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Ivory is a young environmentalist who works with an international initiative to save the biggest mammals on land. Alex is a powerful businessman intent on building his new factory in the midst of an elephant migration path. When Ivory is sent to convince Alex to relocate, the alpha billionaire pushes her to her limits both mentally and physically. ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~"I'm just telling you she's not your kind of girl," she said, her voice holding an exasperated tone that unnerved him."Like you weren't?" He was being deliberately cruel and he regretted the words the moment they left his lips.He could hear her drawing in a calming breathe. "Vasquez, she's a virgin," she said in the way of someone sharing a secret after being forced to.He didn't particularly care for that detail. It made his loins tighten. He hadn't allowed himself the luxury of dating after breaking up with Rachel and he wasn't going to start now, especially not with a virgin, but his body was reacting differently to what he was thinking. The fact that Rachel found it necessary to warn him against the young woman only made her more desirable. "I'm not looking to date anyone, Rachel," he said deadpanned."Just be careful with her, alright? She's a good girl," she said.He hadn't managed to say anything before she hung up the phone and he was left with a dial tone.He pushed the thought to the back of his mind and returned to work. If he had more time, he would have researched into the group but he didn't manage to find the time to satiate his curiosity before she showed up at the door, looking so out of place that it took his breath away."You must be Mr. Vasquez," she reached over the giant desk to shake his hand. He remained seated, too stunned to move and she retracted her hand with a look of disappointment.Her dress was unbranded, a cream-colored v-neck monstrosity that clung to her breasts and flared out after her small waist. Her hair was a beautiful, wonderful mess of blonde hair that looked like she had just walked out of a plane and gotten straight to his office. Her duffel bag in one hand confirmed his thoughts. It was almost refreshing to find a woman not trying to impress him.There was fear in her beautiful wide eyes. It was something he could quickly grow addicted to. 

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Dark Desires 9: Billionaire Submission

Daisy Rose

Copyright 2017 Daisy Rose

This is a work of fiction. Similarities to real people, places, or events are entirely coincidental. All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older. No part in this book may be reproduced, transmitted, stored, or distributed without permission of the author or publisher.

This is a standalone short story that stars a dominating black man who takes control of a young virgin who yields to him utterly and completely.

It also contains scenes including exhibitionism (airplane, office), spanking, domination, and threesome (2 males, 1 female). If public sex and voyeurism aren't to your fancy, then this many not be the book for you.

Chapters with 18+ scenes are indicated with an asterisk (*).

Chapter 1

"This is great, Ivory. Thanks for arranging it for me," Rachel said as she sat in the passenger's seat of the elephant they were on.

"No problem," Ivory responded automatically. She was perched precariously above the elephant's head, carefully steering the giant mammal in the right direction.

Rachel had arrived on her doorstep after a bad breakup that was reported all over the news and social media. Ivory had been reading about it on her phone and was as surprised as the rest of her colleagues to see the beautiful brunette in the waiting room.

Rachel was hardly there for a shoulder to cry on. She wanted to make sure people knew she had moved on and what better way to prove than to visit a friend overseas and then ride on the back of an elephant?

Ivory wouldn't exactly call them friends though, since Rachel had to pay for her to keep her company. But when she showed up the day before, her eyes puffy and red from crying, Ivory reacted like a friend and started planning all sorts of things to keep her mind off the breakup. Her boss saw her sudden appearance as a sign from the gods. They needed something from her and they sent Ivory to broach the subject.

Everyone was getting pretty desperate as the date for the construction was due to start soon.

"What's her name?" Rachel asked, reaching down to pet the magnificent animal.

"Kali," Ivory answered.

Kali was one of the few elephants that they had on the reserve that was trained for elephant back rides. She was the last one they saved and hopefully the last one they would have to rescue. A group of half dozen elephants were seized from an illegally-operating zoo by her colleagues a few months ago. So-called 'elephant trainers' abused the poor animal in order to condition them to obey humans and all six elephants they rescued were far too broken to be let out to live in the wild.

"She's beautiful," Rachel commented.

"Yes, she is," Ivory said with a strained smile. Tourists often didn't know the abuse the poor animals had to go through to make sure that they reached this level of subservience. Ivory learned early on that they rather not know at all and were willing to donate money just to write it off in their taxes and look good for the press.

They needed people who were willing to fork out significant amounts of money to fund their operation. The money that the local government gave was not nearly enough to kept the animals fed.

"What's that?" Rachel asked suddenly, jolting her from her unhappy reverie.

Ivory looked towards the direction she was pointing at and her eyes widened. With a soft smile, she explained, "That's the earliest elephant migration of the season. The one leading the herd is the oldest female, called the matriarch. They're heading towards the man-made pool to stay hydrated."

Her friend's 'oh's were accompanied by lots of pictures.

"Help me take a picture of me on Kira please?" she asked, handing Ivory the phone. "I want the elephants in the background too."

Ivory resisted the urge to correct her on the elephant's name as she climbed down it's back, telling herself it didn't matter. She had to jog a little further away to get the migrating elephants in the background of the picture. She took more than a few snaps, knowing Rachel liked to have options so she could choose the one where she looked sexiest.

The elephant's somber expressions matched Ivory's mood. She usually needed to present a facade of happiness despite what she was actually feeling. An unhappy guide didn't get sponsors. With Rachel, she could be more herself.

Rachel wasn't just any sponsor. She has been one of the most avid supporters of their elephant-saving-initiative for a few years. She wasn't just capable of donating big money to the cause, she had the ability to pull in sponsors who could give even more, which made her a valuable sponsor to keep happy.

Her friendship with Rachel wasn't only encouraged, it was practically part of her job requirement.

Ivory glanced at Rachel from the corner of her eyes and was glad to see her smiling as she wobbled unsteadily on her seat with every step the elephant took. It was hard to get back on the elephant's back without her colleague's help but she managed to maneuver the gentle beast to a tall tree that Ivory could climb.

The majestic beast walked with a steady pace through the grassy lands. In a few minutes, they were going to reach a rhino's nest. They were safe up on the elephant's back but Ivory still kept a safe distance from the horned beasts. She was confident Kali would be perfectly capable of taking on a rhino should the occasion arise though. Her ivory tusks were long and poised for battle.

Ivory couldn't help but reach forward to give the animal a pat even though she was certain that Kali couldn't feel a thing through her thick skin. Her giant feet left footprints in her wake.

"Did you know that an elephant's footprint can indicate the age of an elephant?" Ivory asked.

Rachel turned back curiously, wanting to glimpse the footprint left behind by their vehicle of choice. All she saw were nondescript circular imprints. "Doesn't look like anything to me," she pouted, turning back to her.

Ivory laughed.

Rachel and her had very little in common other than their proximity in age and shared love of elephants. Rachel was the daughter of a rich and influential businessman who didn't have to work a day in her life. Ivory, on the other hand, has a drunkard father who wanted nothing to do with her when he realized she wasn't going to marry the rich old guy he tried to sell her off to.

Rachel had beautiful brown hair whilst Ivory's hair was a light shade of blonde that grew paler the more sunlight she got. Whereas Rachel was already starting to form a tan from her exposure to sunlight, Ivory's skin remained the smooth, creamy tone no matter how much Vitamin D she got.

"Younger elephants have a more defined footprint," Ivory explained. "Kali's footprints have smoother ridges and well-worn heels because she's older and has been walking around longer. You can also guess the approximate height of the elephant by the footprints. The males shoulder height is about five to eight times the length of the hind print while the female's shoulder height is about five times the length of her print."

"That makes a lot of sense actually," she said.

"Nature usually does," she agreed. "More so than people anyways."

Rachel sent her an odd look but didn't say anything.

"Rachel, we need to talk," Ivory said, feeling more than a little uncomfortable about her next task.

"I know what you're going to say. You guys need more money."

She opened and closed her mouth a few times. then nodded. She was right. They always needed more money. "It's not just that. We umm... we need you to help use talk to someone."

"Who?" she asked.

"One of your... ex-boyfriends," she admitted reluctantly.

"One of my ex-boyfriends?" her eyebrows rose impressively, her curiosity piqued. Ivory was just glad she didn't burst into tears at the mention of boyfriends and ex'es.

"Wilson Vasquez," Ivory said.

"That son of a bitch," Rachel responded heatedly and Ivory flinched. That wasn't a good sign. "He was the one who took my anal virginity, did you know that?"