Billionaire's Defiant Hotwife - Thomas Roberts - ebook

When sexy hotwife Tania is captured by the ruthless BaMa gang, she her lover, Sarah, are thrown into a dank jail cell. Then she's taken and violently used by Bear, their powerful and grotesque leader. Can her devoted husband's team of hand-picked mercenaries rescue her in time? that she's finally experienced ultimate fulfillment...will she even want to be rescued? ~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~ I sat on my cot after Bear left one day and tried to think about the future. Even if we were able to rescue my wifeand I didn't see how we couldour lives together would never again be the same. It was as though she had become a different type of being. An animal of sorts, with an animal's unquenchable need, and only Bear could satisfy her. While she was with Bear, she regretted what she was doing to me, but her regret sounded less sincere by the day. What she was doing had become natural to her, she needed what he had, and he wanted what she had.  Still, I couldn't leave her here. I loved her and cared for her. More importantly, I needed her. I needed to love her, and I knew her life would be short, and ultimately, full of pain if I deserted her. Tania was led past me and out of the barn on one of the days. I couldn't tell what time it was, much less what day. I could tell night from day by the opening of the squeaking barn door. I knew it was daylight when Tania was led out. She didn't look at me. It was daytime again when an exhausted-looking Tania was led past me toward her cell. Bear was leading her by a chain attached to her collar.  "Stop here," he ordered. "Tell hubby whatza been doing." Tania turned her tired eyes toward me. Her eyes were red-rimmed, and her face seemed lined with exhaustion.  "Remember my stripper fantasy?" she asked in a raspy voice. "Tania, I love you. Remember, you said you'd always return to me." It was as though she hadn't heard as she continued.  "I lived my fantasy. I danced naked in front of a room full of men, loud men who wanted to see my body. It excited me that I excited them. It turned me on. What's the matter with me?" She didn't wait for an answer, nor I suspect, did she want one. "Then I danced for some of them alone, and I let them touch me, everywhere. I wore my collar." She looked at Bear for permission to continue. "Then they had me. They all had your wife, one after the other, some finished inside me, some on me." She seemed even more exhausted than before. "I don't know how many times I finished with them. I was more than just a slut. I need to sleep now." As Bear led her away, I felt a deep, dark despair. He'd more than stolen my wife from me. He'd stolen her from herself. It was a foul human crime. We'd both lost so much. Bear was a psychopath or maybe a sociopath, I didn't know which, but there wasn't much doubt he was one or the other. But what did that make her husband, a man frozen in fear for his wife while sporting an erection?

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Billionaire’s Defiant Hotwife

Book 3 of “Billionaire’s Ravished Hotwife”

Written by Thomas Roberts

Artwork by Moira Nelligar

Edited by Sandy Ebel

Copyright © 2018 - All Rights Reserved

THIS IS AN EROTIC WORK OF FICTION. Any resemblance to persons living or deal is accidental and damned amazing. THIS WORK IS NOT MEANT FOR ANY PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 18.

The hotwife genre appeals to me. These are the books I like to read and these are the stories I like to tell, so thank you to the people who read my books.

Be warned, there is sex in this book, lots of it. If that offends you, please don’t read any further. But if you are looking for a fun, dirty read. This is it.

Chapter 1

Bastardos Manojo

Tania had forgotten she was naked. She’d fallen asleep after making love with her husband, not expecting to have a black hood pulled over her head and be carried off the yacht.

Her heart was racing in fear, and the reality of even a fake kidnapping, combined with her nakedness, hit her hard. Her ex-husband, Stephen Sebring, ran his hand up her thigh to hold her pussy. Tania was standing with her legs spread wide to help keep her balance in the rocking Zodiac.

“Rocky, we might have time to get some pussy before we land,” Sebring said.

“What’re you doing Steve? Let me go—” Before she could finish her sentence, Tania was falling backward to the deck, her head bouncing on something made of hard wood. As she lay dazed, impossibly loud gunshots were fired nearby. She wondered how anyone could stand so much noise.

By the time she was able to pull herself back to the present, her ears were ringing, and she felt nauseous. Rocky had taken Stephen’s place and was fondling her breasts, his jean covered erection pressing against her bare shoulder. Despite the noise and the danger, Tania felt herself becoming aroused again. She pulled the hood off, knocking Rocky’s hand aside in the process to find herself looking at Larry’s smiling face.

Her boss at the studio was a tall, well-built black man. Tania had long wondered just how well built he was—did the size of his cock match the size of his fingers and feet? She had longed to find out. Even trying to look innocent while putting herself in position for him to make a move on her while they were on a business trip together. So far, Larry had been the perfect gentleman.

“Larry, what are you doing here?” she managed to say.

“Hey, guys. My bitch is wet.” Sebring’s hand was back between her legs, a thick finger buried deep inside her. Only a short while before, her husband had been where Steve’s finger was now, and Tim’s organ wasn’t much larger.

Normally, the hormones from extreme excitement and danger would have caused her body to react as though preparing itself for sex. Her blood pressure and breathing would have increased. Her body should have been preparing for fight or flight. Instead, she was prepared for sex.

Tania wasn’t confused by what had happened. She wasn’t scared for her life; the men had come for her because she was surrendering herself to the Bastardo Manojo to save her husband. Tania had been afraid of what the Bastardos might do to him and his business, just to get her.

But now, she faced fear of the immediate future. Tania knew the BaMa meant to use her sexually, then sell her at auction. Would they hurt her? Would they humiliate her? They were capable of anything.

Her body had a mind of its own. It liked the idea of being used by a gang of hard men, and as for the idea of being sold for sexual pleasure, that was a turn-on too. Damn body.

“Hey, easy, Tiny, don’t throw us in the ocean. She already hit her head, remember what happened with that Jane broad,” Rocky said.

“That was funny,” Tiny’s voice coming from deep inside his large chest.

Steve’s finger was caressing Tania’s clitoris, causing her hips to move despite her efforts to hold still. She could feel her pussy swelling, and she closed her eyes to concentrate on what he was doing to her.

“Jane just walked around in circles and asked every man she saw if he was her husband. All you had to do was say ‘yes,’ and she’d fuck you dry. Never seen anything like her.”

“No shit,” Larry said, taking Rocky’s place and slipping Tania’s nipple into his mouth.

“Bear was pissed. He couldn’t auction her, he had to keep her,” Rocky pointed out.

“Gotta lot a great ass,” Tiny said.

“Until she was ‘disappeared.’”

Tania did not like the sound of ‘disappeared!’

“Oh yeah. I’d forgotten what happened to her.”

“Maybe we should keep this one whole, at least until the big guy decides what to do with her. After all, she’s surrendering to us. The kidnapping thing was just to make it look good.”

Even though Tania was mostly lost in a haze as her ex-husband fingered her and her boss suckled her nipple—decided the smart thing to do was to keep her mouth shut. She didn’t want to be ‘disappeared.’ She spread her legs further—if they wanted to use her, she’d let them. It might not even be all bad.

“The Jane chick really learned to like eating pussy,” Rocky chuckled. “I don’t remember how it started since she’d been looking for her husband.”

“One of the guys wanted to see a girl-on-girl show. I was there,” Tiny reported. “All they had to do was take Jane to the spot, and she took right to it. She didn’t protest at all, just started licking.”

“Tania, you eat at the ‘Y’?” Tiny asked, laughing. Tania decided Tiny might be big, but he was simple-minded. He reminded her of a character in a book she had to read in school. She was sure the book had been titled The Grapes of… something, she’d gotten an ‘B’ for her report.

“They all do if they’re trained right.” Steve had turned wise regarding women. He was giving Tania a glimpse into the way men thought—at least, how this man thought. She wasn’t at all convinced every woman could be turned, and she knew her ex-husband wasn’t at all wise.

Seemingly without warning, at least to Tania, the Zodiac ran smoothly up a sandy beach and stopped. She was pulled to her feet in time to watch the second craft glide smoothly up beside them.

Four men she didn’t know climbed out and watched the ocean, their weapons at the ready. Tania thought they looked ridiculous but still frightening. The yacht was probably a long way behind them.

She looked at their eyes and realized they were staring intently at her naked body. Not a man was looking where his weapon was pointed. They all looked hungry for her as though they’d never seen a naked woman before. Tania felt embarrassed, and she had to admit to herself, more than a little aroused.

Two of the men rushed over to help her off the Zodiac, their hands feeling as much of her body as they could reach. When her feet were planted on the soft white sand, one of the men pulled her into his body by her ass, his protruding belly making it difficult for him to pull her as close as he wanted. Tania could feel the hard lump in his pants and the excitement in his labored breathing.

It was Rocky who broke them apart and directed Tania to a narrow walking path through the trees, following her ex-husband. The men were behind her, competing for the honor of being the closest to her rhythmically moving butt cheeks. One of the men pushed past her and walked sideways so he could stare at her breasts. He only made it a few feet before falling over an exposed tree root.

“I have to get back,” Larry said when they reached the end of the path.

“Good luck, man,” Rocky answered. “You’ll be out tomorrow night?”

“Wouldn’t miss it.” Larry climbed into a car parked on a narrow dirt road in front of an old van and drove off.

Tania was directed to climb into the back and onto an old mattress. She sat, her back pressed against the rear door and watched the men climb in the side and sit, admiring her naked body. At first, Tania sat with her knees together and her legs to the side. She tried to use her hands to cover her breasts even though it was far too late. She finally gave up the effort as the van jerked into motion, and she needed her hands to help keep her balance.

Tania occasionally moaned as the van’s rusted shocks transmitted every thump in the road to her sore head. They finally bumped and rattled their way down a rutted, winding driveway.

After walking through an open and rusted sliding barn door, she was directed right, then left before being shoved into a jail-like cell, the bars made of road construction rebar. An equally naked Sarah was sitting on the large bunk, looking both scared and relieved.

“Tania, they got you too?” The two women hugged each other, their naked bodies pressed together.

Tiny still had his mask pushed up on his head as he squeezed between them, feeling Tania’s breasts. “You got some special boobs. I hope I get a piece of your ass before…” He looked toward the bars, not wanting to be overheard. Instead, he roughly caressed her pussy before walking out of the cell, locking the door behind him.

“They do that all the time, Tania. I’m always being felt up by these bastards,” Sarah said.

“You’re not a wife, why did they take you?” Tania asked.

“I have no idea, maybe I’m here for you?” she replied as she put her arms around the older woman. “It feels so good to hold you. I’ve been so scared.”

“Do you think you’re really here for me?” Tania asked. The feel of Sarah’s soft body pressed against hers was reigniting her desires despite her fears of the future. Maybe her fears were making her especially horny?

So much had happened. Was that the reason she felt this way all the time—the men and the way they used her body, and the way her husband liked to watch her… and now a beautiful nude woman was pressed against her. Maybe if she hadn’t been fondled by Rocky and her ex-husband. How much was a woman expected to take?

As Sarah’s lips touch Tania’s, Bear watched in rapt fascination on the huge, wall-mounted monitor in the shed. Watching two women make love was a special favorite of his.

“Nothin’ like watchin’ two hot chicks get each other off,” he said to Hawk.

Tania surrendered to Sarah as they lay on the bed. Her legs were spread wide, and her pussy was damp as Sarah stretched out on top of her.

Sarah’s soft lips were a dramatic contrast to the men. Not only were they softer and her skin silky, but she took her time. Sarah wasn’t in a rush.

It had been an incredible morning. Tania had found herself eager for the men. They might have hurt her despite her surrender and her value to Bear, and the idea caused her to shiver in anticipation. What was wrong with her?

Well, they had her attention now. If she was put in with Sarah to give them a show, she’d give them the best show she could.

Even as her mind had been wandering, her body had been responding to Sarah’s kisses. Tania had trapped one of Sarah’s legs between her thighs and was humping her wet, excited pussy against her lover’s soft skin and hard muscles. Her arms were around Sarah’s body, her hands frantically caressing Sarah’s ass as she held her tight. Sarah was humping Tania’s thigh at the same time, the sound of their moans and sighs filled the small cell.

“Well boss, that didn’t take long,” Hawk said peering over Bear’s shoulder.

“I’ve never seen two hornier women,” Bear said. “Look at that billionaire TV chick… we just hauled her naked ass off a yacht an hour or so ago, and she’s already fucking another chick.”

“Remember, she surrendered. We’ll get something for her.” Hawk always put value ahead of sex. Bear turned to look at his number two. Maybe he was queer?

“I heard she likes ‘em big,” Bear said.

“True.” Hawk had learned long ago to answer Bear’s questions as simply as possible.

Bear’s laugh sounded sinister to Hawk. “I might not be able to ruin her like I did that last one. If we handle it right, we could do okay.”

“Right boss,” was Hawk’s succinct answer. He knew the BaMa were made powerful, at least in part, by Bear and the fear he inspired. Every gang had dangerous men, but only the BaMa had Bear. His presence made up for other weaknesses.

The fear was legitimate, Bear was famous for his skill with the machete and for his appearance. But what made him boss, El Jefe, wasn’t because the crew felt affection for him. Most of the men hated him. They hated feeling fearful of another man, and the smartest among them knew they weren’t well led.

Hawk was Bear’s number two. His job was to build relationships—like the one they had with the police—and provide Bear with information. Hawk was a good number two, he knew the men and what each could do, and he was smooth in contrast to Bear. But neither were good leaders, Bear led by fear.

“I have a plan for her,” Bear said. He never explained why he did anything. Hawk was momentarily surprised. “Don’t you want to know why I wouldn’t take money from Wilensky?”

“Yes,” a simple answer to a surprising question.

“I’m going to use her to get all the little bastard’s money,” Bear’s smile wasn’t really a smile at all. It was an evil grin. For just a moment he looked like the mad scientist in a graphic novel. “Why settle for just what Sebring owes, plus vig, when I can get it all?”

“I thought there was more,” Hawk said. “You gave me a clue when you told me what to say, when I met with him in his office.”

Chapter 2

BaMa Clubhouse

James and William had been sitting in an old delivery truck they’d stolen, watching the BaMa clubhouse in the city. They’d worked for a mob ‘fixer,’ and they knew how things operated and they knew they needed more information about BaMa. The only way they were going to get information was by going out and looking for it, and the obvious place to look was inside what they called the clubhouse.

It seemed clear that the term “clubhouse” didn’t mean a crew hangout. There were few vehicles around, and the building didn’t have a clubhouse vibe. The two had stolen an old truck and driven to the site as soon as they were off the boat.

The structure was tucked into an old industrial area and was surrounded by little used or abandoned buildings and one large storage facility.

The clubhouse looked like it didn’t belong. It was a narrow, one-story building, sharing walls with the larger structures on both sides. The front was brick with the door set back from the street behind a matching waist-high brick wall. Potted plants had been placed on each side of the four concrete steps leading to the entrance. The door itself looked expensive. A polished brass plaque with the simple wording “Bastardo Manojo” was mounted on the brick wall.

They didn’t watch long, time was short, and they needed to find out what they were up against. Both were armed as they approached the door.

James rang the bell and William went to work on the lock. If anyone answered, they’d be shot. It was brutal but necessary to their survival.

“They should be ashamed, using a cheap ass lock like this around here,” William said as the latch popped open. No alarm sounded.

“I don’t think they’re using just the lock to keep people out,” James whispered.

They went in fast, James to the left and William to the right, both crouching and ready to fire. But the auditorium in front of them appeared to be empty.

The auditorium was small and functional with a polished wood floor and bare, beige painted walls. Twenty or thirty burgundy colored padded folding chairs had been set up in groupings before a stage stretching the length of the room, opposite the front door. Steps led up to the stage and to a lectern at the top. Behind the lectern was a plain wooden unmarked door. On James’s left was its twin. It was apparent the auditorium held nothing of interest.

James signaled to William asking, “Which door?” After giving the room one long look, William pointed to the door next to his partner. They found themselves in a narrow hallway extending the length of the building and ending in an exit to the alley. James led the way a short distance to the point where a wider hall joined from the right.

A look into the empty adjoining hall and James saw the door leading to the stage, set in the middle of the wall and about halfway down the hallway on the right. A set of stairs were recessed into the wall and led up to the door. Three additional doors joined the hall from the left.

They had not heard a sound, except the noises they’d made themselves. The building had an empty feel and William and James quickly moved to the first open door. A peek and duck confirmed a small conference-style room. An expensive looking table and chairs were sitting empty.

The second open door led to what appeared to be a women’s make-up room that could have been lifted intact from a strip club. Separate seating areas were arranged along the two walls with chairs set before brightly lit mirrors. The room smelled of perfume and make-up.

The third door was closed and locked. There was a feeling of controlled excitement as William quickly opened the door. James was skilled at defeating alarm systems, he could pick a lock, but William was much faster.

The third room was littered with cardboard brown banker boxes set alongside wooden crates. It was impossible to tell if they had just been moved in or were ready to be moved out. The banker boxes were filled with files, the crates held weapons. As William moved through the boxes and crates, James turned to investigate a locked filing cabinet.

As he bent to open the lowest drawer, he was hit solidly in the back with an aluminum baseball bat. James went down, stunned. The swing had been aimed at his head, but fortunately, missed by just enough. James fell sideways, knocking over a stack of three banker boxes and giving William a few seconds warning. William was always ready, it was how he’d survived so long—he knew he wore a target because of his size. He had to be quicker and better than the much larger men who thought he’d be easy prey.

When he turned, he saw Tiny drop a baseball bat and charge at him from over James’s large, sprawled body. He would have been seconds faster if James and the boxes hadn’t been in his way.