Berufsorientierung und Kompetenzen -  - ebook

Berufsorientierung und Kompetenzen ebook

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The contributions in this anthology deal with the questions relating to the determination of competences in the transition from schools to professions. The criteria for the evaluation of professional orientation tests, approaches to accompaniment and consultations and the phases of development of young people are presented and explored from the viewpoint of different professions. Selected approaches and projects show under which framework conditions the determination of competences takes place and how they may support the process of the professional orientation. Thus, the publication provides the stakeholders of the transition phase from schools to professions with insights into the discussion relating to training maturity, determination of competences and professional orientation. The contributions to this book are based on a series of events organised by the Amt für Arbeitsförderung, Statistik und Integration (Office for labour promotion, statistics and integration) of the town Offenbach.

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