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I always thought we'd get married...until she fell for some rich loserTiffany is the closest thing to a goddess in Scott's eyes. His love for her permeates his every move, despite the fact she's found love with another guy.Best friends since childhood, Scott always believed that no matter where their lives took them, they'd someday end up married to each other. She made it perfectly clear, however, that they had no chance at love...ever.After moving clear across the country to be with her new man, Tiffany discovers he has a secret life. Enter Scott back into the picture...She's not attracted to him in a romantic way, but he tries his hardest to show her that he's right for her. Slowly but surely, his tactics are working.Will Tiffany realize that her best friend Scott has always been the man for her, or like her old boyfriend, is he hiding a shocking secret that could destroy them both?Free bonus books includedBuy Now!Keywords: Best Friend Romance, best friends romance, friends to lovers romance, bad boy romance, bad boy romance books, bad boys, bbw romance, plus size romance, billionaire romance, alpha male romance, billionaire bad boys, alpha billionaire romance, bad boy billionaires, billionaire obsession, billionaire bachelors, rubenesque romance, billionaire box sets, alpha bad boys, billionaire series romance series, romance trilogies, billionaire books, billionaire romance books, bad boy books, bbw romance books, curvy romance, curves romance, second chance romance, romantic suspense, karma, romantic comedy, billionaire boys club, contemporary romance, romance books, boss romance, lawyer romance, vacation romance, coming of age, new adult romance, college romance, sports romance, military romance, sagas, contemporary women romance, fantasy romance, menage romance, inspirational romance, dark romance, baby for the billionaire, happy ever after romance, happy ever after, happily ever after, cozy mysteries, mystery romance, baby for the billionaire, secret baby, secret baby romance, billionaire baby, second chances, second chance romance, friends to lovers romance, happy ever after romance, billionaire virgin romance, long distance romance, billionaires and babies, billionaire unknown, bbw paranormal romance, bbw romantic comedy, bbw shifter romance, bbw bwwm, bbw bwwm interracial romance, bbw romance books, billionaire romance books, virgin romance, virgin romance books, western romance, cowboy romance, billionaire games, the billionaire's heart, the billionaire's secret, romance, funny, suspenseful, thriller, friends with benefits, friends to lovers, best friends to lovers romance, short reads, short reads romance, romance short reads, short stories, romance short stories, short stories fiction, short stories collection, fiction short stories, billionaire, billionaire romance, cowboy, cowboy romance, fake engagement, fake engagement romance, fling, fling romance, forbidden love, forbidden love romance, love triangle, love triangle romance, marriage of convenience, marriage of convenience romance, office romance, best friend's brother, friends to lovers, billionaire baby romance, big beautiful woman, alpha romance, bbw, royalty, royalty romance, secret heir, secret heir romance, lost heir, lost heir romance, ugly duckling, ugly ducking romance, unrequited love, unrequited love romance, athlete, athlete romance, bbw, Cyrano romance, disguise, disguise romance, fairy tale, fairy tale romance, sweet romance, billionaire love, billionaire love story, owned by the billionaire, billionaire book, billionaire books, dirty billionaire, billionaire daddy, billionaire trilogy, billionaire, billionaires in love, bad billionaire, bad boy series, billionaire boss, billionaire baby, billionaire boss romance, friends to lovers 

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(A Thrilling Friends-To-Lovers Romance Book)

“ I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.”

Scott glances at Tiffany and then turns back to Michael. “Ewwww…” he says, shaking his head. “I don’t want to.”

Michael rolls his eyes. “That’s the way it’s done. When a man marries a woman, they seal the deal with a kiss. You have to do it, or it’s not legal.”

Scott’s eyes get big, as Tiffany continues to stare at him. He closes his eyes, imagining how he would do it. Then quickly opens them back up. “I can’t do it.” He says, feeling defeated.

“ Oh for goodness sake,” Tiffany says, moving in closer to him. Scott covers his mouth, but she kisses him on the cheek. “Was it that hard? It’s legal. We’re married.”

Scott couldn’t remember how he had gotten in that position, but he definitely didn’t plan on it when recess began. “Married?” He says, turning to Michael.

Michael smiles, “In time you will probably grow to like the idea.” He pats Scott on the back. “Don’t discount it too quickly.”

He walks away, leaving Scott there to think about it. “I am never going to want to be married,” Scott says to himself. He groans, looking up at the sky, “Why do these things always happen to me?” He asks to no one in particular. He turns to see that Tiffany and her friend Rachel are acting like nothing has happened. He frowns, shaking his head and walking away from them. He didn’t know what being married entailed, but he didn’t want to just sit around and do nothing.

Scott Mitchell heard his alarm clock ringing. He rolled onto his side and shut it off. He sat up in his bed and rubbed his eyes; thoughts of the dream he was broken from came rushing back in. When Tiffany Reynolds and Scott got married it was all for fun or, as he saw it, it was something she wanted to do. To this day he didn’t remember why they became husband and wife on that playground fourteen years ago, but he not only gained a pretend wife he gained a best friend. They became inseparable, doing everything together.

He got out of bed and walked over to the mirror. He was disheartened when she chose to move three thousand miles away to New York City to pursue a career in advertising. When she graduated two years earlier, he had hoped she would have moved back home. However, that didn’t happen. So, he felt stuck in the small California town, seeing her over holidays and even that time was limited. He just assumed it was because they were best friends and he hated being so far away from the one person he could tell anything to. Yet, as the years drug on, he slowly began realizing that it wasn’t their best friend status that left him wanting her closer, it was the fact that he had true feelings for her and he never felt at ease to tell her.

That was all going to change and soon. He flipped open his cellphone and replayed her message:

“ Hey, Scott. It’s your BFF. I just wanted to let you know that I am heading back in town and I have some news for you…actually two pieces of news for you. I’m sorry that I missed you, but I will call you as soon as the plane touches down. Love you Scott. Talk to you soon!”

He disconnected the call. He didn’t know why he saved it, but he just felt compelled to. That call came in twelve hours, four minutes, and thirty-three seconds ago. He couldn’t wait to have her call back. “I am such a loser,” he moaned to himself. “Here I am pining away for a girl that I wanted nothing to do with when we were ten years old. If I would have known then, what I know now.” He said, shaking his head. He grabbed a change of clothes and went into the bathroom. He started the shower and got undressed.

As the water washed over him, he could hear the sound of his cell phone. He quickly stepped out of the shower, not caring that the water was still running. He wrapped a towel around his body and headed back into his bedroom, reaching the phone before it hung up. “Hello?”

“ Scott?”

His heart skipped a beat, hearing her voice. “Tiff? I wasn’t expecting your call so soon.”

“ Did I wake you?” She asked.

“ No,” he replied, sinking down on the bed. “I was just taking a shower.” He cursed himself for being so vocal, when he heard the hesitation. “It’s good to hear your voice, Tiff.”

She chuckled. He loved the sound of her laughing. “You hear my voice all the time. I call you more than I call my mother.”

“ You know what I mean. It’s great to hear your voice, knowing that you’re back in California.” He replied, crossing his fingers. “You are in California, right?”

“ Yes, I am. The plane touched down about ten minutes ago. I told you that I would call you right away.”

Scott smiled to himself. It made him feel good that he was the first call she made. “Do you need a ride somewhere? I could come get you and be there in less than twenty minutes.” He looked down at his wet body and shrugged. He would take the fastest shower anyone has ever taken if he had to.

“ That’s sweet, Scott, but I’m going to get a rental. Thanks for the offer though.”

“ Sure, no problem,” he states, a little disappointed.

The awkward silence builds and he fights the urge to talk too much, but he can sense something is on her mind. “So, what’s new?” He asks, hoping it didn’t come across as a strange question.

“ A lot,” she confesses. “In fact, I was hoping that maybe we could talk this evening for supper. If you’re not busy.”

He thought about his busy work schedule, but he could move some things around. “Tonight would be perfect.”

“ Great! I will plan on meeting at our place about 6:30.”

He smiled, knowing that she meant Uncle Tony’s Pizzeria. “I will see you then.” He replied, disconnecting. He went back to his shower, feeling excited about the evening. He was ready to tell her the truth and hope for the best, or at least hope that she wouldn’t choose to discontinue their friendship.


Tiffany wrung her hands together. She could feel her heart thumping in her chest and she didn’t know why she was so nervous. She glanced around the restaurant and saw that he was still not there. He was her best friend and the fact that she felt like she was getting ready to see a stranger was weird. They didn’t see each other often, but when they did it was like they had never been apart. She looked up and saw him rushing into the restaurant. She took a deep breath and stood up. He hurried to her. “I am so sorry for being late.” He kissed her cheek, “It was a busy day at work.”

“ No problem. I wasn’t worried. I knew you would show.” She smiled at him. He looked at her and grinned. For a moment she was reminded how she grew up having the biggest crush on him and he never seemed to notice. She cleared her throat, “I figured we didn’t need to look in the menu.”

He smiled, “You would be correct.” He looked at her, “You’re looking good, Tiff.”

She blushed, “Thanks. You don’t look half bad yourself.” Their easy banter would pick up. It always did. The waitress walked over and they ordered their usual Pineapple and Pepperoni pizza, something only the two of them would enjoy. She then turned back to him. “So, how have you been? Any new girlfriends I should know about?” She took a drink of her soda and he laughed.

“ Not quite. You know me…I’m involved with my job. Isn’t that enough?”

She thought about that. It was true that he did seem to be a workaholic, but he always found time to make for her. “I have a feeling when you find that someone special then that will all change.”

He smiled, “Think so, huh?”

She nodded, confidently. “I actually have some things that I want to discuss with you.”

“ Hm…” he replied. “I thought this impromptu supper was because you missed me.”

She shrugged, “Well, that’s true too.”

“ Okay, I feel a little bit better,” he spoke with a laugh. “I actually have some things that I want to discuss with you too.”

“ You do?” She asked, surprised.

“ I do, but I thought maybe we could wait a little bit before I delve into that. So, feel free to begin.”

She waited for a moment, trying to figure out how she wanted to proceed. She had been rehearsing the way she was going to tell him for several weeks now, but it all seemed to go out of her mind. “It can wait. How’s your family been?”

He raised his eyebrows. “That’s changing the subject, but they have been doing really well. Sid just started at the University and Bryce is a senior this year.”

“ Wow. That’s hard to believe. I remember when they were just—“

“ Pests…bothering us relentlessly?”

She laughed, “I was going to say that I remember when they weren’t even in school yet. I feel old.”

“ Tell me about it,” he replied, chuckling.

The waitress came with their food and they fell into an easy silence as they started to eat. "I really am excited that you’re here.”

She smiled, “Me too.” She took another bite and figured she would wait until they were done eating, before bringing up the reason she was in town. “Has work been going okay?” She asked, stopping to take a drink.

“ Busy as ever, but loving every minute of it. I should ask you how your jobs going? After all, working at a big time ad agency must have some perks.”

She nodded, but barely made eye contact. “It’s been great, but I actually quit there two weeks ago.”

His jaw dropped, “Must not be that great. Why did you do that?”

She shrugged, “Had my reasons.”

He put down his slice of pizza. “We have known each other for almost twenty years and have been best friends for fourteen of those years. You aren’t going to get away with that. What happened?”

She groaned, taking her last bite of pizza. “I’m moving back to California.”

“ What? Are you serious? When were you going to tell me that?”

“ Tonight,” she replied nonchalantly. “I was waiting for the perfect moment. Are you surprised?”

“ Um…yeah, I’m surprised.” A smile is on his face, but then he starts to frown. “May I ask why? I mean you seemed so happy when you made the decision to stay there. What changed?”

She knew that it was the moment she had been practicing for. “Well…my fiancé is getting transferred.” That wasn’t exactly how she envisioned telling him, but it got the point across.

He stared at her and then shook his head, “I’m sorry, I thought you just said that your fiancé is getting transferred.”

“ That’s exactly what I said. Surprise…I’m getting married.”

She couldn’t read his mind to see how he felt about the news. She knew that she wasn’t expecting it, when she had only been dating Erick for a month. She hadn’t even told her family or Scott that she was seeing someone. “When did this happen?” He asked.

“ He proposed a couple days ago, but he asked me to move to California with him two weeks ago.”

“ I’m sorry that I am finding this a little hard to believe. I mean, up until about five seconds ago I didn’t even know you were dating anyone. Now, to hear that you are moving to California with your fiancé? It’s a lot to take in.”