yeah?” Robyn said.

He gazed from her to Felicity, and then to the feather-laden bed. “Everything okay in here?”

“Everything’s fine,” Robyn said, panting hard and trying not to.

“I heard screaming.”

“Yeah, ‘cause we were screaming.”

Felicity hadn’t removed her hands from her mouth, even though Drew seemed to be waiting for her to affirm there was nothing to worry about.

“So everything’s okay?” he asked.

“Yes,” Robyn growled.

“You’re fine?”

“Yes!”  She gripped the doorknob so tightly her knuckles glowed.

Cocking his head, Drew said, “You know what happened to the boy who cried wolf.”

“Hi, Drew!” Felicity cried, waving vigorously.

“Yeah, hi.” Drew furrowed his brow. “Everything’s cool in here?”

“Everything’s wild,” she told him. “Thanks for checking.”


“Bye now,” Robyn said, closing the door in his face.  She didn’t even care if he heard her say to Felicity, “Betcha no girl’s ever sucked that guy’s dick.”

“I think he does okay without female admirers,” Felicity said as Robyn joined her on the bed.  “Maybe he could be my first and I could be his.”

“Ugh, don’t make me gag.” Robyn fell back so her head landed in Felicity’s lap.  “Would you honestly suck a cock? I’m not talking hypotheticals, here. Would you seriously give a blow job if the opportunity a’knocking?”

“Yeah, I think so.”  Gazing off into nothingness, Felicity flicked a few strands of hair from her eyes.  “I’d do it out of curiosity, if nothing else. You keep talking about how great it feels.”

Robyn smacked her leg. “No I don’t.”

“Hey, no hitting,” Felicity teased. “Don’t you know what happened to the boy who cried wolf?”

“Oh, whatever.”  Robyn sunk her teeth into her girlfriend’s thigh.

“Ouch!”  Felicity laughed and moaned and said, “Bad, bad, bad! That really hurt.”

“Did it really, or are you crying wolf again?”

“Shut up.”

“So you’re not interested in sucking Drew’s cock, I imagine.”

Felicity screwed up her brow.  “Maybe... if he came at me with it ready to go.”

Robyn pealed with laughter.  “You’re terrible. You would not.”

“Sure I would,” she replied, matter-of-factly.  “Why? You got someone better for me?”

Robyn sat up in bed.  “Wait, are you for real?”

No laughter. No cheeky grin.  “You said no hypotheticals. You asked if I’d really try it. Well I never have, so I would.”

Robyn’s heart beat a little more cautiously. Felicity had never been with a guy. She’d never touched a dick, never fucked one, and definitely never sucked one. She’d never even dated a dude. Robyn had always been the bi chick in this relationship. Had the world gone topsy-turvy?

“Are you still a lesbian?” Robyn asked. “Or are we competing for a title, here?”

Felicity obviously didn’t get it. “Competing for what title?”

“Do you like dudes?” Robyn asked, more clearly this time.

Felicity laughed, tossing her head back so hard she whacked it against the wall.  “Oww!”

“Don’t cry wolf!”

Holding her skull where she’d smacked it, Felicity said, “Then stop making me laugh! So, why would I suddenly be into dudes?”

“I don’t know. It happens.” Robyn wasn’t sure if she should say this, but she leapt in anyway. “I wasn’t into chicks until I met you. Sometimes you meet someone and everything changes.”

“Ahh.”  Felicity nodded sagely.  “NowI get it. You think I met somebody.”

Robyn hit the nail head-on. “Did you?”

Felicity rolled her eyes.

“Is that a no?”


“Yes you met somebody?”

“No,” Felicity said, easing forward to kiss Robyn on the cheek. “No, I haven’t met anybody. I’m not interested in anybody. Only you. You’re all I could ever ask for, babe.”

Robyn felt herself blushing as she said, “Thanks.”

“You’re the one who started this whole thing about sucking a cock,” her girlfriend reminded her.  “But if you’re into it, so am I. Find me a cock and I’ll suck it.”

“Just not Drew’s,” Robyn replied, only half-joking.

Felicity looked at her firmly.  “Definitely not Drew’s.”

* * *


ROBYN CUPPED HER CROTCH with one hand and rang the doorbell with the other.  “Oh my god, I’ve never had to pee so badly in all my life!  Hurry up and answer, you bastard!”

Felicity’s stomach coiled as the door unlocked and opened from the inside. Before she even got a look at who’d opened it, Robyn tore into the house.  When her eyes adjusted to the relative darkness, she caught sight of a man who could have been a woman, if the fates had pushed him in that direction.  He had beautiful bone structure: high cheekbones, a dimpled chin, ski-jump nose.  His eyes were lushly lashed and his dark hair framed his face with a decadent flip.

“What’s her problem?” the young man asked as Robyn disappeared down the hall.

“She needs to pee,” Felicity replied, feeling awkward and nervous because he was a stranger, but also oddly drawn to his sparkling personality.

If she’d met this guy on the street, he’d have set her gaydar blaring.  Maybe that was the real reason Brant and Robyn broke up: maybe he was even gayer than she was.

“Coming in?” he asked.

When she did nothing but raise an eyebrow, he laughed in a way that sounded supremely queer.

“Come in,” he said, lowering his voice the way Mr. Humphries did every time he answered the phone on Are You Being Served?  “I meant that as a command, not a question. If you’re here to suck my dick, I guess I should probably be commanding, right?”

Felicity’s spine straightened when he said, those words—not because it put her off, but because it turned her on. A guy she’d never met just basically told her to swallow his cock, and she was turned on by this?

Seemed so.

Stepping into Brant’s house, she said, “Thanks for going along with this.  Not every ex would.  You and Robyn must have left things on really good terms.”

He shrugged.  “Guess so. We went our separate ways.  I discovered the joys of hot, sweaty mansex.  You know how it is.”

“Yeah, for sure.”  Felicity tried to sound casual, but Robyn hadn’t told her any of this.  “So, if you’re not big-time into girls, why did you agree to this whole arrangement?”

Popping his hip, he asked, “If you’re not big-time into dudes, why did you want to suck a dick in the first place?”

“I’ve just never done it before. Robyn said she really liked it. So I thought...”

Somewhere in the distance, a toilet flushed.  Brant smirked.  “That girl’s got the bladder of a seventy-two-year-old woman.”

“Yeah,” Felicity said, chuckling softly.

Brant closed the door and led her into the Spartan living room.  When Robyn joined them, she said, “Hey, guys. Talking about me?”

“Of course.”  Brant kissed both cheeks.  “You look like a million bucks, baby. I’m so glad you called.  This’ll be a blast.”

“Hope so,” Robyn replied.

Felicity folded herself up on the white leather couch and watched them reminisce.  The way he smiled when he looked at her... the way she smiled when she looked at him... were they still in love? Because they sure looked like a couple in love.

But maybe Robyn thought the same thing about her and Brant after joining them in the living room.  Felicity could still feel the sweetness of a smile in her jaw. She never usually smiled like that, except with Robyn. This guy, this Brant... there was something about him...

“Are you ready for my ex to pop your mouth-cherry?” Robyn asked.

“I guess so.”

What else could she say? That she’d been thinking of nothing else since they made these plans? That she’d wondered what this guy would look like, what his cock would feel like in her hand, how big it would be, how it would taste against her tongue...?

“Can I get you anything?” Brant offered. “Coffee? Tea? Sangria and Valium?”

Felicity raised a hand. “Yes, please.”

Robyn smacked it down.  “We’re fine, Brant. Let’s get down to business.”

“Oh. Okay. Sure.”  When he started wringing his hands, Felicity wondered if he felt as nervous as she did.  “Where should we do it? In here? In the bedroom? In the... I don’t know... the basement?”

“Anywhere,” Robyn said.  “Doesn’t matter. Quit procrastinating.”

Brant knocked his feet together and saluted. “Yes, sir!”

Felicity shook her head. “This is crazy. What am I doing here?”

“You’re sucking my ex-boyfriend’s cock.” 

While he was locked in his military salute, Robyn pantsed him.

“Robyn!” he cried, grabbing his jeans.

“This is what we came for. Don’t be such a baby.”

“I’m not a baby,” he said, pushing his pants to the floor.  “You want me naked? Fine. I’ll get naked.”

“Oh, whoa, whoa!  You don’t have to get naked,” Felicity told him. “Pantsless will do just fine.”

Too late.  Brant struggled to pull his feet from his tight-fitting pants, and he managed not to fall over before tearing off his top.  Felicity couldn’t remember the last time she’d been attracted to a guy’s body, but her mouth watered as he pushed down his black jockey-boxers.  His balls were big and pink and hairless.  His cock rested softly against them, white as marble, except the tip which was the same pink as Robyn’s lipstick.

“How should we do this?” he asked.

Felicity fell to her knees.  She walked them across the floor, grabbing Brant’s thighs when she arrived near enough.  “I just suck it? Just put it in my mouth and suck it?”

“Yeah,” Brant said, breathless already.

Robyn went into cheerleader mode, chanting, “You can do it! You can do it!”

“I know I can do it,” Felicity snapped, tightening her grip on Brant’s thighs.  “It’s not rocket science.”

“Actually, it kind of is,” Brant replied. “Wrap your lips around my dick and it’ll take off.”

Felicity had the most glorious urge to stare at Brant’s cock, but she had this random fear that it would be like looking directly at the sun. She had to turn her head so she was facing Robyn, then gaze at Brant’s dick in her peripheral vision.

She’d spent a lot of her life being afraid of cocks, but she wasn’t afraid of Brant’s. There was something different about it—probably the fact that it was attached to a gay guy, or maybe just the fact that it was attached to someone as dreamy as Robyn’s ex.

“Just put it in your mouth,” Robyn said.  “It’s not that hard.”

Brant clicked his teeth.  “Thaaanks.”

Robyn let out a low chuckle.  “That’s not what I meant and you know it.  It’s not that difficult.  Here, I’ll show you how it’s done.”

“What are you doing?” Brant and Felicity asked, in unison. They obviously shared a sense of shock and awe as Robyn got down on her knees and took her ex’s cock in hand.

“I like to play with it first,” Robyn said as she took the base of Brant’s shaft in her fist.  “Oh, wow, you need to feel how it’s pulsing.”

Robyn handed his cock to Felicity, who took hold of it the same way she would have if her girlfriend had passed her a carrot. It wasn’t until she had it in her hand that the idea sunk in that she was holding a penis. It really hit her when the thing wiggled and wagged like a dog’s tail.

Squealing, she dropped it, but it didn’t fall.  It stayed there, attached to his body, and pointing straight at her.

Brant and Robyn both laughed, and Robyn said, “What a wimp!”

“I didn’t expect it to move,” Felicity said, trying to sound like a mature adult and knowing full well that she didn’t. Wrapping her hand around the stiff cock, she stared it down like this was a battle she had a chance of winning.  “Okay, there. I’m holding it. What now?”

“This,” Robyn said, and licked the tip like a lollipop.

Brant gasped.  “Holy Mother!”

“That’s good?” Felicity asked.

“Good is an understatement.”

She watched a bead of clear liquid slip from the hole in his tip.  She watched it spill down that little crease in his cockhead.  And she licked it.

Brant dipped a touch, like his knees were giving out, but he managed to recover before falling.

“It’s that good?” Felicity asked.  “Seriously? I barely did anything.”

“You did plenty,” Brant said.

His reaction was so intense that she licked his tip again. She lapped up the sweet sauce dripping from it.  Yes... sweet.  She really hadn’t expected that.  She licked it again to get more, but Robyn shoved her out of the way.  “You’re doing it wrong.  Here, I’ll show you how.”

“I’m not doing it wrong,” Felicity fought back.  “He likes it.  I’m doing just fine.”

“But let me show you how to do it better,” Robyn pleaded as she wrapped her fist around Felicity’s.  Pulling Brant’s cock to her mouth, she swirled her tongue around the tip.  It looked so hot Felicity felt her belly grow warm as she watched. When Robyn was done, she pushed Brant’s cock toward Felicity and said, “Now you try.”

They both held his dick, but Robyn probably couldn’t feel it throbbing, the way Felicity could.  In a way she wanted to think of it as an inanimate object, but it objected by pulsing against her palm.

“What are you waiting for?” Brant asked.  “You came here to suck my dick, so suck it.”

Felicity closed her eyes and took a deep breath.  “Okay. I can do this. I can do this.”

When she opened her eyes again, Brant’s cockhead looked pinker and huger than it had only moments ago.  He said, “Give it a try.”

“Oh god,” Felicity groaned.  “How did I get myself into this mess?”

“It’s not a mess.”  Robyn squeezed her hand, which forced her to squeeze Brant’s dick.  “Lick it like I showed you.”

Felicity didn’t enjoy feeling like a student.  She was a grown-ass woman and wanted to be treated that way.  But it was true she needed guidance.  She didn’t know what she was doing.

“Lick it,” Robyn repeated.

“Okay.”  Felicity took a quick lick that barely drew a path around Brant’s tip.  “Damn. That wasn’t very good.”

“Like this!”  Robyn drew her tongue slowly around his cockhead, and Brant obviously liked it because he gasped.  “Try again.”

Felicity leaned in and tried again.  This time when she traced her tongue around the soft skin of his dickhead, it spilled a sweet load of pre-cum all over her tongue, bottom and top.  She kept going, kept circling her tongue around his tip, moaning with wild abandon.

“Now you’re getting into it!” Robyn cheered.  “Close your lips around his tip and just suck it.”

Felicity did as she was told, wrapping her mouth around Brant’s warm cockhead.  “Mmm!”

“You like it?” Brant asked breathlessly.


“I do too,” he said, stumbling toward the couch.

Robyn and Felicity followed on their knees. Neither let go of his dick. They moved across the room en masse, like a tentacled sea creature with three heads.

Once Brant was down on the couch, Felicity’s fears fell away. She wasn’t wondering what to do, not anymore.  She knew what to do.  She took the boy’s cock in her mouth and she sucked that hard slab of meat for all she was worth. When something pushed at the side of her head, she ignored it until the pressure became too much.  That’s when she realized her girlfriend was pushing her away from Brant’s cock.  Robyn’s eyes glowed green with envy until she’d taken her ex’s tip between her lips.

“Usurper!” Felicity shouted, shoving Robyn’s shoulder.  “Gimme!  Mine!”

Robyn’s lips didn’t unlock from around Brant’s cockhead, not even for a minute.  She tackled Felicity, but neither could knock the other away.

“Holy Christ,” Brant cried.  “Don’t break it!”

“Like we could,” Robyn scoffed at the same time as Felicity asked, “Could we?”

Robyn took Felicity’s distraction as an opportunity to steal Brant’s dick, and she would have succeeded if Felicity hadn’t clued in.  No way she’d let go of that thing, even if Robyn’s mouth was wrapped around it all the way to where their hands were wrapped around the thick and growing shaft.

“You wanna fight dirty? We can fight dirty.”  Felicity stuck her tongue in Robyn’s ear, because she knew how much her girlfriend hated that.

“Eww!” Robyn squealed.

“Ha!”  Felicity dove at Brant’s cock, tasting Robyn’s pink lipstick all over it.

As soon as she started sucking, she felt something in her hair. It was a hand. It was pulling.  “Get off!”

“No!” she said, though the word was muffled by the cock halfway filling her throat.

Robyn tried the opposite approach.  Instead of pulling Felicity away from Brant’s crotch, Robyn slammed her head down on it.  When his soft tip met the back of Felicity’s throat, it didn’t feel so soft anymore.  She sputtered and coughed, choking on his hardness.

“You bitch!” Felicity cried as Robyn took over.

“Aww maaan,” Brant moaned. He stretched both arms out on the couch and threw his head back. His throat was a beautiful thing, like marble, like his cock.

That’s why Felicity climbed up his body. She climbed him to lick his neck.

“What are you doing?” Robyn asked when Felicity pulled her hand away from Brant’s erection.

She kissed the dip of his neck, just beneath his jawline, and he groaned wretchedly. He moved beneath her, filling Robyn’s mouth, she imagined.  His hips rolled hard enough he almost knocked Felicity off.  She clung to his soft skin, savouring the salty aroma with every kiss, every lick.

“What are you doing?” Robyn asked again.  “You’re supposed to be down here.”

“You guys are crazy,” Brant moaned.  “Is your sex always this argumentative?”

“Yes,” Felicity replied while Robyn said, “No.”

“Yes it is,” Felicity growled.

“No it’s not!”  Grabbing her wrist, Robyn yanked her off the couch. 

She landed hard on her ass, but arousal removed all pain. She scrambled up Brant’s naked thigh and watched his cock twitch in Robyn’s hold. Robyn had both hands around his shaft now, and the tip wasn’t pink anymore.  It had grown a deep, dark red.

“Holy Jesus,” Felicity whispered.

“What?” Robyn asked.

“Nothing, it’s just...”


“So red...”

“So suck it!” Brant begged.  “Someone!”

“Go,” Robyn said, offering it to Felicity like a prize.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes,” Brant answered, getting impatient.

Robyn moved her fists slowly the length of his cock, tempting Felicity’s mouth.

“How did I get myself into this?” Felicity asked before taking Brant’s tip between her teeth. She bit only gently, but Brant squealed and writhed as two girls leaned on him. 

“Why are you biting me?”

“You’re biting him?” Robyn asked, laughing.  “You’re funny.”

Felicity nibbled the length of Brant’s shaft, swallowing as much as her throat would allow.

“That tickles,” Brant said with a giggle.  “Holy Mother, does it ever.  Cut that out.”

Felicity kept going, gnawing very gently up and down his shaft while Robyn worked the base.

“Stop!”  Brant broke out in a peal of laughter.  “Oh fuck, you’re gonna make me...”

“Come?” Robyn asked.


Brant thrust his cock into Felicity’s throat, filling it.  She choked. That was the only reason she backed off, but it was too late.  The moment she’d abandoned his dick, it sprayed out a white rope of cum.  Felicity had never seen anything like it.  Brant groaned and raised his hips even higher as another spurt shot from his cock.  Blow after blow landed across Robyn’s fingers and her ex’s thighs.

“Taste it,” Robyn said.

“Taste it?”

Brant moaned like he’d died and gone to heaven.  “Holy Mother...”

“Will you?” Felicity asked.

Raising her brow, Robyn released Brant’s dick and licked her hand. “Yum.”


“Really.”  Pulling her close, Robyn planted a hot kiss on Felicity’s mouth. 

As their tongues met and wrangled, Felicity tasted not only the sweetness of her girlfriend but also the musky aroma of cum. She struggled to parse the two without falling too deeply into the lust of their shared affection. It was hopeless.  She wrapped her arms around her girlfriend and they tumbled to the floor.

“Do I have to turn my hose on you?” Brant asked.

Felicity howled with laughter, falling off her girlfriend.  “I think you already did.”

“So?” he asked, taking her in that sparkling, smooth gaze of his.  “What did you think?”

“Pretty good,” she said, looking at Robyn.  “Pretty fun. Could be the company.”

“Three’s company?” Brant asked.

Smacking his naked thigh, Robyn said, “Three’s a crowd.” 

Then she wrapped her arms around Felicity and kissed her so hard it hurt.

Felicity was no expert, but she knew what she liked: she liked her girlfriend, and she liked her girlfriend’s ex.



EDDIE HAS THE CRAZIEST fantasies, and somehow he always manages to draw me into them.

On the way home from another excruciating office party, my crazy boyfriend started teasing me about how affectionate I am with two of my co-workers.  I’d never really thought about it, but Sharmini and I always have our arms around each other’s waists, and Dulce-Maria can’t get through an entire conversation without petting my arm or my belly.  I guess Eddie’s right—we’re an affectionate bunch.

“It’s more than just affectionate,” Eddie disputed in the car as we drove home from my office.  “They want you!”

“They do not!” I scoffed, chuckling at the thought.  “You’re such an idiot, sweety.”

That’s when my mind started to wander.  Sure, I’d noticed they’re attractive girls, but I’d never considered how sexy they really are.  Sharmini is shorter than I am, with plump cheeks, long wavy hair, and luscious curves.  Dulce-Maria is taller-than-tall in the stiletto pumps she always wears, and her hair is jet black like Sharmini’s, but always expertly coiffed.  “Fashionista” describes her to a T.

“What did you say you were you craving at the party?” Eddie asked, interrupting my reverie.  I smirked.  “To eat, I mean.  Remember what you said?”

“Popcorn.”  That’s what I’d been craving.  He’d poured me a glass of red wine, and there’s something about a nice merlot that makes me desperate for popcorn.

“A whole tub of it,” Eddie continued.  “And the whole time I watched you chatting with your girlfriends, all I could imagine was you, Sharmini, and Dulce-Maria in a great big hot tub full of popcorn.”

I laughed my ass off at the idea of a hot tub full of anything right in the middle of my office, but the more I processed Eddie’s insane conception, the hotter it got me.  I imagined booting all our coworkers out and starting a party of our own.  We would giggle at first, the three of us, like this was the silliest thing we’d ever done.

Dulce-Maria would strip off her designer dress and what would be underneath?  Lovely, lacy lingerie, of course.  Her gorgeous tits would flow out over her designer bra.  The line of her legs and her ass would be undeniably feminine in those high-heeled shoes.

Sharmini would tear off her special-occasion sari, and underneath she’d be completely nude.  Her bare breasts would bounce as she tossed the sari over her shoulder and began her seductive approach.  Those cinnamon fingers would unzip my little red dress, letting it fall to the floor, and I’d step out of it with my wine glass still in hand.

Releasing the clasp on my bra and shifting out of my panties, I would laugh as I climbed into the huge tub of warm, freshly-popped corn.  I’d sink down into it, with Sharmini at my side, and we’d splash each other.  I’d still be digging popcorn out of my red wine as Dulce-Maria came over with a gravy boat full of liquid butter.  I’d shoot her one of those looks that says, “You wouldn’t dare!” but she would do it anyway, pouring the melted butter all over me.

With a risqué giggle, Sharmini would smooth the butter all down my chest, rubbing it into my breasts and my belly.  When she splashed me again, the light-as-air popcorn would stick to my boobs.  Dulce-Maria would toss off her heels and sink into the tub to sprinkle me with salt before the two of them bowed their heads and started eating.

Dulce-Maria would work her way up my belly, lifting each piece of popcorn off me with the tip of her tongue.  Sharmini would shoot straight for my breasts, devouring the popcorn first and my flesh second.  She’d lick the salt from my skin and suck the butter from my nipples while Dulce-Maria ran her tongue up my neck.  I’d close my eyes and she’d kiss me with those fiery red lips.

Amidst the passion of that kiss, Dulce-Maria would reach between my thighs.  She’d find my pussy with her fingers while Sharmini sucked my tits, pausing every so often to snack on the popcorn sticking to my buttery flesh.  I would melt into their arms as Dulce-Maria pierced my slit with her long fingers, coating my clit in pussy juice.  She’d rub me in quick, frenzied motions while she and Sharmini planted hot kisses along my neck.  The faster she stroked me, the louder I’d get, until I was crying out in the ecstasy of the moment.

As I panted, trying desperately to catch my breath, my girlfriends would blow cool air across my sizzling skin.  When I came back down to earth, we’d pour ourselves another glass of wine and snack on popcorn while we giggled about the crazy thing we’d just done.