Bent Over In The Barn: A MMF Hotwife Fantasy - Elle London - ebook

Bent Over In The BarnWith a deadbeat husband who takes advantage of her good nature, two ruggedly handsome employees who are always pressing their luck, and a sex life that doesn't even exist anymore... what's a girl to do?Mark and Ted have an answer to her question... but can she bring herself to cheat on her husband and allow herself to be used like a whore by the men she deals with every day? Or will she back out at the last minute and go back to her boring life of neglect?

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Bent Over In The Barn: A MMF Erotic Story | Elle London

Bent Over In The Barn: A MMF Erotic Story

Elle London

I can’t help but think that my husband may be having an affair. He’s never around and when he is physically there, mentally he’s somewhere else. To prove to myself that I am right, I decided to parade around the house in nothing but a pair of red stilettos and my black lace G-string and he barely even noticed. He looked at me and asked me why I was wearing only underwear! It wasn’t always like this. He used to pay so much attention to me. Not too long ago we used to take long romantic walks in the forest. When we would find a nice spot near the creek, he would lay me down on the cold, wet ground and eat my pussy until I came. Our sex used to be amazing. I remember driving home after visiting his family for the holidays and we would stop on the side of the dirt road and fuck each other’s brains out in the backseat of the car. My legs would be pinned up to the roof and he would be fucking me so hard that I thought he would break both my legs and the back seat. Where did those days go? I haven’t felt a long passionate embrace from him for over two years. Ever since Billy was born, he started to grow distant and cold. Now he barely even notices when I am around and it seems to me that the only time he is nice to me is when he wants to cum. But right after that he goes back to ignoring me again and this goes on for weeks, even months!

But of course he’s always nice to Pamela, the secretary that I hired. I think my husband wants her.  Sure, she’s pretty, petite, and blonde. As she glides past him in the mornings, I catch him checking out her derriere and then he grins as she walks by. A few mornings ago a very odd thing happened. I was standing by the coffee machine and I saw her coming out from the storage room. She yanked her miniskirt down. Her lipstick looked like it has been smeared a little. The odd thing is that I thought I saw an arm inside the room. I could have sworn it was a dark sleeve, dark blue or black. Well, my husband was the only one wearing a dark colored sleeve that day. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything that night as were going to bed. I asked him if everything was okay.

“Fine, I am fine.” He replied stiffly.